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mammawannabe 09-19-2007 02:40 PM

short cycle + late ovulation???
Hi. I'm new to this board. Just started charting my basal body temp two months ago. Had always thought that I had short cycles (btwn 25-27 days), but now am worrying that I have late ovulation, too. My temperature is shooting up on day 20 or 21. Should I be seeing a doctor? It seems like there is so little time between when I'm ovulating and when my period is starting. How do you use OPKs, what are next steps, should I freak out (I sort of already am!!) ?? Thanks. Liz

Hopefulx2.5 09-19-2007 05:05 PM

Re: short cycle + late ovulation???

welcome, are you currently seeking care with an RE or a DR? how long have you been trying? the OV predictor should have instructions on what day to start testing based on your cycle length, but I also have 25 day cycles but I still O on day 13 or 14. I know it can get expensive but you may want to start testing the day after your AF stops and keep testing until you see your LH surge. That way you can pin point O. Also some people keep track of their basal temp, so that is always and option, I would do that along with the OV predictor to see if they match. You may even have a luteal phase defect (which means the time between O and AF is too short to maintain the pg. If that is the case, they can give you Progestrone to help. Have you had any bw done yet?:angel: :angel:

Good luck to you and welcome:angel:

mammawannabe 09-20-2007 01:28 AM

Re: short cycle + late ovulation???
Thanks so much for your reply. I'm charting my temperature, but only for the last two months. My temp shoots up on like day 20 or 21, that's why I got scared. But I guess I need to start with the OPKs, and get to a doctor and get bw and figure it out. Scary, and I never thought I would have any problems (duh - I guess a lot of people feel that way).

Jennad27 09-20-2007 08:29 AM

Re: short cycle + late ovulation???
Mammawannabe.............I would definitely discuss this with your Dr. I have short cycles (22-23 days). My luteal phase was only about 9 days so my dr. put me on progestone, B-6 and folic acid. I didn't realize it but I have a progesterone deficiency which is probably the cause for all my m/c's. My luteal phase is now 11-12 days. My dr. told me that progesterone deficiency is quite common but most women have no idea that they suffer from it. Hopefully LPD is your only problem cause from what I have learned about it it's pretty easy to treat it. Good Luck to you and please give us an update after you see your dr.

PrincessSweetNS 09-20-2007 08:31 AM

Re: short cycle + late ovulation???
Hi Mama, (and you WILL be called that someday, and not by me :angel: )

I don't know the answer to your question, but I just wanted to say welcome and I hope you get answers to your questions very soon so that you can get on to that BFP :D:D:D

The last part of your most recent post made me smile. It's so hard, this IF. For me, I was "lucky: if you can call it that, ma chère. I knew ever since I first got my first AF that I would have problems.. my Dh thinks I jinxed myself :eek: But non, it would come for months, and then gone for motnhs. I knew I wasn't ovulating. :( But thankfully, I am on the road for treatment!! Where are you on yours? What kidn of treatments are you doing?

I am hoping for the best for you!!


mammawannabe 09-21-2007 03:33 AM

Re: short cycle + late ovulation???
Thanks for the encouragement (just calling me Mama in your post was amazing to read!) and for the info. I've been reading about progesterone online, and LPD .... I guess I just need to get myself to a Dr. and get bw and more information to work with. Not having the info is scarier sometimes, and I can create all these scenarios in my head. But I'm glad for this info you've given me, thank you, thank you.

PrincessSweetNS 09-21-2007 08:58 AM

Re: short cycle + late ovulation???
Oh, you are so very, very welcome! :D I only wish I could possibly help more! Ys, I would definitely contact your gyn, or Re soon :angel: Not beucase you should be scared, but as you have information to work with, instead of "going in blind" :D Praying for you!


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