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Linda23234 09-18-2008 01:52 PM

curing chronic endometritis
I had a D&C procedure done and three days later had all of the signs of an infection (fever, chills, lymph nodes aching, lower back pain, knife-sharp pain in uterus and tubes/ovaries). I have been on and off antibiotics ever since - and it keeps coming back. This time I'm on a longer course of antibiotics (clindomycin and doxycycline), i.e. for three months in total. I have two more months to go on the antibiotics and I'm praying the infection won't come back again but need to to have a back-up plan if it does come back. One of the doctors I've seen said that chronic endometritis is usually associated with a septic uterus (completely infected throughout) and the only remedy is to remove the uterus. MRI and ultrasounds show no signs of scaring or adhesions and the doctor said that there would be risk associated with a hysteroscopy/laporoscopy in terms of spreading the infection. If the infection comes back, are there any other options out there to eliminate this chronic infectious condition?

Thanks - Linda.

harka 09-29-2008 10:45 AM

Re: curing chronic endometritis
An attempt at dilatation and curettage. If that doesn't work, unfortunately, a hysterectomy.

frustrated1974 12-13-2011 11:45 PM

Re: curing chronic endometritis
i'm in your same boat since having laparascopy surgery june 9 2011 and didn't get diagnosed with endometritis until sept 1 2011. There aren't many antibiotics that work for this infections...Zosyn works great and fast, but make sure you are on it atleast 10 doc took me off of it after 4 days, so now i'm going to probably have surgery to remove whatever is infected. what helps your pain???? NOTHING helps mine. it is awful and i have stage 4 endometriosis pain on top of it! any advice??

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