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doingitwrong 01-23-2013 11:56 PM

HPV and throat cancer :( terrified
Ok well August me and my gf engaged in mutual oral sex. About two days later i ended up with a blister on the penis, fatigue, and sore throat. I had the blister cultured and everything came back negative. The doctor still provided me with an antibiotic for a "sinus infection". I used it and for a good two to three months believed I had HIV/Herpes/Syphilis you name it. My gf tested positive for chlamydia however i was negative. She then told me of an HPV infection she had a while back but had said since that it cleared up. I've gone through two rounds of antibiotics and I've had periods where i had tonsil stones, a clicking noise in my throat, and now frequent belching all the time after drinking something! I cant control it I have to belch after everything I drink! Im now moreso convinced it may not be HIV/herpes and worried about my risk of HPV in the throat. I know it can lead to throat cancer and Im scared out of my mind. But my gf said she had gotten rid of that HPV but is still going for a pap smear tomorrow. Only way i'll know is through her pap smear. Idk what to do what if this is throat cancer? Constant belching, throat clicking, and for a while it was sore before it settled. What should I do?

trosin 02-06-2013 03:35 PM

Re: HPV and throat cancer :( terrified
It seems as if this is all in your head. The mind can do crazy things. When I stress about something, I get this feeling in my throat and I can't stop clearing/coughing. It can make it quite sore. See an ear nose throat specialist or a doctor if you're still concerned. The mind can do some crazy things, believe me.

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