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JessieGirl 05-05-2009 03:17 PM

MRSA - Staph - Lymph Node Infection
I have had the worst month ever. On April 6th, I began having pain in my neck, which became worse through out the day. I thought the cause was a pimple which was continuing to grow. The pain increased through the 7th, and it at this point was about the size of a nickel, very red and very hard. The evening of the 7th I went to the ER, suspecting a staph infection and thinking it would need to be drained. Well, after waiting for 6 hours a dr looked at me for 30 seconds, poked and prodded, and said it was staph, but very hard and nothing to drain. Prescribed keflex and bactrim. I took the meds as prescribed and applied heat packs and continued to worsen. On Friday I went to my GP who tried to get a sample but could not really, sent me for bloodwork and gave me an injection of broad spectrum antibiotics in addition to the bactrim and keflex. I still continued to worsen and on Sunday, the 12th/Easter, was back in the ER because I was so weak I could barely stand on my own and could also not stay awake, severe drowsiness. The ER docs took more blood, were able to do a needle aspiration and get a sample (though mostly blood) and had me increase the bactrim dose, continue the keflex, and gave me IV Ancef. I went home, and then next day back to GP. All labs showed were low lymphocytes, all else in range. I am still very swollen and in a lot of pain. Also enlarged and painful are lymph nodes along my clavical bone. GP suspects it is either some gland (?) or my lymph node, and I go from her office to ENT. ENT immediately orders MRI w/ contrast and discusses biopsy, saying the appearance of my neck is very virulent (I think that was the term) and he did not want to wait. Tues 14th, wound site actually opens and drains while in the shower. Weds 15th have MRI. From what I understand, it shows the lymph node is infected, though it has not spread. Also get back results from aspitation / culture, which shows MRSA - which was obtained after 6 days of bactrim and keflex. I stay on the meds until Sun the 19th, when I develop a horrid all over rash w/ severe itching. I discontinue the meds, go back to ENT on Tues, who prescribes Cleocin. He sees some improvement in the wound site so wants to stick w/ meds. By Thursday, I have pain in my ankles and back as well as severe diarhea w/ mucous, so I discontinue the cleocin. On Friday, he prescribes Avelox as a last chance at meds. I have the absolute most horrid reaction, severe foot pain, leg pain, back pain, dizzy, shortness of breath - sure I am missing something - anyway, surgery is then scheduled which was performed this past Friday, now May 1, in which I had my lymph node removed. This is my right neck, just below my ear lobe. I am still in a lot of pain, and just very upset and concerned and hoping this is not Lymphoma but really, just ready to deal with whatever it is. I have an appt on Thurs the 6th and hopefully pathology will be back. I guess I am just looking for a similar experience, which I did not find searching the boards. I continue to have itching, very weak and fatigued as well. I will do whatever I can to get better, I have two fabulous children who need a healthy mommy!! Any advice, any opinions, any anything welcome. Thanks for reading my very long post!

FWIW, I still have all of the pain in my feet (ESP right), legs, hips, back and back of hands. Have also noticed some kind of growth / bone spur (?) on right foot, top, towards side, 2in from ankle. Intermittent fever, though under 100. Thanks!

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