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9 month old still having difficulties with finger foods

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Old 02-18-2008, 08:41 AM   #1
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mjbrandon HB User
9 month old still having difficulties with finger foods

My DD still can't tolerate finger foods. Whenever I try to feed her anything that isn't pureed she gags and spits up. I have tried really tiny pieces, gerber puffs, and showing her how to chew. Is there anything else I can do? Has anyone else's baby done this?

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Old 02-18-2008, 11:59 AM   #2
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mcr285 HB Usermcr285 HB User
Re: 9 month old still having difficulties with finger foods

have you tried cheerios? i know it sounds weird, but my little one didn't do so well with the gerber puffs or small bites of anything, but she did okay with cheerios. she'd still gag on them sometimes, but she did better with those than anything else. after she got the hang of cheerios we moved on to baby goldfish and stuff....

Old 02-19-2008, 12:09 AM   #3
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Monkey7935 HB User
Re: 9 month old still having difficulties with finger foods

Your child is 9 months My lil one, who is 9 months only has 2 teeth (with another 2 coming in). Depending on the thickness of the baby food, I use stages 1 and 2 in baby food. I am not doing finger food, cherrios, gold fish, because he just doesnt have enough teeth yet. Now with that in play, check your kids mouth to see how many teeth they have. Each kid is different, but the fact remains, teeth are used to chew, and if there isnt enough teeth, its going to be very hard to chew. You could just be rushing him/her a little to fast. If you really want to do finger food, try something that is firm but dissolves (dissolving is a neccessary so the child dont choke). Like maybe a ity bity piece of bread with applesauce on it. (the applesauce will coat the bread, make it easier to chew, and less bread sticking to the gums and roof of mouth).

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daisychain_0506 HB User
Re: 9 month old still having difficulties with finger foods

Hi all, I don't think it matters about the teeth. The first teeth that come in aren't used to chew, they are for biting. Mine is 8mths and since she was 7 months has been eating toast and cheerios. I should add that she still has no teeth. They just keep gumming it and make it soggy enough that little pieces come off and she swallows. She does the chewing motion now (only started doing that this week) which means she eats the cheerios and toast a lot faster. Prior to that I was popping in one cheerio and she would roll it around in her mouth for a while. Now she'll eat 2 at a time chewing with her gums. Cheerios are great for teething. Toast is great for getting them used to feeding themselves. At first sometimes she gagged a little on the toast but that is normal learning behaviour for babies learning to eat. Now she chews.

Having said that her little friend who is 3 weeks older than her has 2 teeth and gags if you put anything near her mouth that isn't totally pureed. She gags and then throws up everything. She eats like a bird and only eats a couple of tbsp of cereal. We call her a little princess. (We call mine bam-bam LOL). We tried giving her a banana so she could suck on it and feel the texture, she enjoyed that but when we broke off a tiny bit and put in her mouth she gagged again. She will also eat toast but doesn't really get much to actually eat, just gums it until it's soggy. I think she just has a really strong gag reflex and it will take time.

It'll come with time, they are all different. Keep trying different things, maybe something that your DD can lick without pieces actually staying in her mouth would help with getting used to texture? Or you could hold the toast and see if she'll lick it. Mine loves it as it's something she can feed herself. She once in a while can get a cheerio in but usually they fall out of her hand before she gets it to her mouth. I just keep popping them in and she opens her mouth soooo wide for them it's funny. Good luck
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WhiskersOnKittens HB User
Re: 9 month old still having difficulties with finger foods

Boy am I ever glad to read this post! I have been having almost the exact same problem with my 9.5 mo ds! He is extremely picky with textures. He will eat things that dissolve VERY easily in his mouth, some of the time. He likes the gerber puffs, but those took some time getting used to. At first, he did what your lo does (and sometimes still does). Sometimes he'll eat toast, or a cookie--he just gums them up enough that they're mush and even then sometimes will gag himself and throw up, but sometimes he can swallow. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to when he does it, I guess it just depends on the day of the week. But he really seems to have trouble with anything that doesn't really dissolve, like small pieces of veggies or fruit. I've tried to give him the baby food that's for 8 months and up. The kind we tried has TINY pieces of carrot, potatoes, etc. in it, and he just would NOT eat it! He gagged himself on two different occasions (I thought I'd try it again the next day, despite the trouble we had the previous day to try and get him used to it), and threw up EVERYTHING that he had eaten in probably the past 2 hours or so.... He did it when we tried giving him a tiny piece of banana the other day as well, and he's also done it with mashed banana. Basically he'll eat anything that will dissolve completely, or that he doesn't have to chew (basically anything completely smooth that he can pretty much drink). I've been putting cereal into his thinner veggies and fruits for a few months now, and he can eat that (if it's not too thick), but it doesn't seem to be helping as far as actually eating any real food goes. Feeding him table foods right now is out of the question, and I've been a little worried about it! I'm sure there's nothing wrong, but I am going to just run it by the doctor at his next check up on the 25th. I'm pretty sure it's just an extremely strong gag reflex. My dh jokes that he's never seen anybody able to regurgatate (sp.??) like he can! He can bring stuff up that he ate hours ago... It's unreal.
So, I'm so sorry I have no advice for you, I just wanted to let you know you're not alone!! And I agree that it probably has nothing to do with how many teeth they have because when they learn to eat harder stuff, they haven't normally got their molars yet anyway.


Old 02-20-2008, 03:21 AM   #6
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gemmalou HB User
Re: 9 month old still having difficulties with finger foods

hey mj! hope you and your daughter are both well! this year seems to have flown by, I cant believe our LO's are almost a year old lol
Jake still has most of his food mashed quite a bit, i find that if he has a bit of a stuffed nose then it has to be really mashed or else he gags on it, i dont really give him too much finger foods at the moment cause he has a tendancy to take huge bites which are too much for him to swallow.
im sorry i dont really have much advice but just try and persevere, when you puree things try and leave one or two tiny lumps so she can get used to it , she will probably make some pretty funny faces and gag a few times but thats because its a different consistency to what she's used to,
i know my dd wasnt on finger foods till well over a year old,,,,, she was such a fussy eater
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sum1sgirl155 HB User
Re: 9 month old still having difficulties with finger foods

my son is 12 months, and he still wont eat much textures, he's had 8 teeth since he was 6 1/2months old.

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