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iiaudio 11-11-2010 07:11 PM

Searching for answers
I wanted to see if any of you have any suggestions of additional steps I should take, or any diagnostic thoughts.
I got sick for the first time on Tuesday, September 28th.  At dinner, all of a sudden, a wave of feeling terrible just came on me.  I then proceeded into swings of severe to-the-bone-chills, then into profuse sweating -- back and forth and extreme fatigue. 
The next day I went to a walk-in clinic (I was out of town working).  They ran no tests, but said it was probably strep (though I had no throat issues or other symptoms), and they put me on a round of penicillin.  That Saturday, I was worse, and went to the ER, who ran no tests, but increased my dosage of penicillin. 
The following Wednesday (10/6), back in home, I went to a walk-in clinic, they ran tests for a number of things -- strep, pneumonia, mono, etc -- and put me on a Z-pack.  All tests came back negative and the mono test came back staying that I had mono in the past.  All blood work normal.
The following night, I suddenly felt much better, amazingly.  I continued to feel pretty good through that weekend (my wedding weekend, thankfully!).  And then we drove to NY state for our honeymoon.  That Wednesday night, I took a sudden a severe turn back to where I started -- if not worse.  I then proceeded to sweat and have chills for the next 18+ hours, had no appetite, couldn't sleep, and was freezing half the time. My temperature ranged between 95.5 and 98. 
The next day (10/14), I went to a walk-in clinic up there at the local hospital.  Over the course of the next week and a half, through multiple visits, they got the previous clinics records, and started testing me (or re-testing me) for a wide number of things -- increasing in severity &/or obscureness with each round of tests.  I was tested for strep (a couple of different types of tests), Tuberculosis, Lyme Disease, West Nile, prostate issues, various STD's including HIV, Malaria, and others I surely can't think of.  My blood was sent away for cultures.  All cell counts, tests, & labs came back normal.  During that time, they also put me on another Z-pack which did nothing, then they put me on Doxycycline.
Also in this period (10/20-21), I went to visit my uncle who is a radiologist.  He hooked me up with a buddy who's a great internist -- whose wife is an infectious disease specialist.  The internist did an extensive exam, and except for some nasal stuffiness & possible sleep apnea, he found no issues.  He talked to his wife too, who saw no red flags.  Then he & my uncle sent me in for a chest abdomin and pelvis CT scan.  All normal -- and no lymphoma. 
I began to feel better again on October 22nd, and continued to feel pretty good until the afternoon of 10/26, when I took another downturn -- though not as severe as the first two rounds.  Since the 26th, I've steadily just felt not great, with inconsistent cycles of sweats taking over every day or two, which brings on a lot of fatigue. 
I went to my walk-in doc back home (for lack of a primary care) when I came back (~10/27), who ran a couple more tests (CMV?).  Which came back negative.  Then after another week with no improvement, I went back again today.  That doctor consulted with the head of infectious diseases at a local hospital, who basically said that if I still have symptoms in a month that he would see him then. I've also started having slight “pins and needles” feelings randomly over my body the past week.
Honestly, I'm terrified that this is something terminal that just hasn't been diagnosed yet.  And of course, I'm all hoping it's just a virus that doesn't want to go away -- but will any day now!  I hope. 

Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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