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dumbunn 04-07-2007 09:48 AM

Please give your opinions on stress incontinence, questions, etc. Thanks.
Thanks in advance for reading this and helping me. I have read many negative posts (including sling erosion, etc.) about sling surgery for stress incontinence as well as so few positive posts. I have had stress incontince for several years, am 52 years old, and just recently went through physical therapy to strengthen pelvic muscles. These did help a very little bit.

I return to my urologist this week and am compiling many questions to ask her, including the surgery. I only have incontinence with laughing, coughing, sneezing, running, heavy lifting. I know so many other women have this much worse than I and even have it with walking, and they are willing to live with it, but I cannot tell you how upset I get when I leak urine with these few activities. I'm starting to actually consider surgery. I would like anyone's opinion about this, especially positive ones, because I've read so many negative and surely there are some positive thoughts as well, but both prons and cons as well. I would like to know how long you had stress incontinence and with what activities as I would like to compare myself and see if I'm jumping the gun by considering surgery and should wait awhile.

I also know that incontinence will get worse with menopause and I have not gone through that yet. Some questions I have for my doctor are, should I wait til after menopause and the incontinence gets worse then consider surgery, just learn to live with it which I do not want to do but will if Dr. says to, could the surgery eventually fail and have to be re-done.

I also get a soreness/tender feeling at what I think is my bladder area. It comes off and on and nothing seems to make it start to hurt or help it. I've had it a long time and always brushed it off but it's coming more often and I'm starting to wonder if it at all could be related to incontince. Any suggestions on questions I should ask the urologist when I return?

WannaBeFreeToRoam 04-08-2007 12:44 AM

Re: Please give your opinions on stress incontinence, questions, etc. Thanks.
Hi Dumbunn,

I do not have stress incontinence, I have urge incontinence. I am 56 and had a combination total hysterectomy and bladder sling, because of bladder and uterus prolapse. It was in July 2006. I do not think that the sling part of the operation "took". I mean it is still up pretty high, I think. But, I have had urinary troubles every since. I changed urologist after the end of 2006, because I think that my old urologist just did not do the job (operation) well enuf!

I am down to the part, where there is only one more test that can be done. And that one costs $1,000. So, I am waiting til my 1st operation has been done 1 year ago. And til my $5,000 deductible has been achieved.

About the only thing, that might possibly be wrong is Interstitial Bladder (I think that there is a better name for this). And I do not think there is a really good cure or medicines for this!

So, I am trying Enablex and try to do exercises to reinforce my holding of urine. I do have to wear pads and go to the toilet about 1 x hour.

After this lengthy post, I do hope you decide on what is best for you, but I would try a med from the urologist first and strengthening you muscles - down there.

Take care.


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