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Stacybelle 11-27-2012 01:10 AM

Hypoglycemic child symptoms?
Eve All....I'm up late researching my stepdaughters symptoms...she is 9 weighs about 65 lbs and her eating habits, oy! Basically sugar....very picky. For the past 8 months this child who never vomits has vomited about 8-10 times. She complains of nausea all the time I try to tell her it's bc her stomach is empty....almost all off her episodes of vomiting have been n the middle of the night. This eve she ate fruit snacks (candy kind) a candy cane plain dry cherrio's and a cheese tortilla roll up & that was small amounts of all. She ate nothing past 7:00pm drank some water bf 1:30am she woke, vomited one good time says she feels much better...always looks splotchy white and does that adrenaline tremor for the next 10 min.
This time I was armed with a BS monitor, her reading after vomiting was 67
Remember she is 9 yrs old about 65 lbs
Oh yeah I have always thought her night time sweats were that of a menopausal woman. The underside of her hair can b all wet.
Well does this sound like HG?
I started a journal & I'm planning on testing when she wakes and then after she eats her puny coco crispies (the only thing she will eat in the am she is very routine n what she eats and flat out wont eat if u try and insist she eats something else) . Anyone know how long I should wait after she eats?

My staple dinner I can make (make) her eat is 1-2 pieces of rolled up ham she always want some form of pasta with butter (she would prefer to not know butter is on it) a few baby carrots and I'm trying to get in a that balanced enough? My husband fed her tonight I wasn't home to watch what she was eating I had to gather that from her & hubby post puke :^\
Many Thanks to those who take the time to read
Nighty night

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