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Julia000 09-11-2009 08:30 AM

warts and acid treatment
I was wondering if anyone has had this done?

I had a wart treated last week. I had just one tiny one. It kinda looked like a skin tag. It turned black first and it fell off.

Now it is white in the centre and red surrounding it. Does this whitness go away? I pressed down on it and i felt a little bump under the skin, the bump seems to have raised to the surface more now.

Just wondering if I will have a scar and how long this takes to be gone?

Lulubells 09-11-2009 09:26 AM

Re: warts and acid treatment
I had a wart that I had to have burned off many times and it kept coming back, time after time, then it spread and I had 2 warts, had them burned and burned off and they kept coming back and I had yet another one. I changed from having them burning off to having them frozen and after several trys at freezing, (3times I think), I am finally rid of the first 2 and plan to go have the 3rd one frozen again next week.

It sounds to me like that wart is still there and coming back. That 'bump" is what mine did. They can go prtetty deep and need more than one treatment. I would get back to the doctor while it is small and only a little bump and get it treated again. A NP told me the virus is in your body now and that is why they keep coming back. Keep at it and don't give up or you will never get rid of it and it'll spread.

Julia000 09-11-2009 11:08 AM

Re: warts and acid treatment
Thanks for your response Lulubells.

After reading much about this apple cider vinegar I have been applying it for a couple days now..not sure if it is working or not but have made a doctors appointment for this afternoon (after reading your response lol)

I had the lazer treatment about 16 years ago and it worked perfectly...1 time deal! (I think that is the same as burning what you had?)

This time around they did the acid thing...I have never tried the freezing option..but good to know!

I will keep you updated as to the 2nd doctors appointment. I hate this!

Julia000 09-11-2009 02:03 PM

Re: warts and acid treatment

Everything looks good. First acid treatment worked for me. The bump is just swelling, but it is healing! Should take about another week or so.

Should be no scarring.

sosickofthis 10-23-2009 08:56 PM

Re: warts and acid treatment
i had several, several acid treatments after having the laser. and they kept coming back. the last ime i went 6 months ago he done an acid treatment told i was done come back in a year. mine are flat and very hard to really see. i've been keeping a check my self and i think i need to go back now for a follow up.

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