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Common Warts - Testimony

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Common Warts - Testimony


This is my post after a long break. My case was stubborn common warts on fingers, not genital warts. I don't know whether my testimony will be useful to those who have genital warts or not. But read on if you're interested.

This testimony is going to be long. If your case is not chronic, you may want to skip directly to the points I wrote in the end. For those who are facing stubborn common warts, you might want to read this entirely. There is hope for cure. So here goes.

Three years ago I had two warts: one between my toes, and one on my right index finger, just on the right side of the nail. I went to a doctor. He froze the warts using liquid nitrogen. After the freezing, the one on my foot became bubbly. Two weeks later, I returned to the doctor. He burst off the bubble, releasing some liquid. The warts was gone forever. The one on my index finger wasn't completely removed. So my doctor froze it again. After two weeks, there was still a bit of warts there. But, silly me, I didn't go back to get another treatment due to ignorance about how dangerous warts could be.

So the warts got bigger again, and eventually it became pretty disturbing. To get rid of it, I tried the over-the-counter salicylic acid. It didn't work and in fact made the condition worse. I wouldn't suggest salicylic acid for warts cure. Because of the treatment, the warts became even more aggressive, spreading to my other fingers, under several nail beds, and even to my left thumb. Finally I got about 15 warts. Some were huge, probably about more than half-inch wide. They looked extremely bad and worrying. They hurt too. I had to put band aids on five of my fingers everytime I went out, because I would feel embarrassed if people saw the warts. It was terrible.

In Fall 2007, I decided that I would fight the warts with full force. So I started going to another clinic to get the warts frozen again and again. The liquid nitrogen didn't work anymore. I had to come back every other week to get the treatment. I went for probably more than five times. Didn't work. I was frustrated. The nurse practitioner (NP) gave me a referral to a dermatologist.

So I went to the dermatologist. He prescribed me Aldara. Very expensive: hundreds of dollars. I tried applying it to the warts for a couple of week (and wrapping my fingers with duct tape), but it didn't work. So I stopped taking it.

I went back to the NP to get liquid nitrogen treatments again because going to a dermatologist was too expensive. After several treatments, there still was no improvement! The NP, probably frustrated herself, suggested that I tried seeing a different dermatologist. I reluctantly agreed.

The second dermatologist tried a couple of treatments: one using cantharidin (beetle juice treatment). It didn't work. The other treatment was using the so-called squaric acid. Still didn't work. She finally gave me a referral for laser surgery - and a huge bill to pay. I was pretty upset with the situation.

One thing that I tried after that point was burning one of the warts using dry ice. Didn't really work.

So having spent a lot of money and being clueless, I searched the net and found out about apple cider vinegar (ACV). So in December 2007, I decided to give it a try. I used 100% organic ACV.

Here's the method: use a cotton ball, soak it in ACV, apply the cotton ball to the warts, wrap it with duct tape or the brown moving tape. I prefer the brown tape because it sticks better. Leave it there till the morning. There were warts on five of my fingers, so the treatment really sucked. ACV smelled very strong. The treatment hurt so much as well. I could not sleep in some nights because my fingers were throbbing like crazy. I kept doing it for several months with no result. But I was determined to be healed, so I kept doing it persistently. After four months, something happened: one or two of the warts looked drier. In April 2008, one of the warts was actually gone! So I persisted. I didn't use cotton balls anymore since April, but what I did was soaking the warts for one and a half hour everyday (while watching movies). I saw constant but very slow improvement since then.

Now, there were a couple things I did simultaneously with the ACV treatment. First, going to an acupuncturist. Second, boosting my immune system with lots of vitamins and supplements.

Let me tell you about my experience with acupuncture first. (WARNING: this paragraph describes a pretty brutal treatment. You might skip it to the next paragraph if you don't even care about acupuncture.) The acupuncturist was a Chinese doctor. When he saw the warts, he immediately said that it was not a skin problem, but rather a digestion problem. My digestion, he said, was very poor and my blood circulation was also quite bad. So he gave me the usual acupuncture treatments on acupuncture points in order to improve my blood circulation. Nothing really happened. So then he tried something very extreme. I wouldn't recommend it unless your condition was so bad like mine. The Chinese doctor finally started pricking acupuncture needles on my fingers surrounding the warts. So these needles were not on the usual acupuncture points. I've got probably 20-25 needles when I first came in. But because the needles were not on acupuncture points, they hurt so much. He left the needles on my fingers for about an hour. Afterwards he pulled out the needles, which was very painful. Then he pressed my fingers so blood flows out of the needle points. The reasoning was simple: he was trying to get my own immune system to fight against the warts by making blood flow to my fingers. Though it was very painful, I came back for many treatments. He also gave me Chinese herbs to drink three times daily. Then after several extreme treatments like that, along with the use of ACV, I actually saw significant improvement! So I kept coming to the Chinese doctor.

The second thing I did along with the ACV and acupuncture treatments was boosting my immune system. Here's what I did: I drank Kombucha tea faithfully every day for months, I took colloidal silver, I took chlorella tablets, multivitamins, garlic pills, ACV pills, etc. I took some potassium pills as well because I heard that having warts is a sign of deficiency of potassium in our body. I ate lots of bananas, too. As I said, it was a full fledged war against the warts.

Here's another thing that I did: I applied tea tree oil frequently directly to the warts. It seemed to help make them gone faster.

Yet another thing: I started listening to a hypnosis/subliminal MP3 every day to get rid of warts. I played the track continuously while I was working or sleeping.

Today, after 8 months of hard struggle against the stubborn warts, I'm very pleased to tell you that they are all gone. My fingers are as smooth as before. Even my nail beds are back to normal! Thank goodness.

So a couple of things that I need to underline:

(1) Be persistent against stubborn warts. Never give up. Let me say that again: never give up! Even if you haven't seen any progress after months of treatments, do not stop. Try multifarious ways.

(2) Dermatologists and surgeons only cure the warts, but probably not the real issue. The real issue might be weak immune system or poor digestion or poor blood circulation. I opt for boosting my immune system rather than spending a lot of money for laser surgery, which probably would get rid of the warts only temporarily. I've read many testimonies from people who got a laser surgery for their warts, but the warts came back after a period of time.

(3) My case was extreme. I took the wholesale approach, trying anything brutally because I was desperate. But one thing that I'm sure was the most responsible for my healing was the use of ACV. So do try the simple method of using ACV with cotton balls (leave the cotton balls all night), or just soak the warts in ACV for an hour a day. Other things that I did were probably helpful to make the healing process faster, but probably not all necessary for healing. I'd suggest that you simply try the ACV treatment and take multivitamins (especially antioxidants: vitamins A, C, E). Also, during the day, apply tea tree oil frequently to the warts. Make sure that you're not allergic to the oil. Also, remember not to overdo it if your skin is too sensitive.

Thanks a lot for reading my testimony. Sorry it's very long. But I'd like to share my experience so people don't lose hope against warts.

All the very best wishes!

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Re: Common Warts - Testimony

That is interesting! I've read that tea tree oil works really well with warts. I'm glad your combination finally worked. I'm sure it was quite frustrating!

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eryximachus HB User
Re: Common Warts - Testimony

Just wanted to give a quick update. It's more than 15 months now since the warts were gone. They have not come back! Take care.

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