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seta37 06-28-2008 06:47 PM

MRSA staph infection?
Well, I've had small wart-like scabs in various places of my body, and they are not painful, nor deep. There are hardly more than scabs, but they just don't go away. I'm wondering if mercer can express in this way? Or is this something else? They are all on my arms and shoulders. There's less than half a dozen total. I'm not really worried about it... just wondering.


My ex had these large, deep "boils". They were very painful, and over a quarter inch deep. They were swollen and would produce a little blood/puss. Then, after a week or two, they would form a "core" of dead tissue which could be squeezed out and then it rapidly closed and healed after that.

Later on, I found out just how promiscuous she was. My friend also told me that mercer infections can be spread by tattoos (if the artist is dirty) and sex, and that it is resistant.

janewhite1 06-28-2008 07:47 PM

Re: MRSA staph infection?
Okay, small wart scab like things could be just about anything, from actual warts to chicken pox to just dry itchy skin.

Staphlococcus aureus, or staph, is a bacteria that causes infections. Boils, for example, are very often caused by staph. If staph bacteria get into a cut, you could get a wound infection. If the infection spreads to your bloodstream, organs, or bones, then you've got a pretty bad situation, but that is uncommon. MRSA (methicillin resistant staph aureus) is a particular strain of staph. It causes the same types of infections as regular staph, but many antibiotics (including methicillin) won't cure it, only a few will. A doctor can identify a wound infection just by looking at it, but only a lab test can tell whether MRSA is the cause.

Tattoos and sex could spread staph, but there are many much easier ways of catching it. Pretty much any direct (touching) contact could conceivably spread it, or even indirect touching. In fact, staph is pretty much everywhere, including in everybody's house right this minute. Hospitals, unfortunately, are a major source of staph infections.

Some people just get recurrent boils. It's believed to be more related to their skin or immune system than any particular infection they have.

About your scabs? I wouldn't be too worried. If it bothers you, ask a doctor, or maybe some sort of cream or ointment would make them go away.

If you do develop any kind of skin or wound infection, however, make sure the doctor does a sensitivity culture and you get the right antibiotic for your infection. This is a suggestion I give anyone worried about MRSA for any reason.

seta37 06-29-2008 06:34 PM

Re: MRSA staph infection?
Well, I had a bad staph infection in my toe (i used my roommates clippers) which got into my blood stream and left a track all the way up my leg to a lymph node in my groin. So I went to the hospital for that, and they gave me IV antibiotics plus two prescriptions.

But some of these little scabs predate that incident (by several months at least). My ex also probably gave me hsv, so it could be anything I suppose.

It's raining now and I'm listening to classical and it's very relaxing, so I'm going to go.


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