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sbdhillon 10-03-2011 06:09 PM

Recurring staph infection on armpit
I had staph on my armpit about 2.5 months ago for the first time in my life. I waited too long, so I ended up having to get surgery to drain out the puss. During the first staph, I was talking Bactrim ( trimethoprim and sulfa antibiotics). About an month later, I got another staph infection about 2 inches away from the previous one on my armpit again. I started to take Bactrim again but had an allergic reaction apparently to penicillin. So I was prescribed another antibiotic- Doxycycline Hyclate. I took them twice a day for 5 days and the staph definitely sized down a lot. There is still a bump there that contains puss. Will it go down on it's own? And now, about 2-3 weeks later I got another one. This time it's exactly where the surgical cut was from the surgery that I had gotten the first time I had staph/the same place as the first staph. The cut had closed up but out of nowhere, the staph is back. The first time I had staph, it INCREDIBLY hurt and the side effects from Bactrim definitely didn't make it any better. The second time, it didn't hurt at all. But now, this staph infection its hurting like crazy again. I've only had it for a 2 days and the last time I had gone to see my surgeon [the 2nd time I had it] he told me that I need to see my dermatologist because it might be a skin problem that I don't remember the name of and he barely could even pronounce because it was so complicated. Do you think it's that skin problem or is it just the fact that the staph infection isn't dying? I take a shower twice a day because I workout every day so it's now like I don't stay clean. It's like my immune system is slowing down because 3 staphs and a cold in such a small span of time is crazy! Please help!

Machaon 10-06-2011 01:46 PM

Re: Recurring staph infection on armpit
I used to get very painful bumps in my armpits. It would lead to infection, and then I would have to get the pus surgically drained. They would just "ice" my underarm and then drain the pus, which was very painful. The ice did NOTHING!

That said, I linked the painful bumps to the deodorant that I was using and finally found, through trial and error, that it was the aluminum in my deodorant that was causing the painful bumps and rash in my underarm.

I switched to a deodorant that did not contain aluminum, and in the many years following, I have not had any underarm problems since then.

sjb 10-06-2011 06:24 PM

Re: Recurring staph infection on armpit
Hi sympathize there are others for whom the antibiotics did not really work well and then they chose to leave allopathy and pick up herbalists. I would not bother with the acupuncturist since this is often of no use.

I would use a warm heat treatment 3 minutes followed by cold 30 seconds and repeated 4 times. It is finished with cold and dried very well. This treatment is said to be more effective if before bed.

I would avoid sweets since these lower the immune system and allow the germs to grow faster. One doctor says the white blood cells fail to eat the germs fast, perhaps they were sticky from the sugar she thought.

Oils butters, fats also are converted by the body to sugar and therefore maybe aught to kept to just enough to keep proper weight.

The professionals say that germs like dark, food, moisture and heat. The skin therefore maybe should have coolness, dryness, light and of course care in diet. Other health measures may be needed such as lemons, oranges, grapefruit, kiwis, a daily walk in sunshine and fresh air, 6.25 cups water for every 100 pounds body weight at least or more if thirsty and nightly sleep for eight hours every night. The schedule for bedtime should be kept and meal times need to be kept. I would avoid substances harmful to the body such as cigarrettes, tobacco, drugs, food additives, chemicals, even skin products which are not natural since in fact many of them are absorbed by the body in 27 seconds. If a person should not eat the product it probably might not be all that healthy on the skin.

Some people think Tea tree oil losenges might be helpful and there are some products with this in it and calendula that are all natural that might be helpful applied outside. If something is applied it should be applied in such a way as to not allow spread by going from the outer edge of the lesion to the inner part and not allowed to touch healthy skin. Peace. :wave:

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