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Usertech 01-19-2013 10:05 AM

MRI-cause of my problems????

The ventricles are normal in size and position. No masses, mass
effect or midline shift identified. No abnormal extra-axial fluid
collections are seen. No acute intracranial hemorrhage identified.
There is a focal area of increased T2 and FLAIR signal in the medial
aspect of the left frontal lobe which is unchanged when compared to
the previous exam of 07/05/2011. There is a small 3 mm area of
decreased T1 and increased T2-weighted signal within the left
pituitary gland along its superior margin. This is seen on series 7
image #8 and series 12 image #8. This area does not contrast-enhance
and would be most consistent with a pituitary cyst. The pituitary
gland is not enlarged. The cerebellar tonsils are low-lying.

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