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JeanetteP 03-14-2011 08:48 AM

LSIL-H, colposcopy with ECB, confused
I'm 44 years old. Regular yearly pap tests. No plans to have more children.

Last year, I had my first pap test with a result of ASC-US, negative HPV. My doctor recommended a repeat pap at 12 months, but I paid for another at 4 months.

The pap at 4 months came back normal.

This January I had a pap with result of LSIL cannot exclude HSIL.

At the colposcopy, my doctor had trouble finding anything to biopsy, but finally found one small spot. She also took samplings with an endocervical brush.

Results from the colposcopy - the spot she biopsied was normal. However, the sampling from the ECB showed LSIL. She consulted with the lab and had the original pap test re-read, and they stand by LSIL-H (low grade, cannot exclude high grade.)

She is going to consult with the other doctor in the practice, but is leaning toward repeat colposcopy at 6 months.

I was convinced she was going to say cone biopsy to find out just what was going on in the canal, especially since pap could not rule out high grade. She said that she's okay with the results from the ECB since she said that high grade cells shed and would readily show up. I'm a little anxious concerning this...

Is colposcopy at 6 months a good alternative? Or should I push for a more aggressive biopsy? Thoughts?

Thank you in advance!

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