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  • 23 yrs old, HPV and HGSIL...

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    Old 10-05-2007, 01:49 PM   #1
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    23 yrs old, HPV and HGSIL...

    So, I just dont know what to think. I just found out last month that I have HGSIL, and finally found out today that I have a high risk form of HPV. It has taken a while for me to get in to get the culposcopy, but I am scheduled for that on this coming Monday... Not looking forward to it either!!

    I have two kids already, and might want more in the future since I am single again now. I would like to know that if I ever get remarried that I would be able to have a baby with any potental future husband.... Anyway, my dr said that a hysterectomy might be in line, but we are going to do the culpo first. I am just wondering if a hysterectomy is really needed. My mom had full blown cervical cancer when she was 24, and had to have a full hysterectomy, so it is in my genes to have problems.

    I am just worried because I am a single mother of two young kids, and I dont want to have any type of surgery, especially not a hysterectomy! I love babies, I love being pregnant, and I love my kids, I am sure I will get to a point in my life when I will want to have more kids, in fact I want more now, but I am currently going to college to get a good job so I can support the two I have. Not to mention I am single!! But just the thought of a hysterectomy scares me. I just dont know how often this actually turns into cancer, or if I should even be worried about it. I just wish my dr wouldnt have said anything about a hysterectomy to me becasuse I could have spent all of this past three weeks without freaking out about it...

    Does anyone know how bad HGSIL with moderate dysplasia and HPV really is? I would appriciate some more info on the subject, and advice would most appriciated!!

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    Re: 23 yrs old, HPV and HGSIL...

    Welcome Casie!

    Getting an abnormal result from a pap can be a pretty scary thing, but that is why they do paps so often-- to prevent cervical cancer. First off, HGSIL does not mean a diagnosis of cancer, it will alert the doctor though to take a closer look. The colposcopy will give you and your doc a better picture of any changes that are taking place in your cervix. You'll have a more narrowed-down diagnosis at that point then. HGSIL encompasses two things: moderate and severe dysplasia, which can be either precancerous lesions, or carcinoma in-situ (actual cancer).

    HGSIL requires treatment to get rid of the abnormal tissue, but there are many treatment options for cervical dysplasia-- I'm pretty sure a hysterectomy is reserved for the most severe cases!! Other common procedures are the LEEP (which uses an electric current to cauterize (cut) out the abnormal tissue), cryotherapy (same thing, but it freezes the abnormal tissue and it sloughs off), laser vaporization, cone biopsy (which takes out a chunk of the cervix, saving the rest of the uterus).

    Doctors tend to have different opinions on what is the best treatment, based on their research, past patients, etc., and its best to get at LEAST a second opinion before going through with anything!! S/he shouldnt have scared you with saying hysterectomy, which was wrong to do since you havent even had a biopsy yet! Be careful that your doctor doesnt just assume that since you've had children already, its okay to just do away with the whole uterus. It is YOUR body, regardless of where you are in life. The course of treatment should take into consideration not only what will give the best prognosis, but what works for YOU too. Do some research, get to know about cervical dysplasia and the differences between that and cancer, try to live a healthy lifestyle (ESPECIALLY quit smoking if you do!)...and I cant repeat enough--- DONT just take ONE doctor's word for it!! You have a right to find the best course of action, and a right to understand what all the options are for you. Remember its your body. A doctor's word isnt the pure and simple truth--they are human and influenced by research, trends, others in the field, fear, past experiences, etc. just as much as the next guy. I urge you to be proactive at this point!

    Best of luck, and do some reading on this board as well as elsewhere on the internet-- even medical journals can be found online, many for free (try ****** Scholar). They can give you a good background on the condition and what the current trends are in treatment and how cervical dysplasia is currently understood. Keep us all updated too!

    PS- Shoot- looks like I've been censored up above... How about Starts-with-a-G-rhymes-with- oogle Scholar...? Hopefully you catch my drift...I'm just trying to let you know since it has been so helpful for me.

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    Talking Re: 23 yrs old, HPV and HGSIL...

    Thanks for getting back to me. I will definately not have a hysterectomy unless it is absolutely necessary!! I go in the morning for the culpo, so maybe I will know more in a few days or however long it takes to get this kind of results back. I knew my results said HGSIL, moderate dysplasia, and high risk HPV present... I read up on the HGSIL and the HPV, but didnt think to read and see what dysplasia was. I dont really know anything about it. I guess I will be doing some more reeading tomorrow while I am sitting around the house... My Dr couldnt have picked a worse day for me to have the culpo done either. My Aunt and Uncle, Sister and Brother-in-law, will all be here from out of state on Thursday... I need to get my house ready for all of my extra guests, and I am going to college, so I have a lot of homework that I need to get done!! Not to mention a 13 person camping trip I have to plan, shop, and Pack for... So, it has been quite the hectic weekend, but for the next couple of days, I will get to sit around and try and catch up on a bit of homework...
    My family dr did send me to a specialist too. He is supposed to be really good, in fact it is the dr my family dr goes to for her female check ups. I have yet to meet him, I will meet him tomorrow... Hopefully he will be as good as everyone says. No matter the outcome, I know its not going to be pleasent... I just wish it was over already, whatever has to be done to fix this problem, I just want to be done with it already.
    Thanks for writing, I will update you as soon as I know something!!

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    Re: 23 yrs old, HPV and HGSIL...


    Like Marielle said, your doctor was completely out of order when he/she mentioned that you may need a hysterectomy. There is absolutely no way to know what's going on on your cervix without the biopsy results. If you had full blown cancer, then yes, absolutely a hysterectomy would be in order. But you do not!

    Even if your biopsy shows that you have severe dysplasia, the LEEP would take care of removing the abnormal tissue. The majority of women who have LEEPs experience no complications and typically get normal pap smears after the LEEP. Only about 1-2% of women who have LEEPs done have minor complications regarding pregnancy (either the cervix is too weak and they have to stitch it shut when pregnant, or the scar tissue from the LEEP covers the cervical canal opening and makes it difficult to let semen through). But even in those situations, there are solutions to those problems.

    So you should be able to have more babies in the future! Don't worry about that too much and take care of your health. Remember, LEEPs and other procedures merely remove the abnormal tissue-- it doesn't guarantee you from the dysplasia recurring (though most cases is doesn't come back) so taking care of your health is key! Boosting your immune system and overall health is the only way to suppress the HPV you have so it won't affect your cervix anymore. Take care and good luck with the colpo!

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    Re: 23 yrs old, HPV and HGSIL...

    Thank you LAgirl! I didnt think she should have said the H word to me. Well, I had my culpo a couple of hours ago, and I am a bit sore now. I have a lot of the bad cells, so my new dr- the one I saw today who is a specialist- said I would definately have to have the LEEP done. He said it was so much that I am going to have to be put to sleep to have it taken care of... That scares me. I have never had any kind of surgery before, and never have been put to sleep for anything. They cant do a spinal block on me because I have scholiosis and my spine is twisted making the needle almost impossible to set. I tried getting an epidurral with my daughter three years ago, and it took them 45 minutes to get it in, and it hurt worse than the child birth!! Then only half of my body was numb... SO thats out of the question for me, I will never let anyone do anything to my back again!!
    I have to call in and get my results on Wednesday of the biopsies they took today. I ended up having a small spot at 2 oclock, a small spot at 3 o clock, and a large spot from 9 oclock all the way to 12 oclock. That sucks doesnt it. One year ago I had nothing, I was fine. One year later I have high grade and a lot of it. He said my HPV is one of the more aggressive ones because it should not be this bad after a normal screening a year ago. Lucky me right!!

    So I am going to go now and try and get comfy, the last culpo I had wasnt this bad, they only did one biopsy on one part, this one was bad, they took a lot from a lot of places... You know, I think that if they know they are going to have to take a lot, that they should deaden your cirvex before they start clippin that stuff out of there. It really wasnt a pleasent experience, and I really cant believe that they dont deaden ti before they do that.

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