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silver22 05-30-2009 03:41 PM

Curdled Expressed Breastmilk?
Is it possible?

I express my breastmilk for my son, have been doing so since he was 1 week old. We had latch issues, and nursing just didn't workout. But enough about that...... I have been expressing his milk for nearly 3 mos now (he'll be 3 mos old on 6/4). Every once in a while, however it did happen today, the breastmilk appears to be "curdled" in the bottle. I'm not talking about the normal foremilk/hindmilk separation that just needs a good shake to mix it up. I'm talking "cottage-cheesy" and "won't mix in" with a good shake. It truly looks like curdled milk.

Anyone heard of this before? I have had to discard, but just wondering why it happens so I can avoid it. I hate throwing out my liquid gold!! I have read on the internet that it could be from warming too fast or possibly some contaminant that remains in the bottle (i.e. residual dish soap). I don't think it could be from warming, we give the milk to DS either on the cool side - straight from the fridge with a quick hand warm up - just just by letting come to room temperature for an hour sitting out on the counter. I would find it more believable that the soap wasn't fully rinsed out well from the bottle.

Let me know if anyone else has had such issues.


whattothink 05-31-2009 10:05 AM

Re: Curdled Expressed Breastmilk?
have you tried warming the "curdled" milk to see if it come back together? Does it smell sour? Have you tired it? Does it taste sour? how about smell? With breastmilk/liquid gold I would never through it out unless it smelled funny (well funnier than it already smells)

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