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marialuz76 08-23-2008 07:58 AM

hpv+ now what?
I'm hpv + and I need a biopsy,my doctor says. What happens if it comes back +?

Pickle Eyes 08-23-2008 08:54 AM

Re: hpv+ now what?
Hi Marialuz!

I'm suppose you mean you are positive for high risk HPV. The biopsy, I suppose, is part of a procedure called a colposcopy. Is that correct? do you know if your dysplasia (atypical cells) are squamous or glandular/columnar?

What happens next? The colposcopy and possible biopsy (and hopefully a procedure called an ECC - endocervical curettage) will tell you and the doctor the location, the type, and the extent of the dysplasia.

At that point, the doctor may tell you to come back every 3/4/6 months for rechecks, OR the doctor may need to do another procedure to get rid of the dysplasia. That could involve cryotherapy, a LEEP, or a cold knife cone biopsy. That could be treatment or it could be diagnostic. If the dysplasia is deeper than the tissue taken during a LEEP or cone, then the doctor might talk about treatment plans.

Hopefully you are a long way from that last paragraph. Even if the treatment goes to a LEEP/cone, it doesn't mean there is cancer (which I'm sure is your greatest concern). The chance that the dysplasia is actually cancer is pretty small.

If (worst case scenario) it comes back saying cancer, then hopefully you will see a gynecological oncologist who will discuss your treatment plan with you.

I want to share a very short version of my story. I was diagnosed high risk HPV in December. In March I had a colposcopy and an ECC. The results showed precancerous cells. In April I had a cold knife cone biopsy which came back as cancer. In June, I had a hysterectomy to removed only my uterus and cervix. My cancer was found at an early stage (adenocarcinoma Ia1). While it was an emotionally filled, anxious, scary, crazy spring, the hysterectomy is the only treatment I needed. I don't need chemo or radiation.

I feel fortunate that science has developed testing for high risk HPV. I'm glad the doctor did an ECC when she didn't find anything wrong with the colposcopy. I'm glad my doctors were proactive to go to the next step. I'm pleased my gyn sent me to a gynecological oncologist when she did.

When I think about it, 20 years ago none of it would have been found until several years down the road and then the cancer would have been much worse.

Back to you. Hopefully you are only hrHPV positive. Hopefully nothing will be found. Regardless, you can come here and ask your questions, get advice, and support.

You are in my thoughts and prayers.

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