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dacie 07-18-2012 02:28 PM

advice needed
Hi i'm 21 and I went for a pap test last year and it came back with abnormalities.. i had a two more which had the same results. so this month i went for a coloscopy and biopsy (not had results yet). I started looking up what it all meant and was horrified to find out that hpv is an std - ive only ever had sex with two men, one is now my husband and weve been together four years. he is the only person not to have used a condom.. i feel really emotional, dirty from hpv and scared for biopsy results.. is this normal? is hpv dirty? and what does a biopsy look for? thanks to anyone who can help.. just too add i have no symptoms.. just had a routine pap test

Fishermans wife 07-20-2012 01:09 AM

Re: advice needee
What your feeling is pretty normal. I too had a colp and biopsy on 2 spots last month. It seems like its the hardest because it is an std. Hpv is very common but it only progresses for some people....others it goes away. A biopsy takes a sample of the cells to see if they are precancerous and if so to what degree. Mine came back mild to moderate....or it can come back severe (which I'm thankful I didn't get). Do you get your results soon?

dacie 07-20-2012 02:43 PM

Re: advice needee
I'm glad its normal. i feel horrible because i don't sleep around and having an std makes me think of chalmidya etc. will it have been passed on from my husband?. should i be worried he's been unfaithful?.. sorry for so many questions..I get my results in about a weeks time. im really worried. thanks for the reply

Fishermans wife 07-21-2012 01:03 AM

Re: advice needee
No problem. I'm just going by what my doc has told me after the bazillion questions I have asked her. I too felt horrible too because having an std makes you feel disgusting. My doc said 70 percent of adults have hpv. The crazy thing is that men are natural carriers of it. I have only slept with 3 people in my life so I got it from one of them obviously. My doc said it does not affect them unless they get warts. Unless they get warts it's harmless....unfair I think. For women we will get it and for most our immune system will kick it out, others it won't and it will progress. Again, this is all from my doc and her nurse. When they tell you the result of your biopsy it could come back as mild to moderate or severe. I think if your doc did a biopsy though it means there are precancerous cells (from my understanding). Hope this helps!

dacie 07-21-2012 01:17 AM

Re: advice needed
Thank you so much for the information its made me feel so much better and calmer!.. Lets hope for the best for the results now :)

Fishermans wife 07-21-2012 01:27 AM

Re: advice needed
Good! Let me know how it comes back!

Serenityisbliss 07-29-2012 07:32 AM

Re: advice needed
Hpv has 100's of different strains. Some you already know of!
Normal warts on your hands.... yup HPV
Plantar warts..... yea it's HPV too
there are at least 30 different strains that effect the genitals.
You could have gotten it from anyone you have slept with...
Your husband could have gotten it from the first person he ever slept with to anyone in between it DOES NOT mean he cheated.
HPV no matter what strain it is has a nasty ability of hiding (lying dormant) it can never show signs or years after you get it you can get an abnormal pap..
Men are not exactly carriers... they can get warts too. They can also have the high risk types and get penile cancer just as a woman can get cervical cancer. but for men it is more rare.
Some people get 1 outbreak and get it treated and they never come back
Others have recuring ones
others may have them where they are resistant to treatment, after treatment is successful they can ether stay gone or come back.

they are just warts. Yes it is normal to feel dirty. but you should not feel dirty.
In general the phrase "STD" is enough to make anyone feel dirty but remember HPV causes warts and there are only 2 you need to be concerned about. those are types 6 and 11. they can cause cervical cancer but don't be scared about that because Cervical cancer is the slowest growing cancer out there! which means it gets fixed before it can cause harm.

My husband had a wart pop up (not gonna say where exactly, but you can guess how it was found..) at the time I didn't know that it was HPV.. I just thought HPV was a cancer thing. My husband gets warts on his hands, every now and then one will pop up. I just thought that it was an unlucky placement of one. the doctor he saw removed it and just told him it was a "flat wart" and it was nothing to be worried about. We forgot all about it. I got pregnant with our second child and at about 3 months pregnant accidentally found 2 on myself. I knew why i had them.. cause he had one before. Emotional rollercoaster doesn't even hit the tip of the iceburg when you throw pregnancy hormones into it lol.. never once blamed him and he couldn't understand why I hadn't yet (we have been married almost 3 years and he doesn't realise i'm not gonna blame him for something nether of us had a clue about.... he should know better lol) anyways the doctor put some sort of acid type stuff on it had to wash off after 2 hours. Got pretty upset that they were still there. but the next day they were smaller.. and continued to do so until they were gone! They haven't come back for ether of us.. Both of our Daughters are happy and healthy with no complications.
Now I think about it and I'm actually glad that I have HPV instead of some really serious STD...
unless its a cancerous type then there really isn't anything to be worried about (even then it would be so slow growing that it get taken care of before it can do harm) except the warts can be a little yucky looking... but if you are married or in a relationship then there is only 1 person who might ever see them before you get treated and well he or she should already be aware of it... and chances are they have it too..

Doctors may say that 70% of adults have it... but how many people get together and stay together as eachothers "first everything"? not many. how many guys sleep with multiple women? how many women sleep with multiple men? now what are the odds that only 70% of people have it? if you don't have an abnormal pap (because you haven't shown any symptoms) then you don't get tested for HPV..

I'm willing to bet that the 30% that supposedly don't have it... Actually DO have HPV but haven't ever shown symptoms... well that's assuming they aren't virgins.. what ever the population percentage is that are virgin adults is the percentage that doesn't have it

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