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hannahbooker 11-14-2012 09:17 AM

5 month old not sleeping well
I have a five month old little girl, no health issues, she sleeps about three hours and then wakes every one to two hours after that at night, she sometimes will settle for an hour with the pacifier, but usually needs the bottle, she will drink up to 4 oz at a time all night long. She is strictly formula, we moved to the liquid formula because of gas issues and it works great but during the day we give her half water half formula, I wonder if in the evening we should just give her straight formula, maybe that would fill her belly longer, maybe we should quit watering it down during the day also.

she is a very happy baby and eats alot during the day, and Im assuming she is just hungry to eat that much at night, I know she is too small to cry it out, which I dont think I could handle, but will her sleep habits change as she gets older or are we just creating a monster as we always are feeding her???

My husband and I are also active and fit and we eat alot and have fast metabolisms, could she have inherited this??

any help for my little princess angel is appreciated! ;))

kanded 11-14-2012 02:53 PM

Re: 5 month old not sleeping well
Did your pediatrician want you to water down the liquid formula? Because I think that liquid formula already has water added to it, as opposed to powder which you have to add water to. You are supposed to just use it as it is and not water it down. So if you're watering it down even more, she's not receiving enough actual food and nutrients. Usually small babies don't need that much water unless they have constipation issues. There are specific formulas for gassiness which you can try. Is she eating any baby food? Doctors vary in thinking as to when you should start feeding a baby actual solid food. So you can probably start anywhere from 4-6 months of age, especially if she's really hungry. But I would try not watering down the formula at all first, then try food if that doesn't work. You can start her on Gerber's Baby Rice Cereal, and mix it with her milk. Also you can ask your pediatrician about starting her on 1st foods. That may cure her hunger at night, because it sounds like she is really hungry. Babies have several growth spurts during their first year, so she may be going through a growth spurt and need the extra calories, especially if she's trying to roll over/ learn to crawl, etc.
I think if you try some of these suggestions, you'll find she won't wake up as much at night.
Best wishes, K.

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