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faedyn 11-08-2009 06:51 PM

infection...mrsa? pinky toe left foot
hoping to get some info from someone who may've dealt with this problem my husband is having with his toe. about 2 months ago he noticed a bite of some kind on his left pinky toe...a trip to the dr ensued & dr said take anotbiotics--amoxicillin and soak in epsom salt.soaked once& didn't even touch the antibiotics until about a week ago. since then, he's developed a hard-type blister in between the pinky toe & the one next to it...he got the bright idea to try to "pop" the hard blister, which actually looked like a callous. upon the "popping" he managed to bust open the entire hard blister, a pink pus was squeezed out & the pain never stopped. his pinky toe is swollen to over half the size of the other pinky toe & it developed a fairly large circular hole, just a few millimeters deep. the week long amoxicillin therapy did absolutely nothing & i was finally able to talk him into going to the dr again for this--it's hideous looking! doc gave him some antibiotic ointment--bactroban--& 5 samples of levaquin. as of right now, the top side of his foot is a purple-ish red color & looks to have a blister raising up. there's also a red raised rash emanating from the pinky toe up to the top of his foot. he's been soaking in epsom salt 3 times a day & applying the a/b ointment 3 times a day...i am wondering if this is mrsa or just simple staph infection. hubby is freaking out, even tho he has another dr appt monday 11/9/ i'm really curious to see if anyone else has encountered this type infection & what it took to get rid of it. he's also experiencing severe headaches & nausea along with this. any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated...i am at the end of my rope in ideas on what to do.
thanks in advance...we appreciate it!

harka 11-09-2009 01:11 PM

Re: infection...mrsa? pinky toe left foot
Sorry to hear your husband is having so much trouble. Does he have diabetes perchance?

faedyn 11-09-2009 03:21 PM

Re: infection...mrsa? pinky toe left foot
no, no diabetes thankfully. he saw his dr today & he seems to think the purple-ish color is a bruise due to it healing from the inside out. it still looks nasty to both of us so i guess we'll see what happens...his toe will either fall off or it'll get better ;) lolol
thanks for the reply!
have a good one!

hploriking 11-17-2009 12:01 AM

Re: infection...mrsa? pinky toe left foot
did the doc culture the toe
if not just go to a dermatologist and have it done
i have been blessed to carry mrsa
you need to know asap
meds do work but are tough
good luck

faedyn 11-17-2009 04:14 PM

Re: infection...mrsa? pinky toe left foot
luckily it wasn't mrsa...just a minor staph infection that's almost gone, thanks to antibiotics & a/b ointment & epsom soaks 3 times a day!
thanks for your reply, i appreciate it!
take care

harka 11-19-2009 11:26 AM

Re: infection...mrsa? pinky toe left foot
MRSA can be minor as well!

faedyn 11-20-2009 04:18 PM

Re: infection...mrsa? pinky toe left foot
thanks for the info on that! :)
he's been back to the doc, whom we trust fully & he gave the okay that things would heal up nicely...guess we shall see.
thanks again
take care

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