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Old 11-03-2006, 02:40 PM   #1
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prairie_dawn HB User

I am not sure where to go, i have a few different questions regarding 2 separate people. Guess i'll start with my sister. age;34 going on 35 in feb, has 4 kids and just has tubes tied. She was diagnosed last year with osteo and can barely walk, she walks with a cane and has been on every medicine madkind has made and nothing works short of drugging her silly. Well she is on Ambien to keep her asleep at night so she doesnt wake from the pain and she is taking lexapro which has shut her emotions off completely.

Well she is 5'7" and about 205 lbs on a good day, she was doing atkins and lost weight she was down to 192 and then started a drug for her pain and went back up. She stopped doing atkins and gained more weight due to drugs. She has no support system at home for this but we are willing to help her as much as we can here. She just recently found out she is hypoglycemic which i beleive is due to her weight and she will be pushing at diabetes soon if she keeps up with this weight gain.

I need to know what kind of diet works for her and her osteo/hypoglycemia so she can loose some weight. any suggestions?

Now for me, I had problems in my hands for years, always thought it was what dr. said(carpal tunnel) and yes every once in a blue moon it hurts BUT i have Grave's disease as well (hyperthyroidism) and have been in remission for over a year now. Have always had weak hands but crochet to try to keep them moving. I had a problem last november with my finger on my right hand, the joint hurt on my ring finger so i went to orthopedist and he took an xray and said sorry nothing is wrong go for an MRI and i'll see you then. well i wound up being pregnant and didnt go. He didnt seen thrilled about my being there to begin with.

Well i had baby in 7/06 and about 3 weeks later the same hand but different finger joint hurt , i went to regular dr. and she said by deffinition it is athriritis but i should to see dr again. well the swelling and joint pain stopped and i didnt go.

Now my thumb on my OTHER hand hurts and it so painfull and i have an appt with the same ortho in two weeks.

My question is what kind of dr. do i see for my pain in myhands? am i seeing the right kind(orthopedist) or should it be someone else?
O please help i have no idea what to do and my sister's problems with her back and hands started this way and now i am scrared this is happening to me. we are 19months apart and she started about when she 32-33 nowshe is going on 35 and i am 33. Please help!

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snowmelts HB User
Re: Osteoarthritis/hypoglycemia/weightloss

The heavier a person is the more weight the joint has to support.
Given that, yes, it is better to have less weight if you have Osteoarthritis (OA).

There is no special OA diet.

I have also heard that taking Alfalfa pills helps. I do take 3 of them sometimes and I think somehow it does help my pain. (But be aware it contains vita K so is also a blood thinner.)
Actually I think that might help your hands. Start slow to avoid stomach upset , just take one and work up to 3 and then got to twice a day with 3 each time.
I suggest that because a long long time ago I met a woman who was had been bedridden with some form of arthritis and took a lot of alfalfa under some doctors care.. It got her out of bed and she couldn't stop talking about how wonderful it was.

Some people say cherry juice helps (eat cherries!) but I am allergic to them so have never tried that.

I don't take prescription drugs for OA,
But I am unaware of them causeing weight gain.
Most of them are based on chemicals (Salysilates which I am sure i spell wrong) within the same family as Aspirin.
I'm allergic to that family of chemicals so I can't take the prescription OA drugs.

Are you sure it's OA?

If she is prone toward diabetic problems then I'd suggest going on a diet that is bascaiily fit for diabetics.

You said she has a cane but did not mention which joints have OA.

If it's her knees I'd suggest she take Glucosamine and Chondroitin plus MSM suppliments as well as Calcium with Vit D. (Be aware the Chondroitin is also a blood thinner.)
Glucosamine and Chondroitin plus MSM have proved to help control pain in some arthritis knees.
Calcium with Vit D is important for any bone problems.
I do take all of that every day.

As far as your fingers go.. if the Xray did not show OA then there was none cuz it defiantly shows up on an Xray.
An MRI would mean they are looking for something else since there is no visiable osteoarthritis (OA).

BUT there are many kinds of "Arthritis".
I suggest you see a Rhumatologist.

OA (Osteoarthritis) is one where the Cartilidge or soft connective tissue like spinal discs is disentigrateing. This deterioration causes bone on bone pain as the bones that meet at the deteriorated joint rub together.
As they rub together they become worn.
So many people with OA end up with knee replacement surgery or hip surgery to replace those worn out joints.

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prairie_dawn HB User
Re: Osteoarthritis/hypoglycemia/weightloss

THank you. My sister has it OA in her entire back and in her knees. I was reading up on hypoglycemia and i think you are right the best diet would be with that in mind. I will see what ortho says and funny thing is is that i just got a reminder in the mail for a rheum dr. that i made a few months back becuase my regular md wanted me to see one cause of my hands. THnka you again.

SHe has been on so many pain killers and htey are what caused her to gain more weight and depression did as well.

I just dont know whatto do about it anymore. I feel so bad that she cant walk and she always complains. She is on ambien so she doesnt wake up every night in pain anymore. Poor girl, i hate that she is in so much pain and no one can give her relief. None of the meds they gave her worked or they knocked her out so badly. SHe has 4 kids and cant be doing that. she needs to have a clear head.

Old 11-04-2006, 08:24 PM   #4
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snowmelts HB User
Re: Osteoarthritis/hypoglycemia/weightloss

I have OA in my knees and my entire spine.
I'll admit a lot of people have more problems than I do BUT..
My spine was beginning to bend.
The 15% bend caused the muscles to pull too tightly over my hip.
Long story short.. For 2 years my family Dr basically was no real help with the pain except for some physical therapy.
Finally an Orthopedic Surgen gave me a steriod shot for the Bursitis and of course more therapy.
Sure therapy is a great thing. It can help, but it's no where near enough pain relief.

In May I went to a Chiropractor.
I went 3 times a week for 2 months.
Then twice a week for a month and then once every two weeks.
I am still going once every two weeks as well as useing a "Wobbler" seat at home (He loaned me the seat because it seriously helps my bursitis problem

NOW I can bend, touch my toes and straighten up painlessly.
My hip Bursitis is just a faint echo of what it was.
Most days now it's actually easy to not even think about my arthritis!
That is truely amazing when you consider 2 years ago I could not unbend and a get straight again after getting a roast out of the oven.

So I highly recommend a Chiropractor.
But be aware it's not a quick fix.
you have to know you are commiting to continue for along time
The first week or maybe even a month is painful as your body skeleton changes its situation for the better.
It's worth it and its gets better really fast.
I LOVE how this Chiropractor has helped me.
Chiropractors cannot help everyone.
Once a spine is bent, it cannot be unbent.
BUT they can slow the bending down and get out of place joints back into place.
It's unbelieveable how much improved I feel.

Another thing to do for the spine, and knees too, is to use a couple pillows between the legs at night while you sleep.
They make "Knee contour" pillows that fit between the knees for this reason but you can use any pillow that works for you (or rather your sister).
You lay on your side and angle my body straight (not drawing my knees up bent or anything) and I use my knee contour pillow placed just a hair above but between my knees and a regular pillow lower between my legs so that my ankles rest on it.
This reduces the stress on muscles and nerves around the skeleton while you sleep by keeping the skeleton in the proper position.
HEY it really helps. On the 3rd morning of useing these pillows I woke up, got up and strode into the kitchen to make coffee... and stopped.
I was so surprised!
I had no lower back pain. I had naturally gotten out of bed (unbent) without pain and without even thinking about it. I had "strode" into the kitchen.
Rather a miricle.
That was about 1 ½ ago and since then I have never missed even one night of sleeping with my knee contour pillow and ankle pillow.

I hope your sister tries that and I hope it helps.

Ice packs (in a towel) on a swollen back muscle or knees helps shrink it an make it hurt less. Only keep the ice on 20 min.

Electric heating pads after the ice can relax the muscles (tight sore muscles are what is causeing the pain)

A heated back massager is nice too.

I also have use Theramcare heated back warps for bad nights with my back.

I find athletic knee supports help calm the pain when I've overused my knee. My knee bones... at he knee joint, slide sideways because the cartilidge is this puts a lot of strain on the muscles surrounding the knee..and they swell and are painful. I've found its best to put those on before starting anything strenuous. Keeps my knee from swelling as much.
there have been nights in the past when I've worn those to bed.. it helps when the knee was out of whack.

I don't have OA in my hands so I have no suggestions for that one, except maybe Aspercream might help and see a Rhumatologist.

The only medicaition type thing I take for OA is Tylenol Arthritis, and for me, it does help my OA pain. Tends to make me sleepy if I take 2 so I take it at night but only when I've really needed it.

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jimmyhonda HB User
Re: Osteoarthritis/hypoglycemia/weightloss

i have osteo-arthritis in my hips. when i first joined this forum, I was yelling for help. I was in total shock that i couldn't walk without crutches, so i sympthised your sister's condition.

Because I was so frightened with this illness, I was in a very depressive state. I'm 29 yr old, so u can understand why I was being very depressive. I got to the point where the pain was so bad, that i spend the whole day lying on my bed looking at the ceiling and wanting to cry but couldn't get any tears out.
My option was to have a hip-replacement. But the idea of such surgery just freaks me out, and i don't want to think about it.

i've tried hydrotheraphy, and accupunture but that only excruicates the pain.

what i did was i started using hot pads on my thighs, so that i could have a better sleep and it did help. then i started taking glucoasmine...i'm not sure whether it's diabetic safe for you guys, but anyway, I take it in the hope that it rebuilds my cartilages.

Then, later, I was eligible for an immune suppressant drugs which is designed for rheumatoid arthritis and Ankylosing spondylitis sufferers and to my amazement, during my 4th infusion, the hip pain has gone away. i am not able to walk, but can't run.

the pain will go away eventually so don't give up hope. use this time to rehab and try to avoid doing strengthous tasks.

BTW. protein powder might play a role to your health because I read it somewhere that protein powder speeds up recovery and build healthy muscles and cells. so I have taken a while.

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