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paresse 11-02-2006 06:45 AM

17 mo wont let me wean her off breastmilk!
Hello. As the title says it I'm still breastfeeding my 17 months old.
Originally I only planned on doing so up to 1 year. I was told by
other mothers that once children become more mobile and start
eating regular foods, they begin to wean themselves.


First I stopped feedings during the day but she still wakes up at night
and cries really loudly for me. I live in an apartment building so
I would feel very guilty to have her cry it out and wake up the

If we're out during the day she's fine but when I stay home with her
she comes up to me constantly and makes her "i want boob" cry!
I must admit that I give in a lot of times because it calms her, and
often puts her to sleep.

I know I have not been very consistent with her because breastfeeding
has been easy and often more reassuring for me, especially when
she refused to drink during the summer and when she was sick.

But now I'm 10 weeks pregnant and my nipples are very sore
so breastfeeding has become VERY painful and I'm really determined
to cut her off.

Sorry this is so long. I appreciate any advice.

Dragon Fly 11-03-2006 04:49 AM

Re: 17 mo won't let me wean her off breastmilk!
My DD was the same, at around 16mts I started giving her "treats" of flavoured milk in a bottle (mixed 50/50 with plain milk to begin with) after lunch and when she would usually breast feed before her afternoon sleep, that got her out of the afternoon feed, (I increased the plain milk a little each day until it was all plain milk). The nights were hard, I just decided enough was enough and at around 17mts I stopped breast feeding completely and told her "its all gone, your a big girl now" she would cry but I never gave in, if she woke during the night I would sit with her on her bed and rub her back until she went back to sleep (about 10mins), I think her "during the night feeds" were just for comfort. She is now 20mts and I have found that for the past 2.5months she has been sleeping better at night, she no longer wakes for that middle of the night "feed".

Good luck, from my experience and what friends have done, you need to make the discussion stop and stick to it no matter how hard it is (don't give in, just because she will settle after a quick feed) don't do it:D .

BTW at the same time I stopping breast feeding we took the slide side off her cot, she was free to get in and out of bed on her own, I think that is help her understand she was a "big girl".

Sorry if I rambled on to much:yawn:

kierrasmommy 11-03-2006 09:09 AM

Re: 17 mo won't let me wean her off breastmilk!
I had the same issue, DS wouldn't drink anything else except water...after a few months of trying every so often with no luck, I asked the health nurse for suggestions and she said try flavoured milk, so I made him the weakest chocolate milk, just enough to give it a bit of flavour, and it worked! Gradually I made it weaker and weaker until he was on plain white milk and now he loves his milk. Goodluck.

debating 11-03-2006 10:40 AM

Re: 17 mo won't let me wean her off breastmilk!
It's normal. Every child is different. She still needs breastmilk at 17 months old (and will until around 2).

As for being pregnant again with sore nipples, I can SO relate. I had sensitive nipples so if I had to tandem nurse through out a pregnancy it would be very painful. Quite honestly, I would not feel comfortable weaning at 17 months for that reason (barring of course it became too unbearably uncomfortable, but I survived cracked and bleeding nipples, and thrush, so I doubt it).

Is there a way you can limit time at the breast to appease her and give your nipples a break without weaning? If she's not ready I would not do it.

What about some nipple creams and warm compresses before nursing to relax and soften things?

((hugs)) How frustrating, but good for for BF'ing this long, and for not letting her cry. You're a good mama!

sdjansen 11-03-2006 10:47 AM

Re: 17 mo won't let me wean her off breastmilk!
A friend of mine rubbed vinegar on her nipples whenever her DS wanted to breastfeed and after 2 or 3 tastes of vinegar he never wanted it again. I myself weaned to the bottle and then to the sippy cup.

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