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milk2sugars 08-15-2008 07:10 AM

HPV High grade & pregnancy
Just got married, my husband and I are wanting children right away....annoyingly (or luckily, depending on how you look at it), went to my gyno for long overdue check up and I have HPV! Beautiful!

My gyno is recommending a LEEP procedure, which I'm told means we have to put off trying to conceive for 3 months minimum and there is a chance of early labor etc. How dangerous would this be to a new baby?

Firstly, could the LEEP test mean that all of the 'bad' cells are removed and that I won't have HPV anymore? If this is the case, might it come back? Would this affect a baby? Should I put off the LEEP procedure until after I have a baby? This is all very new to me so any information on the subject would be hugely helpful.

What should I do? Have the LEEP, try for a baby, then carry on with 6 month check ups? Is there anything else I can take to help our situation? Should I take the LEEP or is this a bad thing? Thanks in advance for your insight.

Pickle Eyes 08-15-2008 07:38 AM

Re: HPV High grade & pregnancy
Hi Milk2sugars!

An HPV diagnosis can be very confusing.

How did your doctor diagnose the HPV? Have you had a colposcopy and/or ECC (endocervical curettage)? I would think you'd have had a colpo before the doctor recommended a LEEP, but I don't know for sure.

The LEEP removes a cone shaped piece of the cervix and it cauterizes the edges of the "cut" (biopsied tissue and intact cervix) to reduce bleeding. The piece that is removed is then sent to a pathologist. He/she will look for abdnormal tissue and identify what type (if any is found).

Sometimes the LEEP is diagnostic AND treatment, meaning that no furher treatment is needed after the LEEP (except being vigilant about getting followup appointments for ever). Other times, the LEEP is simply diagnostic and can indicate the need for further treatment.

Sometimes the LEEP can compromise the cervix's ability to maintain a pregnancy. In that case, there is a procedure (circlet?) to keep the cervix closed to allow the baby more time to develop. I believe if that procedure is done, then the baby is delivered by caesarian section.

You asked if the virus will "come back". That is difficult to answer. Your body will always have evidence that you have had HPV. There is some discussion as to whether the body can fight off the virus so it never causes further problems. The other side of the discussion is that the virus can fought, but can be reactivated later. Researchers haven't determined definitavely which happens. And, just because the atypical cells are removed in the cervix doesn't mean the virus isn't doing damage elsewhere.
What should I do? Have the LEEP, try for a baby, then carry on with 6 month check ups? Is there anything else I can take to help our situation? Should I take the LEEP or is this a bad thing? [/QUOTE]

I can't answer those questions. You need to address those with your doctor. You can call and see if you get the answers you need, or make another appointment with the doctor so he/she can explain things to you. After my doctor gave me the diagnosis of positive for high risk HPV, I scheduled another appointment with her because I had so many questions I wanted an answer to.

When you call or go back to your doctor, I highly suggest you go with a written list of questions. That way you "remember" to ask everything you wanted to ask, and you can write his/her answers. It is so easy to forget things, especially when dealing with a stressful situation.

I hope that helps a bit!

newpatient485 08-15-2008 08:28 AM

Re: HPV High grade & pregnancy
You won't "not have HPV anymore" after your LEEP because HPV is a virus, and the cervical dysplasia you have is a symptom of the virus. However, it's completely possible that the LEEP could be the only treatment you'll ever need too. It depends on how your body fights off the virus. Either WAY it's VERY important now that you have the virus that you keep up with your exams.

After your LEEP, you will have more information as far as what your next steps might be in terms of treatment, pregnancy, etc. The doctor will look at the tissue he or she removes during the LEEP under a microscope to make sure they got down to healthy tissue and removed all of the bad cells, and results of that test will probably answer a lot of the questions you have now.

The good thing is that cervical dysplasia typically moves very slowly, Depending on the serverity of your dysplasia, you'd might not be asked to come back for an exam for 6 months, so I wouldn't think a 9 month pregnancy without treatment would be an out of the question risk to take.

Those are definitely options and risks that you'd want to weigh with your doctor based on your personal case though. Your medical history, how you feel about the calculated risks, and how soon you want to have a baby are all factors here, so you probably have a lot to think about.

Good luck with your LEEP; let us know how it goes!

milk2sugars 08-24-2008 07:58 AM

Re: HPV High grade & pregnancy
Thank you so much for your helpful comments and suggestions. HUGELY appreciated.

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