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Vividangel1984 08-06-2008 11:54 AM

Does the hurt from HPV ever go away?
So for the past few days, people were making rude jokes about STDs around me. Of course none of these people know that I have HPV/genital warts. But I was talking to this guy that I sort of liked in the past. I don't really have feelings for him anymore but he made a joke about herpes. I don't have herpes but I'm sure people with genital warts can relate to the stigma of either STD. I kinda laughed along but felt like **** about it. I don't watch much tv but for the past few days, all I have been hearing is STD jokes. Like for instance, on the george lopez show. George was showing his daughter pictures of genital warts. You can hear the crowd getting disgusted. He even made the remark that "this is when they start to ooze out puss too". Ok, warts don't ooze out puss but whatever. Then I decided to watch MAD tv and it was a skit about a school nurse telling everyone what kind of STD's the classmates have. She goes to Suzi and says "Oh I'm sorry, you don't have the clap, you have vaginal warts." Once again you hear the crowd being disgusted and laughing at the same time. For some reason, that was the third STD joke I heard and this one bothered me. My eyes were stung with tears after the joke was over. Maybe I'm just too sensitive, but I don't think the hurt of having HPV will ever go away for me.

serenityjeane 08-08-2008 04:39 AM

Re: Does the hurt from HPV ever go away?
you know what we have the same feeling and I always cry when I'm alone. But we dont have shows here in the Philippines that talks about the disease. There are times that I want to die but after I read something here that tells girls who are under 30 can fight off the virus I see that there still hope so we should think positive. You know what when my father found out that I have low risk HPV he got really mad at me and he decided that he will not give me allowance anymore. So right now I am struggling and really broke but I still think positive and I always tell myself that theres more to life and all has a purpose why it happens. If you want to cry just let it out and after that you should smile and say that I can do it. We can do it. We can fight this virus. take care...

angel1967 08-08-2008 09:40 AM

Re: Does the hurt from HPV ever go away?
I know the feeling I cry too. I am single and I now think no man will ever want me again because I just found out I have HPV! I haven't had a serious relationship for 5 years now. I am really depressed but I too am trying to be positive. By the way they say that half of America has it. It should make me feel better and it does and it doesn't. Know what I mean? I wish you the best.

newpatient485 08-08-2008 09:42 AM

Re: Does the hurt from HPV ever go away?
Actually it's estimated that it's even more than half (they say 80% of women will have had it by the time they're 50.)

So while it's terrible to go through, you are NOT alone, and I'm sure lots of people on this board could share about successful relationships they've had post-HPV.

andiesq70 08-08-2008 07:53 PM

Re: Does the hurt from HPV ever go away?
I was diagnosed with HPV last year and it has been an emotional roller coaster! I encourage each of you to not give up hope for love and a sex life because you are not unworthy of love. Talk to your doctor (GYN), it is hard to discuss delicate situations like this but you need to make sure and keep yourself safe and your future partner. I cried, still am crying and send my prayers out to each of you. It is true that 80% of people have HPV, some just never show symptoms or have outbreaks. That tidbit did not make me feel much better at first either but remember you are not alone. God Bless and stay strong............:angel:

tj04011 08-11-2008 04:27 PM

Re: Does the hurt from HPV ever go away?
I was raped my first semester at college, he gave me 2 types of HPV. I'm still so ashamed.
It's been almost a year, but I still have this deep seated self loathing that won't go away.
I feel so dirty. I'm in a very serious relationship with a great guy, he loves me very much, and we were sexually active when I found out. He doesn't really care at all, and I found out that although 2000 women die of HPV a year, they're women who are generally poor, and can't afford regular papsmear and medical treatment. My Gyno told me it takes 5-10 years to develop cancer. I also had received the Gardisil vacination when I contracted HPV. It's a little bit of a joke that it only prevents 4 of 100 types of HPV, but I'm glad it's available.
I hope this information helps anyone who needs it. I'm glad to know that I'm not alone in my ridiculously low self esteem issues.
I'm extremely healthy, I run half marathons, I don't smoke, so I'm not really worried about it health wise, I just feel so dirty and guilty.
The only thing regret does is hurt, so I know I've got to move past this.

andiesq70 08-12-2008 07:10 AM

Re: Does the hurt from HPV ever go away?
Hi tj, I cannot even imagine what you've been through but I do understand about the HPV part. After reading the message boards I am realizing that there are others out there and we should not feel ashamed! You sound like you have a great partner who wants to support you so let him help you get through whatever life throws your way. We all need to lean on somebody from time to time and we are lucky enough to have someone there!! Good luck to you and God Bless..........:angel:

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