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  • Stealth Virus - SCMV

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    Old 09-02-2004, 01:07 AM   #1
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    Stealth Virus - SCMV

    Has anyone tested + for SCMV or any of the stealth virus. I mean many people compalin including my self and many people with symptomes I have and many others who have test neg for HIV, may have SCMV or Stealth Virus.

    Most doctors fail to diagnosis that since its from monkies, but there iare great deal of articles that says many people have steal virus causing lot of brain problems and many other.

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    Old 09-03-2004, 10:05 PM   #2
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    Re: Stealth Virus - SCMV

    Yes I tested slightly positive for stealth virus 6 years ago, even though at the time being on alot of antioxidants and supplements. I tested neg. for HIV many times and this seemed to be the cause of my problems, it mimics the infection. They told me I had chronic mono for awhile, then CFS, or that it was all "in my head" and sent me to a shrink for some stuff that never help my major physical problems, or even hurt me in the long run (thanks alot for the serzone, doc!!) well it sure was in my head b/c I got a spec scan done of my brain that showed extensive frontal lobe damage. the nuerologist asked me if i used cocaine ("cocaine, its a hell of a drug!" - Rick James) then had my blood tested for lymes disease when I told him that I did not use cocaine. I never followed through with the hyperbaric treatments at the clinic b/c it cost $500 per session, and I can not afford it, then or now. Seemed like it helped young autisitic kids alot though. Anyways, good luck getting any doctor who is openminded to the stealth virus. If there were more scientists trying to work together, rather than all trying to solve the same mystery which has many different names, maybe the common physician would not think we are crazy when we tell them we are really sick and they tell us we are just depressed since we don't have HIV....I am just tired of all the disinformation about ID in live what you learn

    Old 09-04-2004, 04:15 PM   #3
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    Re: Stealth Virus - SCMV

    How are you treating your stealth virus. My Friend just tested + for SCMV and hes on treatment, its only one doc out of 10 who he visited believed him.

    Do you feel any problems , like nuerologic problems ??? Because Stealth Virus can screw you over .

    Right know I am suffering from, Snezzing, Stiff Neck, pain in back of head, sever headaches, mucus running down my nose, sore throat, fever, join pains, liver pain, lot of waters in my eye, red eye and just dont feel good at all.

    I might have SCMV or Stealth virus, and it is easy spread. How are you doing ? I thought people with SCMV or Stealth Virus, die ? is that true.

    Old 09-04-2004, 04:21 PM   #4
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    Re: Stealth Virus - SCMV

    I dont drink or smoke.

    Old 09-05-2004, 04:59 PM   #5
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    Re: Stealth Virus - SCMV

    Bonto: My now retired old dutch doc that was 1st a researcher before MD, mentioned
    this to me 8 yrs. ago. I was gettiing worse everyother month. We ran every test U
    could think of. He was abt to send bloodwk to UCLA scientist! He said `bet U have a
    Stealth Virus'! There are abt 50 they put w/ that name. Stealth was taken frm the
    Stealth Bomber that could move thru air @ hi speeds going undetected. It goes thru
    blood so fast it can't be detected except if certain markers raise a flag. HPV is in
    herpes, mono, Ebstein Barr. It is a category of stealth virus. People w/ Aids have it.
    It can also be a virus that disappears quickly like the bomber. I released certain types
    of changing bloodwk that never matched test to test. I had Fibromyalgia, aches,
    rashes, stumbling etc. They'd go & something new! 8 yrs. of dull temple pain was
    dismissed as headache till head swelled. A tumor burst & I had 4 surgeries. MRI's don't
    see all! The stealth infection was trying to get strong enough to slow dwn & be seen.
    My marker was trying to show rejection of an object in me that didn't belong there.
    This area of science is still foreign turf. Don't expect the new docs to think of an
    answer for your illness. A med school doing research is more on top. I'm surprised but
    glad to read `Stealth'. I tell docs & they laugh + 1 flapped like a bird. Jerk! U will have
    to be miserable a while longer before they get it. Get all copies of bloodwk for hm- file.

    Old 09-06-2004, 10:29 PM   #6
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    Re: Stealth Virus - SCMV

    So where you diagnosis with stealth virus ??? Well from this exposure, I believe I got HPV and Herpes, does that mean I contracted HIV as well ???

    I feel so weak each day, well I believe stealth virus can cause this as well. I do have CMV infection in me. But I am so weak.

    What made your doc think that what u had ?? How are you treating your illness.

    Old 09-09-2004, 06:36 PM   #7
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    Murphy HB User
    Re: Stealth Virus - SCMV

    Bonto: We are having communication problem. Re-read my prev. post slower. There is
    `NO' 1 `stealth virus'. It's a category like HPV. The flu vaccine falied some folks be-
    cause it was not able to identify all flu viruses. Symptoms R what lead Dr. to diag. an
    illness. EBV, Mono, strep infections, CFS, Fibromyalgia + many other myalgias are a
    stealth virus. It's silent, undetected, it means the Dr. may have said U have it cause
    symptoms put U there & he has no idea what U have. CMV can be positive in a person
    w/ strep throat or cancer. If U have HIV, U may not have Aids. If test is CMV pos. w/
    HIV, U get more syptoms & feel much worse than others. Hepatitis will have pos. for
    CMV. Now there are markers for Hepatitis (a stealth virus) Dr. has to specifically test
    to see if U have A, B, C, type then treat. I had multiple skull tumors not found on MRI
    getting bigger & melting bone. Bloodwk normal except for inflammation & pos. Hi-ANA.
    1 tumor leaked & swelled head w/ massive pain. Hospital said I had a migraine attack!
    Next day I went to Doc & said I was dying. It wasn't fear, anxiety, frustration. He
    ordered another MRI & infection `was' present w/ dark cyst-shadows. 2 referrals said I
    needed anti-depressants & asprin. Finally, my MD asked a surgeon to do him a favor &
    an out-patient tissue biopsy w/ a pathologist in O.R. room. He couldn't identify cells. It
    took 2 weeks & 10 pathologists to identify this rare form of cancer. My interior skull
    was altered over 4 surgeries. The Stealth theory came from my severe illness w/ no
    specifics that constantly changed. Cancer of unknown origin can be stealth. Tumors &
    infections R gone. Micro cells still remain & may/or not activate. I miss my doc that
    cared, now retired. He saved my life on a hunch. My every 6mo. surgeon ck-up is for
    rest of my life & he hates me! His associates records surfaced as 1 MD consult frm yrs
    ago that wrote: Patient thinks they're ill & I precribed Prozac & sent elsewhere. Get
    all records. Sometimes these dictatations will accidently get sent to U. This bad MD
    owns surgeon that saved me. I've never disclosed this letter or I'd be dismissed again.
    Try [ .org website removed - was a front for a supplement company ] & perhaps it will tell U more on Stealth. We have to fight to be heard & most docs won't listen. Google & keep reading what is being missed on files. I
    hope I've helped. Sorry for the length. Age, lifestyle, meds, R like a puzzle. My reg. MD
    doesn't know what I had even after I've given path. reports. I have multiple spinal
    cysts now & believe it's frm fluid prssr expanding over yrs. of BP/stress. My aches/pain
    is now blamed on that. New doc says I need anti-depressants. I need to be heard.

    Last edited by moderator2; 09-09-2004 at 06:52 PM. Reason: do not post commercial websites - the .org website is a front for a company that sells supplements. Our posting rules allow only .edu and .gov websites.

    Old 09-12-2004, 05:22 AM   #8
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    Re: Stealth Virus - SCMV

    This "stealth virus" has not been proven to exist. Even the original researcher found the same incidence in people and chronic fatigue syndrome and controls. No other investigators can replicate his results and other research has not shown any sign of such a virus. This stealth virus is mythical.

    Old 09-20-2004, 09:39 AM   #9
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    Re: Stealth Virus - SCMV

    Have y'all been tested for a chlamydial infection it is a bacteria it can be from person to person or bird to person. It can have some of the same effects as some of you all mentioned it can be treated with two different antibiotics one starts with a D and the other is Erythmyacin (sp). The latter causes hepatitis D or E in some people but it gets rid of the pink eye which is chlamydia it rids sinus bacterial infection. Chlamydia can cause dementia or brain issues if left untreated there is a poster somewhere on these healthboards that has a rare brain chlamydia infection. Just trying to broaden your outlook.

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