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THi 10-16-2006 01:24 PM

opinions about importance of doctor
I don't think there is a better place to ask the opinion of all you smart women!

I am going to do IVF the first of the year or sooner. I have exhausted the doctors in my area and I am considering going to a clinic that will involve a lot of travel. The last visit I had with my doctor I felt that he did not at all understand my situation, that he was negative, and that he was avoiding an important issue in my case: chronic, undiagnosed pelvic pain for 8 years. No doctor in my area has really tried to figure out exactly why I am not conceiving. They assume out the butt.

[B][COLOR="DarkRed"]In all of your opinions: How important do you think it is to have a good relationship with your doctor??

Do you think it is worth the additional burden of traveling a few hours to see a different doctor?[/COLOR][/B]

I very much value your opinions and appreciate your feedback!

ASPROUSEY05 10-16-2006 02:24 PM

Re: opinions about importance of doctor
i definitly think being comfortable with ur dr is sooo important.. infertility is a very difficult thing to deal with and u are very involved with ur drs when u are going through treatments (its like a second home) so i think u def want someone who treats u like a person and not someone who they are going to make money off of... i dont know how far id be willing to travel, but maybe if i didnt like my dr i would... good luck, and sorry if i didnt help to much, but i always liked my dr, very personal and friendly and honest!!

Marie1971 10-16-2006 05:41 PM

Re: opinions about importance of doctor
I read in a book (can't remember the title) that one of the most important factors in choosing a fertility clinic is their success rate. In addition, I would for sure see an RE (reproductive endocronologist) rather than just a regular gyno if you are doing anything more than just test. by the point in your diagnosis that you are doing a laproscopy I would have an re do that and anything more.

Hope this helps.
You need to be confident in your doc because a positive attitude really has alot to do with success of treatments such as ivf.

Heyknack 10-16-2006 06:07 PM

Re: opinions about importance of doctor
I think even more important is whether you feel your doctor is handling your case the best he/she can. Sounds like all the doctors have not given you and answer as to why you have pelvic pain, and I do think you should seek out a doctor to aknowledge the issue. There may not always be an answer, but they should at least do tests to find out!

THi 10-16-2006 10:05 PM

Re: opinions about importance of doctor
I agree with all of your opinions about the importance of the doctor. He is a RE and I have had 3 laparascopics, one (unneeded hernia repair), a breast reduction, 2 MRI's, numerous pain blocks, and a number of other treatments (acupuncture, counseling, birth control, on and on) - with many different doctors involved.

I have done chlomid for 6 cycles, one IUI cycle (produced lots of good eggs, but no pregnancy) and have been trying naturally for 6 years. I am going to turn 39 soon and I am really starting to freak. (I married at 31) We would have turned to IVF much sooner if this pain wasn't keeping me down.

This doctor has been great until now. I think his blunt honesty on my situation really is what ****** me off. So, am I mad at him, or mad at the situation? A bit of both. His nurse is great though and she is the one that I spend most of my time with, so the back-and-forth continues!

We are pursuing adoption at the same time because I don't think I can handle it knowing all my eggs are in one basket - so I am putting them all in 2 baskets.

Thanks for letting me vent! It is amazing what we women will go through!

adoette 10-17-2006 09:14 AM

Re: opinions about importance of doctor
I have to travel two hours to get to my RE, just because of where I live, but I feel that she would be worth travelling four hours for. She really listens to us, and she is the only one to really figure out what was going on.
It has often been difficult (not to mention expensive) to keep up with the protocol from that distance.
But it was all worth it to have our little ones!
I think it's great that you are not giving up either figuring out what's hurting or becoming a Mom. I think it's great that you're looking into adopting, too. Best of luck with everything!
I'd check out the new doc and see what you think. You may find that you know right away that this is the doc for you!
just a note--I had terrible pain that I felt in my right ovary for a long time, and it turned out that I had a slipped disk in my back that was putting pressure on a nerve--i just only felt it right there (weird, eh?). I'm sure that they've looked at your back on the MRI, right?

ledfoot 10-17-2006 10:43 AM

Re: opinions about importance of doctor
I think its worth getting a second or third opinion from another doctor, my sister had her abdopain mistreated for a year as IBS by her doctor until the pain got so bad she ended up with a ruptured ovarian cyst caused by undiagnosed endometriosis,she had so many adhesians from the endo all over her bowel,she had also been struggling with ttc for many years but the doctor had not made a link to possible endo and the pain. I presume that the laps you had have ruled out endo as a problem?
After 8 years of undiagnosed pain it might be worth a visit to a clinic further away and see if they can give you any answers.I travel 2 hours to my clinic which the best I can afford and a centre of excellence so I have great confidence in the doctors there,after 5 years of ttc with no explanations from 2 other clinics,they found serious MF issues that did explain at least one reason why we couldnt conceive! I was also treated so well personally it really put the other clinics in the shade as far as I was concerned.You have nothing to lose and everything to gain if you can find a clinic that can help you.

THi 10-18-2006 07:20 AM

Re: opinions about importance of doctor
Thank you all for your support! It means a lot to me. :angel: We did go ahead and make the appointment at the new clinic. I asked the nurse to give me a selling line and she said many people come from other clinics and comment on the personal attention they get as being worth the drive.

My laps have shown endo - however it is never where the pain is. I also have PCOS so I really have some obstacles. However, I have deduced that this pain is not related to ob/gyn issues. I have had MRI's and the works. And I do have back problems that have been addressed, but no pain relief.

I had a sympathetic nerve block yesterday and I think it worked a bit. It won't last long, but it may actually give us a diagnosis.

In the meantime, we have gone back and forth between ttc and treating the pain. Now I am afraid we have really waited too long b/c we are at age where we won't be able to go to an adoption clinic.

I see a new counselor today and hopefully I will start coming to emotional terms of where we are in our lives right now.

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