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clc0230 11-14-2009 02:25 PM

Vagina Damage Due To Genital Warts Freezing
Been having treatment for genital warts (Freezing with liquid nitrogen)... so far it has been going well.
Couple days ago had a appointment at the clinic with a new nurse, the assured me i was in safe hands...
After the treatment i went to the toilet felt a burning sensation, and as i cleaned myself i notice a trace of blood on the tissue...went back and was double checked by the nurse who said there wasn’t any blood there just use a salt an water bath as normal.

When i got home a hour later i checked myself with a small hand mirror an notice there was blood around the entrance of my vagina which was clotted...
I later had a shower and check the area once again an washed away the blood, which then revealed two slits in the corners of my inner i washed myself there was bits of tissue coming off.... and the area was swollen....
Couple hours after my shower i noticed my underwear felt wet, what i thought would have been my period wasn’t... underwear was just soaked, im not sure if its discharge or its because of the deep tissue cuts....???
The next morning the swelling has gone down to some degree but now the whole of the tissue with my vagina entrance in the middle has ripped away to some degree and now my vagina entrance is lower than normal..... and now feels rubbery with a white colour to it, the cuts look much deeper!

Does anyone have any advise......Will i need surgery to remove the tissue or am i stuck like this...????

shisslak 11-17-2009 01:33 PM

Re: Vagina Damage Due To Genital Warts Freezing
I believe you should return to the clinic and request a doctor examine you. By the sounds of your description, I think the nurse burnt not only the genital warts but also healthy tissue. I think you may have suffered 2nd if not 3rd degree burns. I believe this needs to be treated so that you do not develop an infection. I do not understand when you say that your underwear was soaked--soaked with what??? (Blood?) If you are unable to get back in to the clinic immediately, than I would suggest getting yourself to an emergency room.

clc0230 11-18-2009 07:10 AM

Re: Vagina Damage Due To Genital Warts Freezing
It was just soaked with liquid.... like i was sitting in a puddle of water, not sure if it was coming from the burns or not.....
I went back to the clinic an saw a doctor, she said its not infected and is healing really quickly, where the flesh has now seperated and died, its now pealing away and revealing health tissue again... she basically told me to bath it in salt water which will aid the healing process...

What annoyed me is there were no warts at all...i just wanted a internal check.....but the nurse decied to spray, an at the same time was asking me where she should spray...

sosickofthis 11-27-2009 10:18 PM

Re: Damage To Vaginal Tissue Due HPV Treament
i have never heard of that, i would go to a dr if possible, or at least go back to the clinic and ask what happened.i had several of the treatments and nothing like that ever happened.

Pickle Eyes 11-28-2009 12:38 PM

Re: Damage To Vaginal Tissue Due HPV Treament
If you aren't feeling like your body is reacting the right way after the freezing of the tissue, then call and/or go back to the doctor's office.

You need to remember that the liquid nitrogen freezes the tissue, as in a freeze-type-burn. So it kills the cells that are in contact with the liquid nitrogen. It makes sense to me that the treatment might be deep enough to cause some bleeding, though not a lot.

I doubt the damage would be to the extent that reconstructive surgery would be needed. I suspect the bleeding will lighten up after a day or so (when it scabs over), then later if/when the scab comes off there might be a little bit of bleeding. The area should heal and there should be minimal or no trace that the freezing ever occured.

clc0230 11-28-2009 01:04 PM

Re: Damage To Vaginal Tissue Due HPV Treament
it has now healed, the tissue that was brunt away has now came off...i did go back an speak to them, i was advised to give it time to heal, have an appointment this thursday for a had healed within a week, so in that case i was happy with that....from now on i will stick to one dr...

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