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hpvmale 01-06-2013 07:58 PM

Anyone else with long-time warts?
I first discovered HPV from my girlfriend at the time in 2005 who gave me genital warts in 2006 and broke up with me. I only had two small warts at the base and had them frozen off. Since, about every year and a half, I always get one at the same spot. I had one at the beginning of 2012 and routinely removed it. Oddly enough there was another wart somewhere else on my penis where I have never had one. The urologist didn't think it looked much like one but tried burning it off anyway, with no response. I visited a dermatologist who also wasn't exactly sure, but she tried freezing it off, and weeks later no response. I have never had issues getting rid of them before, and with this one appearing in a different spot, it has me worried. I know its unlikely to get penile cancer (500 HPV related US diagnosis a year or something like that), but I can't help but worry about it. I'm going back to the derm to ask for a biopsy and hopefully put my mind at ease.

Anyone else experience reoccurring warts after 5+ years? Does it get any better? Any males ever deal with HPV related cancer?

meeo12 01-07-2013 09:58 AM

Re: Anyone else with long-time warts?
The wart causing strains are almost always 6/11, which are low risk, which is to say that they do not cause cancer. However, I've heard of some high risk strains causing wart-like lesions. I think in this instance getting a biopsy couldn't hurt so you can get the strain typed. However, it may not even be a wart. If repeated freezing does nothing, it's pretty unlikely it's a wart.

Switch96 01-13-2013 12:39 PM

Re: Anyone else with long-time warts?
Sorry you have been going through with these treatments for so many years. You are very brave for being persistent with your health care. I am not a medical professional, but I can share some information about dietary supplementation that helped me to clear up within about six weeks of my diagnosis.

In addition to the recommended daily multivitamin and folic acid, I took a Vitamin A supplement and L-lysene. L-lysene is the ingredient in those lip balms that reduce the duration of cold sores. It is an essential amino acid in cell reproduction, and taking one or two tabs per day can help your body reproduce cells in all of your systems. Vitamin A helps with immune strength, especially on the areas of the body that are externally exposed. Tea tree oil also has anti-viral qualities, but cause major exfoliation. Be sure to apply ample lotion to the area if you choose to try tea tree oil.

From what I have read, men do sometimes struggle to overcome GW, likely due to the skin cells of their genitalia not replicating at the same rate as they do for women. I agree with the first response, arguing in favor of a biopsy for the one lesion that has been unresponsive. Regarding the warts that have had many treatments, a wart does have "roots", and often freezing ant TCA do not kill off the roots, enabling the lesion to regrow. The purpose of boosting your immune system and cell reproduction is so that your own body can kill off those roots on its own and hopefully make the warts go away for good.

Keep it up.

hpvmale 01-16-2013 11:50 AM

Re: Anyone else with long-time warts?
Thank you both for input.

Well I have been struggling greatly for a biopsy. A visit to my urologist just led to more insistence that it is so small and flat that it doesn't need a biopsy and is probably just DEAD SKIN (haha, it isn't). He only offered to do a procedure that would include removal of the area and stitching it up while knocking me out. Didn't seem necessary when all I wanted was a biopsy. He kept saying a biopsy might lead to a scar, and his procedure would not. This did not make any sense to me, so I just made an appointment to visit my dermatologist. She also does not seem there is any concern regarding the lesion, saying it seemed to be just "10% of a wart" and said a biopsy would more than likely result in "inconclusive results", meaning the size was too small to analyze. Huh? All she did was the freezing treatment, which a week later, has resulted in no change. The area just appears irritated still, but I still see a slight raise and wart-like lesion.

I can not stop worrying about this and it is so frustrating no doctors seem aware of risks involving HPV and men. Three medical treatments and 7 months later and this tiny lesion remains. I just made an appointment with yet another doctor for a third opinion on the issue. Hopefully this urologist is more aware of HPV than the other doctors I have visited recently, and I will be not leaving that office without a biopsy. I don't care about a scar, I can deal with that. I would feel a great comfort in knowing it wasn't cancerous.

Switch96 01-18-2013 10:15 PM

Re: Anyone else with long-time warts?
Wow. This makes me wonder if you now have keloid scarring after so many treatments. I wish I had more to offer you.

hpvmale 01-21-2013 12:08 PM

Re: Anyone else with long-time warts?
[QUOTE=Switch96;5119457]Wow. This makes me wonder if you now have keloid scarring after so many treatments. I wish I had more to offer you.[/QUOTE]

Switch, this is actually a possibility and comforts me some. Just wish a doctor could make this connection. I'm getting a third opinion next week. Until then I'm just going to stay on top of my health and hope for the best.

Thanks for your replies :)

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