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sammieP 06-12-2005 08:36 AM

Hysterosalpingogram - any advice?
I am not sure if this is the right board to place my question but seeing as the Gyn is checking for infertility i thought this would be the place to post it!

Well, i was on depo for 5years and have been off it now for 15months and have not had af on my own (it has been induced with the use of Norethisterone tablets twice now), anyway the Gyn wants to check that my tubes are not blocked and has requested i have a Hysterosalpingogram (SALP), i was wandering if anyone has had one carried out and if so what information and advise you could give, i am very nervous and worried it may damage me internally, also afterwards could we start TTC again or would i need to leave it a month or so for the dye to come out of my cervix?

Thankou for reading and sprinklings of baby dust to all :)

Army Wife 06-12-2005 02:49 PM

Re: Hysterosalpingogram - any advice?
I had a HSG done a while back. There was really nothing to it for me. I was told to take advil or something similar about 30 minutes prior, and really didn't feel much discomfort except for a little pressure. My tubes were open, however, I hear if they are not, there is more cramping with it. It was really kinda cool, as I got to watch the dye on the screen as it went through my tubes... it's the little things ;).

Good luck and just remember to relax...I have had friends who got pregnant the month after their HSG as it cleared their tubes out. You just never know. For me, however, still trying (11 years and counting).

jlteaches 06-12-2005 05:39 PM

Re: Hysterosalpingogram - any advice?
I, too, had the HSG done and there was not a whole lot to it. I did take 800mg of Ibuprofin prior to the HSG -- and I guess that probably helped. My tubes were open (so that was a good thing). I had some cramping afterward, but that is normal and I have a great hubby who took excellent care of me after!
Just remember: Relax and it will be over with quickly!
Good luck to you... and Welcome to the boards!
Smiles & hugs.. Jen :angel:

raven-j9 06-13-2005 02:08 PM

Re: Hysterosalpingogram - any advice?
Just wanted to add my 2 cents worth. I was told to take 800 mg of a painkiller (Tylenol maybe? I'm not sure which one) about 1 hour before the procedure, and also to take antibiotics the morning before hand. The antibiotics were a one time, high dose (rather than the multi-day doses you get for infections).

I will admit to being SUPER anxious about the procedure. I felt sick to my stomach all morning, and figured it was due to nerves. Well, I found out afterwards that the antiobiotics cause stomach upset in many people b/c they are a high dose - it would have been nice to know ahead of time.

The procedure was over pretty quickly, but mine was quite painful. My tubes were wide open, so there was no pressure when the dye was injected - that part was virtually pain free. The problem was that they couldn't seem to thread the catheter through my cervix, so they used a clamp to hold my cervix open (ouch!!!). Then, they threaded the catheter in and hit the top of my uterus, which was not pleasant (ouch again!!). (I now go to a different RE, but that is not the only reason.....). I am not telling you this to scare you. I am just letting you know that everyone's experience with an HSG can be rather different. Some women feel almost nothing, while others have a different experience. I did enjoy seeing the dye run through my tubes (they had taken the clamp off by that time, so things were bearable). The plus side is that the procedure is over in a matter of minutes, so if you do have any pain, just tell yourself that it is almost over and the results are worth the effort. Good luck and hope yours is pain free!


stacydl 06-13-2005 02:45 PM

Re: Hysterosalpingogram - any advice?
I was so nervous about this test because I heard some people have a lot of pain and cramping with it. I didn't think it was bad at all. I too took 800mg ibuprofen and was put on antibiotics (just three pills, I think one the night before, one morning of and one later that day).
One thing that also may have made a difference, and this might sound silly, but the doc placed something under my bum to elevate my pelvis. I felt a tiny cramp as the catheter was threaded through my cervix and the balloon was inflated to keep it place. That was the worst of it for me. The dye didn't bother me at all and the whole thing took five minutes. We went on fertility meds that same month so I see no reason why you couldn't start trying immediately after. Best of luck to you!

sammieP 06-20-2005 01:56 PM

Re: Hysterosalpingogram - any advice?
Thankyou all so much for your input, it a great relief to know that it doesnt last long.

I had not been told by my GYN to take painkillers so i may take some Anadin Extra in the morning (this is all i have), im a little scared and concerned but hopefully it will go well, the only thing is i would have missed this month for TTC because i had the egg white CM today and my cervix is high and soft (unsure if its open) but at least i will know soon where i stand with all this :)

Anyhow, heres to tomorrow, keep your fingers crossed for me ;)

sammieP 06-21-2005 10:26 AM

Re: Hysterosalpingogram - any advice?
It was a complete flop :(

They managed to get the catheter into the external part of my cervix but were unable to get it through the internal part :confused: she said that something was not allowing it to pass through and if she pushed hard she could damage me internally, she said it would be best a doctor carry out the procedure but could not do it today as there was not one available :rolleyes: and it was so undignified sitting there!

So, heres my thinking, if she could not pass it through then does that mean i am bloked? but then how can i be bloked if i have had af?

The hospital did ring me later on and say they have booked me in for a Laparoscopy now, next friday which for the NHS is really quick, i was expecting at least an 8 week wait, the only frustrating part is we are not allowed any form of intercourse untill after which will mean that we havent been able to b'dance since mid May :eek:

Any advice anyone? What am i likely to feel like after this? Sorry to be a pain and keep asking.

Babydust to all :)

polarized13 06-27-2005 09:13 AM

Re: Hysterosalpingogram - any advice?
Hi Sammy,

I'm sorry about your experience with the HSG ~ I had mine last month, and I didn't think it was that bad, I had a blockage, and the doctor was able to open it up, he had to try several times, and it was uncomfortable, but not really painful. It took around 30 minutes for the whole thing.

I would guess you probably do have a blockage, and they will be able to see better what's going on, and take care of it during your lap. I've had two of those, their much more invasive. The worst part the first time was getting the IV put in, make sure you get a nurse who knows what their doing. My first was a breeze compared to my second. It took me several weeks to recover from the second one fully. I had mine in order to treat endo, so it was a little more involved with laser, and biopsy and stuff.

I just wanted to wish you luck with your lap, make sure you keep some neosporin on your belly button insision, mine got infected the first time.

take care,


sammieP 06-29-2005 09:19 AM

Re: Hysterosalpingogram - any advice?
Oh my gosh, i am so not looking forward to this, i hate Hospitals at the best of times but i am on the ward with others who are having the same procedure or similar procedure.

My work were not impressed that i have to have time off and have given me until thursaday, which isnt bad but if im poorly i am not going in.

Im scared of needles but the amount of blood tests ive had im sure i will be fine its just the anaesthetic im worried about, and the feeling sick after :(

One more question tho, will i be given the results on that day or will i have to wait for another appointment to get that info?

Thanx, Sammie p :wave:

Kaleb's Mom 04 06-29-2005 10:40 AM

Re: Hysterosalpingogram - any advice?
I had the HSG done a while back also, it was the first test they did to check for my infertility also. I was seeing an RE, instead of my GYN, I figured I may as well go to him since we had already been trying so long and figured he would know more about this test since he dealt w/ infertility. Well I think I would have been fine with the GYN cause there isn't to much to this test. Your Dr should tell you to take motrin or something prior to, if they don't take something on your own about 30 mins before your appt. My Dr. did it in an actual X ray room, I put the dye in, and there was some cramping, but not severe, or to bad, but my tubes weren't blocked, from what I have heard it will be more cramping and alot more uncomfortable if the tube is blocked. They then take an X ray, I had a follow up visit to go over the results. Good luck, don't worry its not to bad. I did have to have the laproscopy and hystoscopy after.

polarized13 06-29-2005 01:48 PM

Re: Hysterosalpingogram - any advice?

My doc talked to me right after the procedure when I came out of surgery. It was a little fuzzy but I remember exactly what he said to me ~ " everything went well, I found some endo, and lasered it out, and pushed dye through your tubes ~ one was completely blocked but I opened it up again) I have had trouble with my left tube for years, you're only supposed to need one to be functioning, but that does cause it to be harder to concieve. That's why I'm trying so hard again now, because I know it's only a matter of time (about 3 months) before it closes up again...

Good luck, sweetie, don't be scared, we've been there, you will be fine...

~~heather~~ :wave:

jemc 06-30-2005 07:47 PM

Re: Hysterosalpingogram - any advice?
Hi....hope this helps. I had my HSG today. I was super anxious. I forgot to take some pain meds prior to. My doctor is a bit of a comedian and asked how I was with pain....while inserting the speculum (did I spell that right). Anyway, I had a little bit of pain because I apparently have a small cervix that had some scar tissue. He had to "get thru" that to due the procedure. That was the worst of it....and it was not bad. I took a few advil when I got home and wore a pad all day. I've had a little cramping....similar to menstrual cramps. Now that it's done....not bad...definitely get it done.....lots of wasted energy worrying. Somewhat uncomfortable, but nothing to be scared of. Watching the dye is pretty cool too. Good luck!!!

sammieP 07-03-2005 01:07 PM

Re: Hysterosalpingogram - any advice?
Well thanx all for the support.

The lap went ok, he said that my tubes are clear and its just my body isnt making the right hormones to ovulate so he has put me on Norethisterone 1 three x a day for 5 days, which induces a period and then as soon as i start i take Clomid for 5 days, this i have to carry out for 6 months and see what happens, i have a blood test with my first lot of Clomid and then thats it.

I just hope this works, i feel really tired and drained from the op and am still bleeding, im pretty bruised but thats to be expected.

So, maybe this is it who knows. Good luck to all and i will keep you updated.

Thanx again for the support and baby dust to you all :)

polarized13 07-03-2005 01:55 PM

Re: Hysterosalpingogram - any advice?

Hi, I'm glad your lap went ok. You should take it easy and give yourself a few days to recover, you will probably be sore for a little while. I really hope everything works out for you with the new meds, it sounds like your doctor is doing a good job. You're taking your pre-natal vitamins already, right? Think positive and let us know how it goes!!

Take care and baby dust :wave:


sammieP 07-04-2005 12:23 PM

Re: Hysterosalpingogram - any advice?
Yep, have been on Pre-natal vits since March last year when we decided to start trying.

I do find it so frustrating at the moment as so many of my friends, work collegues are getting pregnant at the click of their fingers, well i keep clicking but nothings happening, i know many of you have been trying longer than i have but honestly how do you cope with the emotions and gritting teeth when all you want to say is ''why not me?''.

Enough moaning, we will see what happens, i am not expecting miracles but this time next year i'd like to be sat at this computer on the Pregnancy boards ;)

polarized13 07-04-2005 08:45 PM

Re: Hysterosalpingogram - any advice?
Hi Sammie,

I hear you about feeling frustrated. I think the emotional let down every month, and the pychological effect of seeing other women getting pregnant left and right when you're trying so hard, and it just isn't happening is kind of like torture.

I've been trying to think of excuses to get out of seeing my new nephew or niece who will be along here any time, because I'm afraid I will just freak out, or start crying or something. I don't believe anyone can really understand this feeling unless they have been through it. And for me, only having secondary infertility, I can only imagine that for someone completely childless it it a thousand times worse.

I deal with it because I don't have any other choice besides giving up, and I just can't do that. ~ So, I go on, and try and keep perspective on my life, I suppose there is a lesson for me to learn in all of this, I don't know, I just know my heart tells me to keep trying and so I do.

I'm glad if you can vent on here and get a little of the frustration out, that's good. I'm sure our husbands hear it so much, they are about sick of it by now. My husband wants another child too, of course, but it's no where near the same kind of intense desire that I have. We have one beautiful daughter together, and I think it would probably be enough for him.

If you need to talk about your feelings you should, that's what support groups are for, and this is a very emotional thing to go through.

take care, :angel:


sammieP 07-15-2005 04:36 AM

Re: Hysterosalpingogram - any advice?
Heather - i hear what your saying.

This week has been so hard for me, the Norethisterone has made me snappy and an emotional wrek plus my friend is due to give birth and she keeps ringing/texting saying how excited she is - i know i should be excited too for her, but does she not realise how much she is upsetting me, she knows what im going through :(

I sound so selfish and should be pleased for her but i cant stop feeling frustrated and angry, :mad: this is bad surely i shouldnt feel like this, i am normally such a nice person and dont ever think bad thoughts about other people or get jelous about what others have and i dont!

I suppose i just want what she has and i know my time will one day come but if i had a friend going through this and i was in her shoes, i think i would try to be a bit more careing and supportive.

Sorry but i needed to vent a little :rolleyes:

Good luck to all ttc and baby dust to you.

VonMc 07-15-2005 03:26 PM

Re: Hysterosalpingogram - any advice?
I know exactly what you are saying. My best mate has just started trying and to be honest I have been terrified she's going to get pregnant before me. It makes me feel like a bad person. I didn't tell her this but I did ask that if it happens, she call me or send me an email as I might cry if she told me face to face. I explained that I would be happy for her but that I also find it tough when other people get pregnant as I feel sad that it hasnt' happened for me. She did not understand this at all. All I could say in the end is that there is no way she will understand unless she has been through it.
Yes I'm happy for other people having babies (I'd never wish this on anyone) but I am more overwhelmed by the feelings of sadness that its not happening to me. Try and explain that to someone who's not been through this and I feel I'm wasting my time.

I agree, your friend should be more sensitive. Surely there are other people she can send these texts too?!

sammieP 07-17-2005 11:03 AM

Re: Hysterosalpingogram - any advice?
Well she txt me today and said she is going in tomorrow and by the evening she should be a mummy, well i sent one back saying i was so pleased for her and that she will be so proud but i was sobbing my heart out and hurting inside, maybe she just doesnt realise, she is probrably to wrapped up in her own emotions at the moment but i do wish her all the luck really.

And onto the better news - af arrived yesterday afternoon and so i was able to start my Clomid, i will try not to get my hopes up but its hard because im all ready thinking ''this may be it'' stupid i know - but i just cant help it.

Have either of you been on Clomid and if so did you feel sick after taking it? i felt really rough yesterday evening i had to have an early night.

Thankyou for all your support guys, i really do feel that i have someone to share with here ;)

VonMc 07-17-2005 02:29 PM

Re: Hysterosalpingogram - any advice?
I have been on clomid for 4 months. Yes I did feel sick. I didn't realise it was a side effect and after being nauseous for a few days checked the packet info and realised what was causing it. I had bad side effects for the first few months but now they are not too bad, just hot flushes.

I went on this as my periods were between 5-8 weeks apart and it has totally regulated me to 28 days. However, last month I ran out of ovulation sticks and seemed to be late ovulating but couldn't check when it was for sure as had no sticks! All I know now is its almost 5 weeks since last AF. Got my hopes up and did a test just after 28 days but it was negative.
Not sure what is going on but can't face doing another test to see a BFN again.

I read on the internet that there has been a study done which showed an increase in pregnancies when the drug was taken on the first day of AF. Thats the only thing I did different last month as I take it on day 2 anyway so didn't think it would make much difference. However, now I don't know whats happening. I'm going to ask for follicle tracking next month.

Every month I think 'maybe this is it' and imagine symptoms so I know what you mean.
Good luck on the clomid. Hopefully the nausea will go away for you too.

monday................did another test.............negative. Feeling very confused and very sad.

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