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ausky 01-11-2007 08:41 AM

2 yr old pneumucoccal antibody titer lab results
Hi! My son is being tested for immune disorders and I just got some of his labs back and just wanted some info. He had blood work done in Nov and the resluts were low so he was given another prevnor vacc. and tested again two weeks later. His strep type 1,2,3,4,5,7F,8,9,10a,11a,12f,15b,17f,20,22f and 33f are all less than .2 and are suspose to be greater than 1.0 I have searched the internet and cannot find any answers. Does anyone know what this might mean or know where I can find info. We have our first immunology appt next week but I would like info before. Thanks for any help or advice.:angel:

matt's mom 01-11-2007 09:54 AM

Re: 2 yr old pneumucoccal antibody titer lab results
My son is eight and we had simliar test results. He ended up having a selective antibody immune deficiency. He is currently getting IVIG treatments every three weeks to build his immune levels. The immune deficiecny foundation and the Jeffery Moddell foundation has a ton of information. The IDF sent a great handbook that give characteristics of various immune deficiency and different treatments as well.

Thanks- Matt's mom

laauhe 01-15-2007 07:44 PM

Re: 2 yr old pneumucoccal antibody titer lab results
hey there! im so glad I came back to read this site cause I posted quite some time ago questioning the Prevnar vaccine and now I see "matts mom" did reply. So you also seem to be on the same road. Just wondering your childs symtypoms. After realizing that he was not responding to the Prevnar shot, they put now on yet another low dose antibiodic for 4 weeks, then stop, see if he gets sick, if so he stays on antibiodic till the warmer months, then we wait till he is almost 2yrs (16 mon. now) and then give the pneumococcal, then retest. Does this all sound right matts mom??

Also, while on these antibiodics he is actually still sick, runnnig nose, chest congestion, some low grade fevers. Molars are also on their way In:)!! Dunno, just want him off this medicine and feeling better, just seems like so much medicine for such a little guy.

matt's mom 01-18-2007 04:08 PM

Re: 2 yr old pneumucoccal antibody titer lab results

I have already been through the antibiotics, and two vaccines. Matt just does not hold the antibodies for the pneumucoccal bacterias. Without the ivig he is constantly extremely ill with reccurant sinus and ear infections as well as pnumonias. When he does get sick it usually takes a minimum of two antibiotics to get him better. He also takes a lot of prednisone to open up his lungs. Please keep me informed as to how your son is. I am a bit ahead of you on this journey and I know how frustrating it is. Please know that you are not alone and you have to keep on pushing until you find the answers!

Let me know if you need anything!

Matt's mom

laauhe 01-18-2007 08:51 PM

Re: 2 yr old pneumucoccal antibody titer lab results
Funny you mention the steroid. I called yesterday about him being sick, and they changed the antibiodic, and put him on a steroid. My husband just wants me to change doc's cause whem the keep changing things or they dont work, he thinks its just the doc, so it makes me feel better that the road has been traveled! Thanks..

ausky 01-19-2007 12:15 PM

Re: 2 yr old pneumucoccal antibody titer lab results
Thanks so much for your information. I just wanted to tell you a little more about my son Skyler. I know there are alot of parents trying to find information and maybe it can help. He started getting sick a 2 months in and out of the hospital several times then we took him to a childrens hospital to see a pulmonologist and thats when we were told he had severe asthma then after testing told he had reflux, sleep apnea, ciropharyengeal achalasia which was causing him to asperate into his lungs, and that they flap around his voice box was to floppy. Now we could start treatment and make him better so we thought. He had his esophgas dialated and it helped for a little bit whit feeding issues but not long enough. So we were sent to ENT and were told he needed a botox injection, T & A, and tubes. So we scheduled it asap and had to cancel twice because he was sick we finnaly got it done march 20 and the doctor came out and said everything went great. We were to stay overnight and go home once he started drinking and eating a little. Well he tried to drink a little but just not enough so we had to stay another day. That evening I told them something was not right he could not swallow and was just drooling everywhere. We were told that ok he just had alot done and is swollen and he was but on steroids. I kept telling them something was not right but just kept being told he was fine. When the night shift came on I told his new nurse and she looked at him and said she would be right back and when she came she had the ICU code team with her. By this time his breathing was out of control retracting so bad. Having so many doctors over top of him. They then moved him to icu where he was but on a ventalotor and out of it for a week tried to take him off then had to but him right back. Then they stared to wean him off the meds to wake him and tried again and he was off but still heaviely sudated. I ended up having an appendicitis and had to go to a nearby hospital were I was for 2 day because they had to take them out by a 4 inch incision. He was moved back on a regular floor and when I got to him I thought he would be alright. Then my husband said that one of the respiatory therapist had deep suction him and he had been having problems ever since. The next evening he started to spike a fever so they gave him meds on top of meds. He just did not look right to me and again I started and again was told by doctors and nurses he was fine. Another nurse had come to in when I pulled the call light and I told her. She looked at him and his oxgyen was ok but his color was scarry. She called for help and the doctor came in and said his color looked fine but it was not. The nurse then called icu code team and they came right over. By this time his oxgyen started dropping fast along with his blood pressure and he turned blue in my arms. My baby was dying in my arms and I was helpless. He went to icu again and on a ventalotor. He had central lines and artery lines and the meds they had him on was unreal. His blood pressure kept dropping they had to give him blood. Early next morning we were told he had klepesia (blood infection) and it was not good. Well he was there for a while and things would be up and down. Finally we got out of icu and sent back on the same unit we had the bad experience. He was fine that day and the next morning just laying in bed then they put a little girl in the room with him and we objected because they could not say what was wrong with her. Well that night he spiked a fever and they moved the little girl out. He was just in fits I could not control him and the resident would not give him anything to calm him down and I had it out with her and so did the nurses I wanted to speak to the on call. she came back in and said he would not give him anything to help him either. The next morning after a very long night the doctor came in and ask how we were doing by this time I was up in the metal crib gage. I just blew up at him and he looked at the other residents with him and one of the women spoke up and said it was her decision not to give him anything. They did not even call him, I told him I wanted my son transfered out. He said he would check with the ENT. When the ENT came in we spoke to him about it and he was ok with it as long as pulmology was. Which they were not there reason being Our insurance would not cover for transportation and another hospital. I called the insurance company and was told if I wanted to move him they would cover it. I had it out with the dorctor and he said one more day they wanted skyler to see a physical therpy speech therpy ect.. We were discharged on april 13th. He came home on ng feeds which we had to place every 4 hours because he would pull it out of his nose, he had a pic line for his meds and suction machanie. We had him home thats what mattered. We were told it could take him a year to get his strenth back and he had a long road ahead. We did not settle for that after he got the pic line out we slowly started feeding him soft foods and by the end of that wek he was walking again and finially started babling again my heart fell to pieces when he said mommy again. Well we got over all of that. Then in july he was sleeping in his car seat and turned blue I work him and he was fine. I took him to his regular pulmologist and was told he needed another botox injection. No why was I going down that road there again. I started searching hours on end trying to find and ENT that dealt with all the issuse he had and finially found one. I researched him and finially got in to see him. He founded the areodigestive and sleep center. I had a good feeling. Well he had testing done and the great thing about it was all of the specialist (ENT, GI AND pulmology) were there at the same time seeing it for themself and making decision together. We then had immune testing and just had more on wednesday we will know something in about 3 weeks. He is being scheduled for ciropharyngeal moyotomy. He was put on antibotics for the next 2 months until we get some results and surgery. Thanks for letting me tell you my story. I hope someone can benifit form it. I now know to question everything and demand answers and if I cannot get them go to someone how can give them to me no matter how far I have to go to get there. :angel:

matt's mom 01-21-2007 04:43 PM

Re: 2 yr old pneumucoccal antibody titer lab results
I don't even know what to say. I have read your story with my draw dropped. My heart goes out to you and your family. My son has been through so much as well. It is heartbreaking to see your child suffer and noone helps you. Last year when my son could barely breathe, I had a doctor tell me it was all in his head and he trying to get attention. I laughed in his face. The I just kept on going until I found a world renound imunologist who diagnosed him with common variable immune disorder and he has a mutation in his cystic fibrosis gene. He has been getting an IV every three weeks which has been difficult but after 5 months we are staring to see an improvement. He has not been sick for 6 weeks. He has energy now. Before he would come home from school and sleep for 4 hours now that only happens once in awhile. Please don't give up. I went down the tonsil route, the pulmonologist, the sinus surgery each doctor telling me this will fix the problem and it never did. I am hoping the ivig works.. My son and yours deserve the best. Sometimes docotrs lose sight of the fact that our children mean the world to us and we will not stand for less than the best care. Please let me know how Skylar is doing. If you need anything please ask me anything!

I will keep you in my thoughts- Matt's Mom

jdbubbles3 01-26-2007 11:25 PM

Re: 2 yr old pneumucoccal antibody titer lab results
This all sounds similar to my baby sister. she had gotten sick and then got virus after virus. the doctor said if an older person would have caught it from her it would kill them. a month later now they are telling my mom she has no immune system at all. the dr. wants to get a bone marrow sample. then my mom was told today that she should treat everyday as her birthday. this made eveyone in the family cry. my baby sister is 2 and up until now she has never been sick. i dont remember the name of the disease, but an advice or encouraging words helps!! i posted the full story on childrens health.:confused:

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