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marisuela 08-09-2009 10:02 PM

Baby fell in the bath....
My baby, 12 months old, was in the bath last night and she kept standing up and plopping down in the water (she thinks it's funny). Well, in the midst of all the fun of bathing 3 little girls, she managed to plop herself right on top of the drain stopper. She screamed her head off, so I got her out and checked her over immediately. I found that she had a red spot on her bottom, about a half inch in diameter, right between her cheeks, about two and a half inches from the top of her crack. I tried to put ice on it, but she thought that was hilarious, and she kept squirming around and was trying to grab the ice pack, so I gave up.

Anyway, today, it looks like a bruise is forming around the red spot. Whenever she pooped (twice today), she cried like it was painful, and she freaked out every single time I changed her diaper, even when she was just wet. The crying while pooping thing wasn't terribly alarming, because she occasionally does that anyway when it's a little bit firm, which the first one was, but the second wasn't at all.... but the freaking out over getting her diaper changed is a little worrisome, because she doesn't do that.

I'm thinking it's just a very tender area right now and maybe that's why she's freaking out??? Is it possible she could have cracked, broken, fractured, etc.... anything down there? Her tailbone or something like that? I would think there would be other symptoms (like issues with sitting, walking, laying, etc....) if that were the case, but I have absolutely NO experience in this kind of situation!

Any ideas, experiences, advice, reassurances, etc.... are all welcome!!! Just please don't tell me I'm a bad mom, or recommend baby tubs, safety seats, or anything like that. I am going to look into something to cover up the drain stopper, so if you know of something for that, I'm listening!!! Thanks!

Cookiem26 08-10-2009 07:53 PM

Re: Baby fell in the bath....
She probably just bruised it, that area can be painful I'm sure if you bruise it since you sit on it every day etc. I would think if she fractured something she would be in more pain but then again I don't know, never had that happen. My 13 month old bathes in the bath with her older sister and has for months, she's too big at this age for her bath seat anyway so you are not a bad mom :) if she continues to show pain and you're concerned I would take her to the doc and have it checked out. Good luck, hope everything is ok.

kitchener12 08-14-2009 09:54 AM

Re: Baby fell in the bath....
HI marisuela
I would just watch her for any other signs I usually give my kids the 72 hr treatment, if it hasnt show signs of improving in 72 hrs then go get it checked out..I am sure she is fine probably just a little bruised, they are pretty flexible too at this age..
if you are worried in a few days get it checked.

PS you are a great mom! and you hgive good advice on these boards too ;)

marisuela 08-15-2009 08:25 PM

Re: Baby fell in the bath....
Thanks to both of you. It's been extra rough lately because my husband is deployed, and I stress about every little thing! She seems to be over it now. She had a little bruise for a few days, but it's already faded. Kids heal so fast (I still have a bruise left over from a month ago!)!!

Anyway, thanks for the reassurances! :)

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