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sanchezan92 07-14-2011 02:55 PM

i am 19 with hpv high risk
i just found out i have high risk hpv, i am so confused as of what is going to happen, what happens next ???? will i be able to have children in the future ?? omg please so one help me because i have no idea whats gonna go on im so young and already have this virus im just confused and upset with myself:mad::(:mad::(:mad::(

Kali333 07-14-2011 04:37 PM

Re: i am 19 with hpv high risk
Most women who get the virus get it in their teens or early 20s... in other words, within a few years of becoming sexually active.

HPV is incredibly common; in fact, over 80% of sexually active Americans will have it at one time or another.

It does go away, without treatment, in the vast majority of people- most people with healthy immune systems will clear the virus in 12 to 18 months.
Until then, you will require more frequent PAPs (maybe every 3 months, or whatever your doctor recommends) to ensure that precancerous lesions don't develop on your cervix.
If such lesions develop, they can be removed by one of several simple procedures.

There is no medical way to get rid of HPV itself, no "cure" for it... you just have to wait for it to run its course and go away on its own. It will; in teens and young adults, it virtually always does.
You're actually fortunate that you got it now, rather than in your 30s or 40s; it's much more dangerous then.

Best of luck.

PS oh, and yes, of course you'll be able to have children in the future.
Like I said, over 80% of women have had HPV. it's nothing, really.
I had it at 16, had precancerous lesions removed at 16... and had my first child at 17, and another child at 19. I'm currently pregnant with my third child... at age 38! And of course I no longer have HPV. it went away long ago.
Trust me, you'll be okay.

Switch96 07-15-2011 01:35 PM

Re: i am 19 with hpv high risk
No worries, Sanchez (I know easier said than done). A friend of mine contracted cervical HPV when she was 17 and underwent a cone biopsy. That was about seven years ago. Her paps have been regular ever since. It is probably tough to believe at the present time, but you have a 90% chance of recovering within the next two years as long as you keep up your nutrition and keep your stressors to a minimum. Also, if you smoke, it may be time to quit. Kali's got it down... the information provided is reinforced by the CDC.

Also there is no need to be upset with yourself...after all someone gave it to you. That person may or may not have known, but the bottom line is that STDs happen. HPV is second only to Trichomoniasis in terms of its infectious potential and is just as common. Chin up, my friend. You are very young which means your cells are still reproducing rapidly and your immune system is hearty. Monitor your nutrition closely and cut out all of those people in your life that cause you stress... it is time to take care of yourself so you can overcome this condition sooner rather than later.

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