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kierrasmommy 09-30-2005 10:45 PM

August Moms/August Babies
Well, we have been through the TTC boards, the pregnancy boards and now we are moving on to the next milestone...the infant boards!!! :bouncing: These boards have been a wonderful place to vent, cry, celebrate, laugh, and bond with each other in our journeys through pregnancy and birth. Not only have the August Mommies been keeping together but we have had many visits from other Mommies as well, we hope to continue discussing our babies progress, milestones, setbacks, as well as questions and advice in this thread. The August Mommies/August Babies thread will not only allow us to continue to compare our progress, but prepare others for whats to come as well. Although we may be the August Mommies, we welcome everyone in our thread.

That being said, I will start out our thread with an update on Kaden.
Kaden is 6 weeks old today. :D He is growing so quickly that I sometimes get sad because it feels like it is going so quickly that I am not having enough time to enjoy it completely. He smiled at me for the first time yesturday...first [B]voluntary[/B] smile I should say, because he has smiled alot up until now, mostly in his sleep, but yesturday he actually smiled at me, I almost melted it was so cute. I have my 6 week checkup next Thursday, I think I may ask about post partum...I don't think I have full force post partum, but I do have instances where I feel when I see how quickly Kaden is growing. And I have a lower patience threshold than I normally do, mostly because I think sometimes Kierra (our 3 year old) is still testing her boundaries...but it's when I have that low patience threshold that I feel sad again because I feel like if only I had more patience I'd be a better Mom...not that I am mean or anything to Kierra, but I want to a fun Mom and I hate always having to say don't do this or don't do that or Kierra leave that alone etc...I don't have alot of patience with my DH right now either. I feel like a single parent because I do everything, he works and comes home or goes out for "a beer with the boys", Kaden is 6 weeks old today and my DH has not changed one diaper. I sometimes feel like my husbands social life is more imortant than his family life and I hate that because I don't want a part time husband or father for our children. My sister thinks I am moody, but she see's that I'm not happy with DH right now, is it just me or is this normal? Does it sound like PP? Other than that I am wondering about Kaden's eyes...he sometimes still goes cross eyed for a few minutes...I know it is normal until their eye muscles gain strength and according to my books it could take up to 6 months...he has gotten better but he still will go cross eyed...anyone elses babies still doing that? I remember Kierra did it but don't recall how long it lasted for. He has his 6 week check up Tuesday so I will ask there too, but wanted to compare with all of you.
Well, I should go. Take care and talk to you all soon.

S&J 10-01-2005 10:56 AM

Re: August Moms/August Babies
HI Kierrasmommy,
Thanks for starting this board!
Well Troy will be 10weeks on mon. He's doing awesome! He's 14lbs and 23 inches now..(he was 7lbs 4oz..20inches at birth) He's feeding every4 hours which is a blessing! He's finally starting to smile..i was getting worried because i heard other babies were starting to smile earlier..but as time passed his big day came and we too melted!! :)
I thought i was getting bad baby blues because i was crying but as Troy started to sleep longer through the night i started to feel better. I found that i was sad/mad more at night than the day. My dh helps a lot..he gets up at night and changes Troy's diaper before i feed and would sit with me until troy was done. At times i was moody with him but realized that i shouldn't be!
I feel bad for you as your dh doesn't seem to want to really help....have you talked to him about this? I hope he comes to realize that you're working hard and need his help and company. I know that guy's "need" to have some buddy time but they should maybe try and lessen this time with a newborn at home and a "sad" mommy. I'm not sure if i really helped you with this but i thought i'd comment :(
I was also worried about Troy's crossed eyes but then one day he wasn't cross eyed..this about 2 weeks ago..Maybe Kaden will be the same!!
I've also started to give Troy a bottle (breastmilk) once a day..well actually today will be the 2nd day...he took it quite well yesterday and i hope he does the same today.
This kind of makes me sad because this means he's starting to grow up :( But i wanted to get him started on the bottle so when the time comes to have one he'll have no problem later.
He also had his 2mos shots a few days ago..and i almost cried because he was in so much pain! But he calmed down a few minutes later and I think i was still frazzled a few hours's hard seeing your baby cry like that! But he's doing fine...(except that night i was up every few hours to make sure he was ok, which he was and i just lost sleep over nothing!)
Well..i hope other mommies post as well!
talk to you soon!
S :)

Laur77 10-01-2005 02:06 PM

Re: August Moms/August Babies
I didn't get to know all you August moms on the other boards as I was supposed to be a July mommy. But I guess babies don't pay attention to these things! My little guy is 2 months tomorrow. He is so big! He is going to the doctor soon for his shots so I am interested to see how much he has grown. He is wearing six month clothing, and some of them fit pretty snug!
I agree it is already going too fast. Right now he loves and needs me so much, and I don't want to lose that! But at the same time it is so cool to see him developing every day and I am so excited to see all the firsts to come.
My favourite part of the day is the morning when I go to his crib and say "Good morning Logan", and he'll turn to me and get this huge smile and kick his legs and wave his arms like crazy! I love it!

S&J 10-01-2005 03:44 PM

Re: August Moms/August Babies
I was suppose to be an August mommy but ended up being a July mommy! :D
I can't wait until Troy smiles at me in the mornings!
S :)

kierrasmommy 10-01-2005 07:13 PM

Re: August Moms/August Babies
Hi Ladies,
Good to talk to you both again. I'm glad that Troys eyes straightened out, I am pretty sure Kaden's will too because he seems to be less and less cross eyed as time goes on...I was more worried early on because I remember when Kierra's(our first child) eyes were crossed and we'd cover her eyes she'd refocus correctly, but Kaden didn't do that and sometimes still doesn't but I am happy that he seems to be getting stronger eye control now. My husbands eyes never did straighten out and when he was 3 he had surgery on the one eye to fix it, so I think we are even more focused on Kadens eyes than we normally would be because of that. Kaden doesn't smile often yet but he does smile at least once a day on purpose...he still smiles in his sleep.
The husband issues go a bit deeper and he's never in the mood to discuss things so I have been emailing him so I know he knows what I am feeling...I know sad that we have to resort to email, but that seems to be the only way I can get my points across. He sometimes gets better and then things go back to the same old story. My sister is going to talk with him this week because I can't seem to get through to him and we are wondering if he thinks it's all just me...but maybe if my sister tells him that he is being an idiot maybe he'll open his eyes. His social life includes Walmac Billiards league once a week, hockey league once a week and "going for a beer" which is often a few hours at least once a week. So combined with him working full time it just seems like he is gone more than he is home. Well, I should go, keep in touch ladies. Oh! have your babies rolled over yet? And if yes, how old were they?

S&J 10-02-2005 10:56 AM

Re: August Moms/August Babies
Well, at least he knows how you're feeling...even if it is through email. I think i would have been doing the same thing if it was me. He does seem like a busy guy..especially with him working full time...but he still needs to come home to his family. I hope your sister can try and help and I hope things start to get better soon.

Troy hasn't started to roll over yet..he's not even close!! I wonder if we should be working on that? Does Kaden sleep through the night? Troy doesn't..he goes to sleep at about 10pm and then he likes to get up at 1:30-2am (this is about an hour and a half before it's time to eat) so i give him his pacifier..he falls asleep till about 3am and eats..and then is wide awake at 6:30am-7am. I guess this is better than we he was first born..he was eating every 2 hours and lasting for an hour!

Also..will you be starting Kaden on formula? If so..when would you start? Would it be ok to breastfeed through the day and give him a bottle once? and maybe alternating days?(breastmilk one afternoon and then formula the next?) you think formula makes babies more gassy? Anyone can answer this question too if you're doing something like this :)

Troy is also in 6mos clothes...he's starting to wear a few 6-9mos too...they're a little big but they're not as snug as some of the 6 mos! :)
It's amazing what the sizing of baby clothes are!

Well talk to you ladies soon! It's feeding time!
S :D

kierrasmommy 10-02-2005 03:16 PM

Re: August Moms/August Babies
No Kaden is still on his birth feeding schedule...he eats every 3 hours...there has been 2 or 3 times he lasts 4 hours but that's during the day and not at night. But I'm not complaining...he is really good at going right back to sleep, he never stays up and both kids aren't early risers so I at least get to sleep in a bit. Do you change diapers or turn on lights at night? I have found if I turn on lights or change his diaper he is harder to get back to I only change his diaper if he is leaking or poopy, otherwise he gets a late night diaper change before I go to bed usually between midnight and 1am and then not again until morning...I make sure to put lots of diaper cream and we use very absorbant diapers so it hasn't been a problem. We have a hall night light and I changed the bulb in our bedside lamp to a dim blue bulb so if I need light I turn that on because it is very dim, otherwise I leave all the lights off. I just get him feed him, burp him and once he falls asleep again...which he tends to do during his feeding, I put him back to bed and go to sleep. He is in 3/6 month clothes and he's 6 weeks old now, but there is a few things that are 0-6 months that he's in and one diaper shirt that actually says 12 months....when he got weighed at 4 weeks he was 12lbs 2oz, I'll find out tuesday what he's at now but I think he may be starting to slow down a bit now. I am still breastfeeding, I do know a few of my friends had problems with formula when their babies were smaller...Kierra was 9 months old when I introduced it to her and I had to experiment 3 times before I found one she digested OK. Up until then if I wanted to bottle feed her I'd pump and freeze, I eventually had a good size storage supply of milk. They say breastmilk is easiest to digest, but I know they've come out with a few new formula's since I was at that stage so they may be better now...ask your pediatrician what s/he recommends. If it were me I'd start by mixing a portion of breastmilk with the formula and gradually increasing the formula portion...this may be easier of a transition. Are you going to go the formula alone or are you just planning on once in a while? For the rolling over, I don't know if we can really practise that skill, but I think I am going to pull out our floor jungle mat and get him on some regular tummy time, I didn't do it early enough with Kierra and she hated being on her tummy, so she ended up being a late crawler.
Well, I should go my sister is here trying to make my husband go "car shopping" with her so she can have their discussion...I'll chat with you guys later.

Laur77 10-03-2005 09:41 AM

Re: August Moms/August Babies
We have supplemented with formula almost since day 1. For the first few weeks he was just eating constantly, and I needed a break (for sanity, and soreness!). We were lucky, we never had any problems with nipple confusion. DS is such a big eater, that as long as it has food in it, he'll take it, lol!! We don't give him formula every day, just sometimes in the evening so I can eat supper, hubby will give him a bottle. Or if I have an appointment, he goes to my mom, and she'll give him a bottle. We haven't had any problem with gas, etc. We started with the Enfamil, then realized the Presidents Choice (in Canada, don't know if you have that??) has the EXACT same ingredients, and costs less than half the price. We use the powder, but I am thinking that for the little we use it, it won't cost us that much more for the ready-made. Less waste too as you can only use the powder for one month after opening. I have a can that is not even half gone and will need to throw it out soon (could have bought a smaller can too, still getting used to all this!). By the way, supplementing has not affected my milk supply.
I know some people who feel guilty giving supplementary formula, but I don't because I know he is getting tons of nutrients in the breast milk he gets 95% of the time. A little formula won't affect this, and I have found it a sanity saver! I have tried to pump to supplement when needed, but I find he eats so much, that I rarely have enough milk (or time) to pump. Hope this helps!

kierrasmommy 10-04-2005 10:41 AM

Re: August Moms/August Babies
I have another question for those of you using formula....did you notice if baby seemed to last longer between feeds when you switched...I am wondering because I know they say that breastmilk is very easy for them to digest so I wonder if they need to eat more often if they are just breastmilk babies and if their formula fed buddies last longer between?

Sarahj 10-05-2005 03:02 PM

Re: August Moms/August Babies
Hi All...Glad to see the new thread in the infant board. I barely have time to get online any more. Tala is still struggling with digestive issues and doesn't sleep well. She gets up two or three times at night still. She isn't always hungry when she wakes up though. We are going 3-4 hours between feedings usually. She has been on Enfamil ProSobee for all but 2 weeks of her life. She was projectile vomitting the milk based stuff up. She also didn't like my breastmilk either. Anyone have recommendations on how to get her to sleep better. Gas and reflux seems to be waking her alot. She sleeps best on her stomach laying on my chest but I do not want to get that started long term.

I went back to work part time (30 hours a week) so she is now in daycare. We are finally getting over her thrush but now think she may be teething early. Our daycare provider noticed it yesterday so I am going to make an appointment with the doctor. She is 2 months on Sat so I think it's a tad early for it but who knows. She is growing but is still very small. She is starting to fit into 0-3 months stuff instead of preemie and some of it is actually too big. It seems to depend on the brand. She has been rolling from her side to her back and side to her stomach for several weeks. I did find her on her stomach once after I put her on her back but I didn't see her actually turn. She also moves slowly across her play mat when on her tummy. Kinda like a crawl only with her legs flat. She is either a really happy baby (smiling, cooing, and giggling) or ****** and screaming. No happy medium with her I guess :-)

Kierrasmommy- I understand how you feel about your husband and his being gone alot. My boyfriend is the same way. He stays home until the older kids are in bed (usually at 8 pm) then takes off to his friends house, or somewhere. On the weekends we do not have his older 2 kids, I like to try to get a sitter for Tala and spend time alone but he almost always makes plans with his friends. He tries to get me to tag along with he and his friends and doesn't realize why I am not interested. I do not mind doing that once in a while but I feel like we need to spend alone time together too. He and I were only dating for 5 months when I got pregnant so our relationship wasn't fully formed before we became parents. We live together and sometimes I feel like the fact that we sleep next to each other is all the "alone" time he needs. I have talked to him about it but it is hard for him to understand. We both love each other, we just don't have the same needs when it comes to spending time together. Usually when I make a big deal about it, he takes time to spend it with me but I get frustrated that I have to go to that much to see him. I hope you are able to get your feeling across to your husband because it is already frustrating dealing with 2 kids. Add a less-than-attentive husband and I am sure your frustration level is much higher.

It sounds like everyones babies are doing well. I'll check in when I can.


kierrasmommy 10-05-2005 10:56 PM

Re: August Moms/August Babies
Have you tried elevating the head of her mattress...they have wedges now that you can purchase that go on top of the mattress under the sheet of course that elevates them, a friend of mine gave me hers as her son never slept in his crib until he was about 7 months old and by then it was useless to her but I found it helpful because Kaden was a bit musousy the first week or so and twice even choked on his mucous, I found the wedge helped him as well as my peace of mind. I'm not sure where you are from but they have those wedges in the Sears catalogue here in Canada in the baby section. Otherwise talk to your pediatrician because I mentioned how Kaden has been cranky the last couple days when feeding and has always been spitting up, he said if it continued it could be reflux as well and he could perscribe something for it if it was still bothersome at his next appointment. I think my friends little girl had something perscribed when she was a baby 4 years ago and it worked wonders...before that the specialist had mentioned if the perscription didn't work that they could do a surgery to correct the reflux.
Well, Kaden had his pediatrician appointment yesturday and I guess he is very strong for his age...the pediatricain held him up horizontally so he looked like he was swimming and he actually held his arms head and legs all stiff, the Dr said they usually don't do that until 3-4 months. He now weighs 13lbs 1oz now...I think he is starting to slow down in his growing now, but he is still a little porker...I literally have to separate his little rolls on his thighs when I change him to make sure I don't miss wiping anywhere. My Mom thinks because he has such big hands that he is going to take after my Dad's side of the family...everyone was big, even my Grandma had big give you an idea of what I Dad's ring that fits his ring finger, is actually too big for my big toe! Kaden is starting to try to coo and "talk" to us now and smiles every day...not all the time but when he is recently fed and is happy. He still hates car rides though...he is OK if he is sleeping but if he isn't he screams non-stop until we either get where we are going and take him out or until we stop the vehicle and squirt a bit of his vitamin D drops in his mouth to trick him into sucking his pacifier longer. I don't know why he hates it so much, Kierra loved car rides as long as we were driving, she'd cry if we stopped at red lights.
My sister talked with my husband so hopefully he'll get it. I think it is more frustrating that he goes out as much as he does, than it is that he doesn't help out alot with Kaden. At least I know I am changing Kaden's bum the way I like it to be and he won't leak out of the sides or top because DH changed him or get a diaper rash because DH didn't put enough cream on or whatnot. I guess I don't mind being the major caregiver, I just wish DH was home more just to be there for me and to play or spend time with the kids. Once in awhile I need a break but for the most part I like doing things my way so him not doing much in that aspect doesn't bother me...him going out and drinking or doing his own thing (golf, billiards, hockey, poker etc) are more bothersome. The other day he said he needed to go out for a beer because he had a "Bad day"at work...a BAD DAY? what do I get when I have a bad day with half the amount of sleep he had the night before, a tempermental 6 week old who doesn't want to be out of my arms long enough for me to shower or even eat, a house full of chores waiting to be done...but can't be done while I hold our 6 week old, and a 3 year old who is testing her limits? My days aren't that bad but sometimes I feel like if I don't make excuses...why should he. Well, I should go. Kierra is having a sleepover at her Auntie's house and Kaden is sleeping so I am going to get a couple things done, slip into some nice cozy PJ's and watch some TV. I have my 6 week checkup tomorrow so I may be back tomorrow to post. Take care everyone.

S&J 10-08-2005 07:53 AM

Re: August Moms/August Babies
Thanks for the formula advice :) I was just wondering how much formula i should mix with my milk? Say i have 2oz of milk how much formula should i mix? Troy eats at least 3oz of milk and sometimes a little bit more from me after. And, if i'm going somewhere and need to give him a bottle instead...should I thaw out the milk and mix the formula in at home or wait until i'm wherever i am and mix it there?
I'm also in Canada and am going to try enfamil and the presidents choice. It's a test and go kinda thing i see!

Sarah - I'm glad to hear that tala is growing. And rolling! Troy isn't even close to rolling!

Keirrasmommy - good to see that Kaden is a strong boy! I'm going to look for that wedge from the nurse told me to put some books under the one side of the crib to elevate it but the wedge sounds better! Troy loves his car rides i he falls asleep everytime! I do the same with the Vit d at night when he's a bit fussy before bedtime.....i give him the Vit D and then the "soother" as we like to call it right works like a charm:) It's good to see you "vent" about your hubby..sometimes that feels better eh? I hope he starts to help a litte more and you can have your rest. I know what you mean about doing things the "right" way! My dh is good about it but my mom still needs some reminding!! :)

Laur - how is logan doing?

Good to see everyone is doing ok! talk to you all soon!
S :)

Spanish 10-08-2005 08:38 AM

Re: August Moms/August Babies
Hello All! I was supposed to be a July Mum but DD was born on 4 August. She's now 9 weeks old and growing fast (5.2kg now). She wears 0 - 3 months clothes mainly but the sizes vary so much don't they? Some of the 'newborn' stuff is still too big for her and yet she's grown out of some of the 0-3's!

I'm breastfeeding exclusively and she feeds anywhere between two hours and five hours during the day. Although occasionally we'll have a little blip, like last night when I fed her three times in four hours! She's starting to sleep longer at night and last night went from a feed at 10pm through to 6am for the next feed, which is the best we'v had so far. Mind you she was chuntering from 3.30 until 6am (you know waking up having a little cry, going back to sleep, waking up having a little wriggle about, going back to sleep etc) so I was only managing to doze myself for the last couple of hours.

She's normally a pretty happy baby, but currently she's being horribly grizzly in the evenings but I guess I just need to experiment to see what will soothe her and settle her down. She's also had a couple of grizzly days recently - I don't know what's wrong. We visited my parents last weekend and my Dad came down with flu so perhaps she's feeling a bit poorly. Apart from that I don't know - how do you know if they are teething early?

DD hasn't rolled over yet. I've seen her rocking her shoulders across but she hasn't mastered moving her hips over yet. She's just starting to bat at toys and try to reach for them, but she seems to get upset that she can't make her hands go where she wants them to...she stares at the toy and her breathing is really fast and she's waving her arms around but can't quite make them go in the right place. LOL.


Laur77 10-08-2005 03:54 PM

Re: August Moms/August Babies
kierrasmommy; my sister formula feeds, and I mostly breast-feed. Our little ones are 6 days apart. They seem to eat just about as often. The only difference is that her daughter will sleep right through the night after formula. My guy is up once or twice. However, I know a lot of people say formula fed babies go longer.

S&J; Logan is doing great. I raked a big pile of leaves today and took some pictures of him in it. Very cute. He pretty much slept through it! I don't know what to tell you about the formula question as I don't mix with milk. FYI, I looked for President's Choice pre-mixed formula, but doesn't look like they make it (or the store just didn't have it). They also didn't have small cans of formula, onlt the huge one! But it is still a lot cheaper than some of the smaller cans of brand-name stuff. Just seems like such a lot of waste as I will never use it all in a month.

Spanish; Logan has not rolled over yet either. He hates tummy time though, so I hope he gets determined enough to flip over!

kierrasmommy 10-08-2005 06:58 PM

Re: August Moms/August Babies
S&J I'm not sure exactly about when is best to mix it, I always mixed it when I needed it, but I can't see why you couldn't mix it earlier, maybe call Healthlink or the pediatrician and ask them...for the portions I guess it is all a matter of how you want to approach it, if you want to wean, &/or how much you have pumped and how much you need to feed. If you are weaning off breastmilk I'd start at more breastmilk to formula ratio maybe 3 parts breastmilk to 1 part formula, then if baby digests it well you gradually change the portions increasing the formula more over time...I gave a couple days before changing portions (2 parts BM to 2 parts F, then 1 part BM to 3 parts F) that's just how I did it when I weaned Kierra off breastmilk. But I'm sure there's no set way, some people just give the straight formula and have no problems at all, while others find that doing that irritates baby's digestion. Check the Sears Catalogue for the wedge...I'll find my catalogue and tell you which one and what page it is if you don't find it by the time I come post again. Yeah, it does feel better to vent, I don't normally discuss stuff like that with friends or family so being able to here helps.
Spanish, I was going to ask everyone when babies starting sleeping longer so you beat me to it, I am just a couple weeks behind you and am looking forward to longer rests. Does DD still sleep in your room? I know I had to move DS to his room because he was such a noisy sleeper, which has helped but I still hear him so don't sleep very deeply.
Laur, Thanks for the sleeping info, having them that close together really helps to compare...did you guys plan to have babies that close together?
Well, gotta go, DH is in the family time mode, maybe that last discussion we are going to the R.V show, yesturday he took DD swimming and Monday we are all going to see the Wallace and Gromit movie...hopefully this trend to you all soon, take care.

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