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alwaysasecret 02-10-2013 11:24 PM

can't Get six month old to sleep in crib
So our daughter has slept in her swing ( I know big no no) since we brought her honer. Liking back I would have never put her in there. Anyhow, we got a crib when she was about five months old and the transition was so easy. Then about a month later she got a really bad cold so we pt her back in the swing to elevate her so she could breathe better. Now she Pretty much wants nothing to do with the crib. I've leery her play in the crib, let hey cry it out for 45 minutes at a time.I'm at a loss here.any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

kanded 02-11-2013 03:03 PM

Re: can't Get six month old to sleep in crib
I'm confused as to what kind of swing this could be. Is it an upright swing with a seatbelt, or is it a reclining swing, specifically for babies? Does the swing have any warnings about leaving a child too long in it or what is its correct use?

rlswah 03-16-2013 09:52 PM

Re: can't Get six month old to sleep in crib
Don't feel bad both of my children slept in the car seat. My daughter still does and that is the only way she will go to sleep. She is almost a year old. I let her go to sleep in it then when she has fallen asleep I put her in a play pin. She will not sleep in crib. She has adjusted good. As long as I let her fall asleep where she is comfortable then change it she doesn't good. All babies are different. So don't let it worry you. As long as she is sleeping she is ok. She will come around don't rush her. Let her do it in her own time. My daughter liked the closeness from the car seat so I put a pillow in her play pin up against her back.

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