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P4H 04-05-2013 05:23 PM

low IGA and IGM, normal(?) IGG

my dad recently had some tests done and we were a little concerned about some of the values. they are:

IGG 7.78 g/l (ref. range: 5.64-17.65 g/l)
IGA 0.58 g/l (ref. range: 0.85-3.85 g/l)
IGM 0.51 g/l (ref. range: 0.45-2.50 g/l)

any idea what this means??

thank you

MSNik 04-07-2013 02:52 PM

Re: low IGA and IGM, normal(?) IGG
These numbers arent very bad overall....

Immunoglobulin A is found in mucus membranes in the body, usually respiratory and GI tracts..
Immunoglobulin M is found in the blood stream and protects against infection, Immunoglobulin G protects against viral and bacterial infections...

Your dad could be low right now because he is fighting a cold...a sinus infection, could have any autoimmune disease or even arthritis... although some of his numbers are low, it doesnt mean anything overall without comparing his blood work to his symptoms...and it will probably be repeated in the next few months to see if it changes.

No need to worry that anything is critically wrong at this time...what did his doctor say?

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