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BadLesbianS3x 07-22-2017 08:44 PM

Do you think this is HPV?
I had lesbian sex with this girl and her vagina tasted extra sour and the next morning when i wiped, there was green discharge in my vagina (obviously from her). After i wiped it out of myself, i did not have any lingering discharge of my own. I went to Patient First a few weeks later saying i have mild itching and the doctor just asked me "so what do u want to be tested for" instead of telling me all the things that would cause someone to have green discharge so i told him to test me for Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Trich, BV, Yeast, and i think UTI bc i peed in a cup and he got a cotton swab from my vagina. Everything came back negative. It's been almost 3 months since i've had sex and i still feel really itchy on my vagina and sometimes in my buttcrack.

One thing to note is that i was itchy all over my body for over a month also because i got off of an anti depressant called Mirtazapine and withdraws include itching and allergies. I also have been using a dull razor. So maybe its from bad razor mixed with allergies to soap since my body is hyper sensitive to everything until the withdraws go away (which the ithing everywhere else pretty much has died down by now). But i wake up in the morning scratching my vulva. I dont think i see any warts but do see tiny red bumps that may be razor burn. I dont think razor bumps would last over a week without shaving though. The girl i had lesbian sex with (rubbed vaginas together and ate each other out) said she got tested a year ago and was negative for every single STD but I kind of don't believe her. Before her, I hadn't had any sexual partners since my last STD test which included everything, even blood tests. I had HSV-1, but that was it. I noticed around a month after I had sex with her, my fever blisters reactivated. Since I caught it in 2012, I've only had 3 outbreaks. The last 2 were not anything like the first one. They only lasted 2 days and looked like a tiny paper cut. The second outbreak activated when I had a bacterial vaginosis infection, so it seems like the oral herpes only activates when my body is fighting off another infection? I think it was odd that the herpes would pop up right after sex.

So I definitely want to go back and get a free appointment because that doctor should have told me HPV can cause discharge (which the nasty lesbian had). I just have itching, my vagina doesn't smell or have nasty green slime like hers. If she really didn't have sex for 2 years and since HPV goes away within 2 years in 90% of cases, and if hers is the kind that never goes away, would I also not be able to fight it off after 2 years? I heard even the high risk HPV infections still usually go away. If that girl has discharge that is not any of the 6 infections I got tested for, what else could it be? Also, after claiming that she is super healthy because she eats a vegan diet and works out, she said she would go to the doctor anyway. She lied and made up an excuse and waited for me to get my results back a week later and then asked me if I had anything. Being the moron she is, she probably thinks if I don't have anything, she for sure doesn't either. I never answered her because I was done with her lying, and I know she is never going to get checked. I need to go to the doc Monday but over the weekend I am worrying so much. Like what if she already has cervical cancer from it because discharge is a symptom and she mentioned one time on her period she was hot, sweaty, shaking and throwing up?

Dragons 08-04-2017 01:02 AM

Re: Do you think this is HPV?
Make a pap-smear test. it could be STD. HPV appears months or years ago once you have an infection

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