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lonelyisland 06-09-2011 09:48 AM

HPV panick
Hi all,

I'm in a faithful relationship with my boyfriend for over a year now and I was diagonosed with hpv in my genital region about 2-3 months ago, where I had a small cluster of warts, which having froze them and applying acid they disappeared rather quick, few weeks later a small few warts appeared and I applying Apple cider vinegar and within a few days they were gone now I have noticed them in and around my vagina opening, I've tried using apple cider vinegar but couldnt stick the pain as it burned awfully bad. I was just wondering what are my treatment options for this hard to get at area? Has anyone had any success with apple cider vinegar in this region?

Also lately I find I've become so paranoid about any lump/bump/spot that appears on my body. As in I'm starting to become depressed from all the worry and stress of it all, I feel DISGUSTING. And now I've noticed something different along the side of my tongue, at first it jus seemed like inflamed/irratated/raised papillae but my paranoia has yet again kicked in and I began doing some research and found one picture that looked similiar to what I have which indicated it could possibly be HPV, (yay :( .... ). On the side of my tongue i have what are like small tiny skin tags (looks more like an extension of the papillae that are there rather than a new growth). I gargled some apple cider vinegar and it stung a bit, but after a few sessions of this i noticed one of them had turned slightly black, whether its from the ACV or not im unsure. Are these HPV too? What should I do? And is apple cider vinegar the wrong approach?

Also my boyfriend has shown no signs as of yet of HPV, however because of this he is reluctant to visit the doctor for a check up. Also my immune sytem is very poor, I suffer with insomnia and wouldnt be the healthiest of eaters, I have changed my diet but are there any vitamins or supplements i could take to help?

I feel like my life is completly ruined, and that I'm living now in the shadows of HPV. Please I f you can help or advise me on any of the above, I would deeply appreciate it as I feel so very alone with this.

Yours truly x

walkingtall 06-09-2011 10:07 AM

Re: HPV panick
Don't panick. Almost everyone who has ever had sex has HPV. You have genital warts. You could have gotten HPV from anyone of your sexual partners. Your bf could be a carrier. Usually the woman who get the warts do not get the cancer. You need to see your gynocologist. Get a pap smear. You don't want this to get out of hand. There is a cream called Aldera that you put on warts and it goes away. My sister has this so I know about it.
I have HPV but I had the cervical dysplasia, almost caner. I had it removed.
Go see your dr please. Good luck

lonelyisland 06-11-2011 06:44 AM

Re: HPV panick
Yeah since writing my post i've scheduled an appointment to see the doctor, i've also managed to get my partner to come. Did you undergo the STD testing, with regards bloods and urine sample? Will my sex life change much? I know protection is a must but when the warts are there should I avoid all sexual activity?

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