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Mssa or Mrsa misdiagnosed?

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Old 08-06-2010, 07:20 PM   #1
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lovemenow HB User
Mssa or Mrsa misdiagnosed?

k to start it off couple of month's back I shaved my hair completely bald using a norelco shaver this was done during winter season around February I was also using a warm cap that was my brothers it was kind of dirty but I didn't care I still used it to keep my head warm.

After 3 weeks of letting my hair grow back I noticed a pimple like form behind my neck mind you I have not had acne since a teenager I went ahead and popped it with a needle thinking it might have been a hair bump next morning i woke up with a cyst like acne right where I stuck the needle at i went ahead and tried to squeeze the lesion after not getting nothing out of the lesion I let it be thinking it would go away i was wrong next morning I woke up with 5 more pimples on my neck and a couple on my back and upper shoulders and arm i was asking my self why is this happening.

so i went ahead and bought some acne medicine to try and treat the pimple like lesions accordingly for 2 months boy was i wrong. thing where just getting worst i felt like bugs where crawling inside of my skin around my eyes hair intense itching and the pimples grew all over my top arms shoulder chest and back and also buttocks.

I said enough was enough and went ahead and made a appointment with a derm mind you I have no insurance and I had to basically pay out of pocket.

When i got to the derm he stated the acne like lesions where in fact folliculitis.
He did not do any kind of culture test the derm did not explain what kind of folliculitis it was all he did was prescribe me some doxycicline 150mg once a day for 12 days this made no difference, after the medication was over the folliculitis cleared and came back. I'm not sure if he even treated me correctly with out doing more research from what he stated to the looks of him it is bacteria not fungal. Can a dermatologist truly by looking at your skin condition really know that it is in fact bacteria and not fungal or even demodex infestation?

I went ahead and got blood tested for hiv and also blood work done for liver thyroid and so on everything came out perfectly fine. I asked the dr that treated me for the blood work what was these lesions and what do you think it is i asked him about staph from looking at it he said it doesn't look like staph so he prescribes me keflex (cephalexin) 250mg taken every 6 hours this was a 2 months and half ago

I still have not taken the medication because I just recently finished the doxycicline and I am scared about getting a gram negative infection.

I am here looking for some answers hopefully someone can be so kind and spread some knowledge on how i can go about this problem.

I did apply for charity care in a university hospital close by to see a derm but the appointment will not be for another 3 months and i cant wait that long.

I went ahead and went to the emergency room and they took me straight to see a specialist. I basically had to argue with the specialist to take a culture from one of my pimple like puss on my arm she did it anyways sent it to a lab last Thursday. got the result back month and when i got my result she told me to shoot straight to her office to prescribe me some meds..

the results came back as (rare quantity of staphylococcus capitis) (coagulase negative) I was prescribed clindamycin 300mg to be taken 4 times a day also keep in mind i had just finished taking a course of doxycicline when i got my culture done as you can see (tetracycline)-doxycicline came out as resistant to my infection!!!!! could the results be altered because i was just on doxycicline?

can anyone define what this means does this mean I do have mrsa or a different strain of staph?

will this medication kill the bacteria growing?

I live with my mother and a brother should they get tested also for staph?

what would be the right requirements to go about my dr said it was nothing to worry about but I am still worried.

I have been doing some research about my case and need some questions answered please..

Staphylococcus Capitis I understand is part of everyone's normal flora when they did the culture test i also received a sensitivity report

susceptibility s capiti
cefazolin interp s
ceftriaxone interp s
clindamycin interp s
erythromycin interp s
gentamicin interp s
levofloxacin interp s
nafcillin interp s
penicillin interp s
rifampin interp s
tetracycline interp r
trimeth/sulfa interp s

So far i have went to see over 5 different doctors for my condition all have different diagnoses (very scary) The last doctor i seen prescribed me permethrin and stromectol, with no skin scrapping done of any sort she diagnosed me with scabies because of the itchy skin i was having at night (could this have something to do with the shower?) since i do take a shower every night before bed. I went ahead and applied the permethrin cream every Saturday for a course of 3 times and also took the stromectol a dose of 12mg then followed up in 2 weeks for another does of 12mg. this was last week i have been off the permethrin and stromectol. So now I am treating myself with bactrim ds and bactroban to the nose 3 times a day since the stromectol did not cure anything or the permethrin I think she misdiagnosed me!!! from my under standing staph can also make you have itchy skin sensation at night like things crawling on your body? How long should i stay with the bactrim and bactroban? any advice will be grateful. God bless and thank you.

so far medication i have been on

bactrim ds and bactroban (just started this on monday) how long should i stay on this bactrim and bactroban?

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harka HB Userharka HB Userharka HB Userharka HB Userharka HB Userharka HB Userharka HB Userharka HB User
Re: Mssa or Mrsa misdiagnosed?

It's really hard to sort out what's going on by taking a swab of the area because undoubtedly the swab will be contaminated with the normal Staphylococcus which is growing on your scalp. It also sounds like folliculitis to me, and even if it was MRSA folliculitis, it would have cleared with doxycycline or clinda or bactrim, but not the cephalexin. A lot of this may just be a NON-infectious irritation from the hair being shaved and then growing back irritating the skin around it. Not all things which look like pimples are infectious in nature.

Coagulase negative Staphylococcus is a normal part of your skin flora--you are correct. Even if you had MRSA, nobody in your family necessarily needs to be tested unless they too are having symptoms of pimples or boils or if they're being admitted to hospital. There is nothing mystical about MRSA compared to any other's a bit more drug resistant, but it's not the same as having HIV (like many people on this board treat it like!)

Now that your hair has been growing back, have you noticed the folliculitis is improving?

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lovemenow HB User
Re: Mssa or Mrsa misdiagnosed?

Thanks for your response harka.

You asked if my hair is growing back.. I always for many years cut my hair short close to bald I use barber clippers for this and it seems since I started taking bactrim the folliculitis has been more under control. I just recently stopped using the bactroban for the nose. I had applied it for 7 days 3 times a day.

I am on my 9th day on bactrim so it's to early to tell if it will permanently stop the folliculitis from growing but it seems to have it under control I will be taking this medication for 28 days.

So what would be your guess why if never in my life i had got folliculitis I started getting it at my age I am 27 now. Could it have been that my brother was sharing my towel or me picking on my skin with a needle the bath water?

I have a appointment to see a Derm this coming sept hopefully everything will go well. You stated that doxycycline should have stopped the infection then why is it when they did the swab test bacteria I have came out to be resistance to it?

The clinda was working somewhat but I think taking it for just 10 days was to early for this case? I was also thinking maybe i had a case of Pityrosporum (Malassezia) folliculitis
maybe that was why the meds was not working . Again thank you for your response

I am a male not a female not sure why it came out as saying i was a female as gender i tried switching but does not give me a way to edit this.

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stolch14 HB User
Re: Mssa or Mrsa misdiagnosed?

I've been diagnosed with MRSA? and folliculitis. I have a co-worker who had MRSA (even though it was a different form) and he explained to me that he had to take his antibiotics for 6 months to fully get rid of it. He had read this in an article online. He has been MRSA free for years now. I'm am going through it right now. I've had it for approximately 5 months. I had gotten bit by a spider (I believe) and my foot swelled up and the bite was purple around the center. I went to the hospital. They drained the pus and cultured the wound. It came back negative. A week later I noticed a pimple just underneath the bite. I thought it was a mosquito bite and itched it. It popped and pus came out. Then it popped again a couple days later as it was getting larger. It became an open wound. For a month or two, I was putting neosporin on it with a bandaid. It wasn't healing by itself or with the neosporin, Then I got another one on my arm. The same thing happened there, too. Then I started getting multiple bumps on my hand. It was spreading and I didn't know what to do. So I went to the E.R. I was diagnosed with MRSA by the doctor. The doctor didn't do any tests and prescribed me Bactrim and mupirocin ointment. About two days after I started taking it, I was getting green puss bumps everywhere I had dry skin from my echsema (on my elbows, scalp, eyebrows, the bridges of my nose, chin, etc...) I then went to a dermatologist after 4 days and he told me I was allergic to the Bactrim. Besides the green pus bumps, I had many more red bumps all over my body than when I went to the E.R. 4 days earlier. The dermatologist gave me an anti-fungal pill and a shot of an antibiotic mixed with a steroid (kenalog mixed with something else-I forget the name.) 2 days later the green puss was gone but the red bumps was still all over my body. He cultured 2 of the bumps that I had and it came back as a Staph infection but he kept on saying that it was folliculitis, not MRSA. He also did 2 biopsies which came back as irritated skin. I also took blood tests which came back fine. He has precsribed me all kinds of medicines including stromectol (which worked to get rid of alot of the bumps but not all.) At my job, I wash dishes and now twice I've gotten these bumps all over my hands (itchy rashes) when I wash my hands with regular dishsoap that's not anti-bacterial when I have a cut or open wound. So now I wear cotton gloves under vinyl gloves to protect my hands. This dermatologist also prescribed me traimcinolone acetonide cream 0.1% which I use to this day. This cream is a life saver. It keeps these bumps from turning into open rashes and wounds. It takes 1-3 weeks for the bumps to go away while putting it on all my bumps twice a day. Anyway, I still noticed bumps on my body and went for a second opinion with another dermatologist. He said I had seborrheic dermatitis on my hands which is the worst form of echsema and prescribed me prednisone and claritin. That just gave me more bumps on my body and a headache after a couple of weeks of taking it. But when I cut myself, the bumps weren't spreading from them. I went back to him and told him I had been diagnosed with folliculitis before and I knew I had a fungus before that. So I figured maybe I had pityrosporum folliculitis. He prescribed me an anti-fungal pill for 7 days. I got thru 2 days of this and any cut that I had on my body, the bumps started spreading from again. I had it on my hands once again except worse this time. I went back to the second dermatologist and again he said seborrheic dermatitis on my hands. He gave me nothing this time. That's the last time I'm ever going to him. I went back to the first dermatologist that helped me alot. He took one look at me and sent me to the University of Miami dermatologist because he can't figure out what's going on with me. So I went to the University of Miami dermatologist and again I'm told I have folliculitis and hand dermatitis but not MRSA. They give me an over the counter soap and cream. This unscented dove soap made my bumps spread way more than before. I call them the other day and the doctor said I may have MRSA and prescribed me Doxycycline Hyclide. I've been taking it for a day and a half. I don't know if it's working or not yet. I hope this works. If it does, I plan on taking it for 6 months like my co-worker was saying to fully get rid of this crap. I'm so mentally drained and tired of going to doctors. I've been to 6 doctors since the first supposed spider bite in October, 2010. If anyone else has any good info for me, please share. But remember, to fully get rid of MRSA, take the antibiotic for 6 months to keep it away or it may come back. I'm still trying to figure out what's going to work for me, but when I do, I will try to take that antibiotic for 6 months, too.

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stolch14 HB User
Re: Mssa or Mrsa misdiagnosed?

I hope this helps.

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kyler3 HB User
Re: Mssa or Mrsa misdiagnosed?

Folliculitis can be caused by MRSA. Not all antibiotics are effective against MRSA. Not all MRSA antibiotics are effective against all strains of MRSA.

Sometimes, longer courses and multiple antibiotics are required. MRSA can be very tenacious.

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