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carys2011 12-22-2011 12:41 PM

Advice on IGG and IGA labs
This year I was DXed with Hashimotos, treated for that still only somewhat better. I still think there is more to it than that. Below are my labs from 2010 and then one year later. Would love any opinions.

[B][U]In 2010[/U][/B]

IGA was 67 (range 70-400)

IGG 700 (range 700-1400)


IGA 54 (range 70-400)
IGG 620 (range 700-1400)

Any thoughts at all? I have been told I am fine by a number of doctors but I do wonder about these labs. No other labs were tested except for IGM which was perfectly within the normal range in 2010.

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