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Likvid 11-03-2007 04:08 AM

After-effects of Chickenpox/Varicella in adults?
I am 38 years old and had chickenpox about 3 weeks ago, it was the worst nightmare i ever had with facial nerve problems and vision problems during one day which are gone now.

However i don't fell well yet and i have been to ER twice complaining about my persistent headaches, the head feels swollen and there are some pressure behind the eye and left cheek, this moves around a bit.

Also i have tinnitus since two weeks back which never goes away and a dizzy feeling.

These headaches started two weeks ago with the tinnitus and it gets worse when i am being up so i need to lay down most of the time to ease the pain.

When i went to ER last time 5 days ago they thought all tests and neurological exam were good and didn't understand my pain as everything looked good.

I persisted that i was not feeling well so they did a Lumbal puncture to test the CSF fluid for any infections and if there was any virus still in the head.

The results shows now that everything is good and there was no infections and no herpes or tbe or varicella in the head.

What should i do now? the doctors tell me to just wait and let it work out with time.

I am really frustrated by all this and i can't live a normal life.

Anyone else had problems after a chickenpox infection like mine?

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