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bonbon1981 10-31-2009 02:55 PM

recurrent MRSA & joint replacement
This is my first post on here.
Lets see....
my husband has gotten MRSA infections. (due to low immune system):
Quite a few times. (finger, buttox, leg, foot (cellulitis infection: He ended up in the hosptial).
My husband is supposed to have hip (joint) replacement surgery. I"m not sure how easy it is if you have recurrent MRSA infection & are supposed to have a hip replacement, to catch MRSA in the hip or joint you are having replaced?


harka 11-01-2009 10:24 AM

Re: recurrent MRSA & joint replacement
Hi Bonbon,

recurrent MRSA infections don't necessarily happen because of a suppressed immune system. Think of it more as a vicious circle. Staph lives on the skin in peace and harmony. Sometimes a small cut in the skin can happen and the Staph can get inside causing a boil. This injures the skin more and then more staph can get inside. Unfortunately, this can result in recurrent infections going on for months.

The fact that your husband is MRSA positive means, yes, he's at risk of a joint replacement getting infected, but so is any person who gets a joint replacement. The truth is, <1% of joints get infected when they're replaced and him being MRSA+ doesn't put him at higher risk; HOWEVER, if he has an active boil near the site of the surgery as he's about to get the surgery, THEN he will be at higher risk.

Does he have active boils right now? When he's been "between boils" has he ever undergone a decolonization procedure with chlorhexidine body wash and mupirocin ointment to the nose?

harka 11-01-2009 10:28 AM

Re: recurrent MRSA & joint replacement
Also, just out of curiosity, you're name suggests you're 28 years old. I take it your husband is around your age, so why is he getting a joint replaced at such a young age?

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