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MelsBells 02-20-2011 02:18 PM

Possible HCG Imbalance
I have been having continuous painful cramping for a couple of years that only goes away when I am pregnant. It is the worst when I am ovulating and menstruating. I had a baby last summer and the pain came back rather quickly.

My OB thought it was Endometriosis, so I had a Laparoscopy which showed no signs of any cysts or adhesions. He said I have "unexplained pelvic pain" and suggested a Colonoscopy which I have not done.

I went to my general Dr. for a second opinion and was put on HCG injections for hormone therapy and it has helped tremendously. We are wanting to wait a while before we get pregnant again, so I am wondering how long I can do the HGC injections for or if there is another alternative. I do not do well on any type of birth control so I have not gone that route to help.

If anybody has any insight, that would be helpful! Thank you!

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