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Some help please, could I have hypoglycemia?

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Some help please, could I have hypoglycemia?

Warning: May contain junk food triggers if you have a problem with it like I do!

Some background: I'm 27 y.o. male, overweight (about 210 lbs at 6' tall), some history of hypoglycemia in family members. Not very active, just standing, walking, some moderate box lifting/carrying at work (am a shipper/receiver/warehouse worker).

I'm trying and struggling to identify what is going on with me over the last year and a bit. Over the winter of 2012/2013 I was pretty depressed and started eating horribly (food has always been my emotional crutch habit). Like, I'd go through a whole box of choc chip cookies and a bag of chips for "dinner" almost every night for a few months. Maybe a muffin for breakfast or nothing, and sometimes healthy sometimes not healthy lunches.

One morning last year in February I think, after a binge night on chocolate (probably ate nearly 2 lbs of those little hard-shell chocolate eggs), I felt really tired and light headed, and then passed out while tying my shoes. Hit the back of my head which I didn't realize til later. Now, what I did next was INSANELY STUPID but at the time I was very depressed and fearful of missing work. There was a lot of snow out so I had to shovel out the driveway behind my car, and I nearly passed out again after some exertion (had to fall to my knees and felt on the cusp of passing out). Still I soldiered on like a dumbass... went to work then got checked out at lunch, and docs said I had no concussion, but no blood was taken. I don't think I fully explained what happened so I was basically told to rest it off.

Anyway, on to the present
I often get really tired, but haven't been sleeping well. Many times when in bed trying to relax and get to sleep, I'll feel internal trembling mostly in the hands but also mildly in the torso, weakness, heart palpitation, and mild light headedness. Also hypnic jerks that feel like they happen in the upper abdomen. Sometimes I'll wake up 2:30-3:00 am feeling weird like this, and have to trod around for a bit before I can get back to sleep, if at all.

Then there are separate issues, related to food I believe. If I happen to overindulge, whether eating too much, too fast, or some junk like a donut on the way to work, about an hour later I'll sometimes get heartburn, abdominal pains (seemingly random among 4 different spots - upper and lower, left and right), little waves of fatigue and weakness, and sometimes coldness and pins and needles in hands and feet... almost feels like my circulation slows down if I had to describe the feeling.

Now, I've been pursuing the idea that it might be acid-reflux related or something to do with the GI system "mechanically". I am on a waiting list to see a GI for a scope. But in the meantime I stumbled upon reactive hypoglycemia and it really resonated with what's been going on.

The only thing is, I've had a few blood tests over the past year and my doc always says everything looks good. I even did a fasting blood test a couple weeks after the passing out incident last year (and even passed out after the blood was drawn lol!) and that came back fine. Is it possible to get hypoglycemic episodes and have normal blood tests?

I've even considered it can be anxiety but even when everything is great and I'm feeling happy, one wrong meal and BAM I'm back to feeling like crap later.

I've considered getting a blood glucose meter and recording my levels but I don't know when to test or which brands are good. Or even what help it would be. I just feel so lost and am sick of this roller coaster of health

Sorry that was such a long post, thanks for reading if you did.

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Re: Some help please, could I have hypoglycemia?

Greetings I think that on one important level you already know that eating junk foods is not healthy for the body so we can probably agree on that. I would try leaving out all junk food for at least thirty days. If it decided to use it again and I personally would not, I would at least try one that is not real sweet to see if it happens again. These foods are not that nourishing anyway and can cause bowel problems and other health problems besides problems with the blood sugar. Most blood sugar machines will probably be ok as long as the battery is not too low. The instructions that come with each machine might be somewhat different.

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Re: Some help please, could I have hypoglycemia?

You certainly can have hypoglycemia with normal test results. Low blood sugar usually occurs 2-4 hrs. after a big carbohydrate load, and your blood sugar needs to be tested when you are having symptoms during that time period. Low blood sugar is a very transient thing, as your body produces adrenaline when it occurs and makes your liver release stored glucose, which makes you recover eventually. Eating or drinking something like orange juice makes you recover faster. But a blood sugar tested any other time will likely be normal. It is also possible to have a combination of diabetes and hypoglycemia, so the best way to diagnose it is a 5 hour glucose tolerance test, done in a lab. For a quick check, though, a glucometer can work, but you must check your sugar during symptoms to catch it, and most people have symptoms when sugar gets below 60. It is the initial sugar load that causes the later drop, so eating healthy is an essential part of treatment.

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Re: Some help please, could I have hypoglycemia?

Greetings even the lab test can miss it because the glucose can fall after the test is done. When this happens sometimes the hypoglycemic patient feels very sick after the test. The test is very hard on the body. I highly suggest in my opinion that the blood glucose machine test might be tried first before breakfast or another time when a meal happens to have been missed, I do not suggest deliberately missing meals. Nor do I suggest using sweets to find out if it drops later, it is hard on the pancreas. Of course one's medical decisions are ones own and everyone is in charge of their own health care and a health care professional can be consulted and the test done if desired but it certainly is not 100% accurate if the sugar falls after the test is done.

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