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messplay 02-22-2013 06:19 PM

Diabetes Insipidus?
Hi. I am a 23yr old male. I currently have been undergoing an extreme amount of anxiety in the last 3 weeks or so - a huge hypochondriac and have been self diagnosing myself extensively (one day its this, the next day it is something totally different and the day's prior feelings are gone).

I recently have noticed that I am urinating frequently. Over the last 3 days in fact I will get out of bed between 9am-10am and by 1pm I have had maybe 8oz of water and I have gone 3 times or so, sometimes 5.

My urine is extremely clear with maybe a light hint of yellow.

I went to the movies today around 1:30 and by 5pm I had gone 4 times. At 4pm I had 18oz of water as well.

I have lost 3lbs in a little over a week due to my anxiety and "laziness" to eat plus I have recently been diagnosed with gastritis which has mentally made me a little skeptical on what I eat. I recently have been gaining my appetite back though.

I am extremely nervous if I have Diabetes Insipidous. I have an appointment I made with my primary doctor on Tuesday (2/26) for just basic reasons in general (again, Hypochondriac) - I will ask him about this as well as for a possible urinalysis.

Just thinking about going to the bathroom to urinate almost makes me have to go..I sit a lot at my desk sometimes as well..

Is this all from me being a little nervous, worrying, and my health anxiety??

Thank you

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