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sadbunny 05-01-2013 12:18 PM

cos sometimes we just need to laugh or cry
got diagnosed with hpv, im one of those lucky people that have warts. im on my 2nd go with aldara and its week 2. with that in mind....
Last night i applied cream and went to bed, after some tossing and turning and general discomfort it started to burn...
then it started to burn alot...
then JESUS CHRIST i was on fire!?
Ran to the bathroom and removed the cream as gingerly as i could. Praying for relief to follow soon... Back to bed
NO! its still burning i need relief! what if i put moisturiser on it or something? back to the bathroom.
no moisturiser, no nothing! my alternatives were toothpaste, solid shampoo or shower gel.
I went with the shower gel, dignity fired out the window at this stage. LEMON EXTRACT SHOWER GEL. seriously if i thought the aldara was bad... i cursed in 3 languages (i only know 2)
remove shower gel. wash. dry.
figure out its not the warts, its the healthy skin surrounding them that has been burnt.
I have mostly anal warts.... its 4.30am i start thinking if they just dont touch off anything maybe the burning would stop. With dignity after leaving the premises 2hours ago i proceed to seperate my gluteus maximus with toilet roll.
sometimes we just need to laugh or cry. Today i had a great day. life goes on!
Love to anyone who has ever been in the same boat. We will get through this together!

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