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RahG 01-04-2011 11:32 PM

1st iui next week..sooo nervous/scared

My first IUI is next week and I am a nervous wreck. I am freaking out. But So far reading the posts on this website have been so helpful and informative. I love how supportive everyone is! I have a few questions if anyone is able to help. Is there anything that I should be doing or eating to increase the chances of me becoming pregnant on my first iui? Insurance covers the iui but me and my gf have to come out of pocket for the donor sperm so I just want to try to do everything right this first iui. I am calling the dr to get a prescription for clomid tomorrow? Is clomid vital to having a successful iui? After the iui during the 2ww do you continue with all normal activities or take it easy? Help?!? Thanks for listening...wish me luck! Good luck to all of you!!

PrincessSweetNS 01-05-2011 09:26 AM

Re: 1st iui next week..sooo nervous/scared
Hi Rahshida! Exciting, your first IUI! Honestly, I'm not sure how to answer your Clomid question... the reason I take it is because me makign my own eggs is kind of hit and miss, so when I got pg from my second IUI, I was taking Clomid (and Femara). On the other hand your doctor may want to give you Clomid to sort of hyperstimulate (gently) your ovaries so that you produce more than just your typical one egg so that the donor sperm have more than one "target", increasing your chances of a pregnancy. Honestly, though I'm not a doctor or a medical professional, so that you will definitely have to ask him/her.

Regarding your 2ww question--- whew! Girl, how many times I have asked that question haha! don't worry, it's normal to be nervous during your 2ww. My doctor's office told me that you may want to take it easy for the rest of the day on IUI day- if only to watch for signs of possible infection. (Happens VERY VERY rarely), but that life can go back to normal after that. Personally, I've done everything in my 2ww-- had 2ww where I'd work out, where I'd be in bed/on the couch, do normal life thing, DH would do everything.
The one cycle that worked for me, I was mostly resting, no arguing with DH (we're deeply in love, but both very stubborn and passionate) and very very chill. But that was probably just by chance, because I've done that other cycles, and BFN.

My tips though are if you do exercise (which some ppl advocate because it keeps your blood moving and oxygen running throughout your body), try to keep it gentle, no bouncing or jerking or sudden changing in direction. Try not to stress or argue with GF. And this may be the hardest one to do but the one I highl something to get your mind off of it. Or else you're goingn to be sitting and analyzing every twitch, pull, twinge, pain that your body makes. I remember when I was 20 and first starting ttc, I knew nothing of nutrition and so I would eat like three McDonalds cheeseburgers, feel nauseous and get my hope up that I was pg! :dizzy::DSo embarassing to admit now. (Thankfully my eating habits have change a LONG time ago).

Always have hope. Everyone tells you not to get your hopes up, and that's very very true because IF you get the BFN, it can be crushing. BUT, that's nto to say don't have hope. Always have hope, because on this somtimes dark road of ttc-- it's your only light.

I'm always around, so keep posting- I can't wait to hear how the phone call goes, and if you're going to be on Clomid/dosing. And of course, I can't wait to hear your BFP :bouncing: in about three weeks!

RahG 01-05-2011 12:02 PM

Re: 1st iui next week..sooo nervous/scared
PrincessSweetNS - thanks so much for your really helpful response and all of your hope filled post!!As I was reading your post I could feel a little bit of my anxiety lessen. I got the call from the dr today and he wants me to go all natural for the first iui. So no clomid this time which I must say I was so surprised about. Bc after everything I read on the internet it seems like it is really important to have more eggs for a higher rate. But as I am not a doctor im surw the doctor knows what is best.

I am doing everything I can not to stress about this. However the nurse totally freaked me out this morning when she told me that on the 15th the doctor will check my follicles first and depending on my follicles that would decide whether I had the iui on the 15th, a few days later or even next month! Arghhh!! Thats when I lost my marbles a little bit:mad:

After that convo with the nurse thats when I knew that I know nothing about this iui proces and realized that I have soooo much to learn. This may be a dumb ? but what the heck are follicles and what do they have to do with whether an iui should be done or postponed until next month?? Now im tryimg to figure out what can I do to make sure that my follicles look good so that my iui is able to be done next week?!?

Just venting and going bonkerez over here:dizzy: you think that I am overanalyzing?? I should probably just stay positive and kno that all should/will be well w/my follicles and upcomong iui, right? You are probably thinking this girl is freaking out, deep breaths deep

PrincessSweetNS 01-07-2011 09:28 AM

Re: 1st iui next week..sooo nervous/scared
HOnestly, I think it's great that for the first cycle you will go natural. If you can make enough eggs on your own, why not go natural? I mean, no side effects to deal with, if your insurance doesn't cover it then it's a less expense, and you don't have to remember to take the pills.

Okay, and in my experience, nurses tend to give a pinch of "harsh reality" (aka negativity) just so that they are covered. They don't want to say that "The doctor will check your follicles, and then we'll do the IUI a few days later!" and then the follicles not being big enough and having to do another cycle next month or whatever. They are just trying to cover their bases, but it can easily drive you crazy with what ifs :dizzy:

Okay, I'm no doctor, so this definition is only wroth abotu two cents, if tat so if anyone wants to pitch in- take it and run with it with my blessing! So in my understanding, follicles are the pckets in which the eggs grow. They look like a pimple on your ovary. The bigger the follicle, the bigger the egg. A follicle over 16 mm is considered to be containing a mature egg and is ready for ovulation. A small follicle is not considered to be containing a "ripe" egg, so they wouldn't ovulate, and if they did the chances of implantation aren't so hot (and health/qulaity of the egg is low). That's when they would likely cancel the cycle and try again next month. That's the whole Next Month thing.

I owuldn't worry about that though. Try not to stress, it's the worst thing you can do-- I know it's hard, but you can do it. I find as long as you have a creative outlet or something to keep your hands busy, it helps A LOT. Take care hun, keep updating.

RahG 01-09-2011 06:52 PM

Re: 1st iui next week..sooo nervous/scared
PrincessSweetNS-thanks so much for your response. You are a wealth of knowledge. You have taught me so much in this short span of time. You are a Godsend in this confusing time! On thursday me and my GF are going in for a consultation before our day 12 appt (hopefully iui appt) on sat, 1/15.

I am def working on staying healthy during this entire process. Ive lost about 50lbsin the past 3 years and have been at a healthy weight now for at least 2 years. I make sure to work put at least 4 to 5 times religiously. I decided this week im gonna kick it into high gear this week and workout 2 xday for the next week bc I read excercise helps. Plus ill probably go thru excercise withdrawal during my 2ww.

anywho I am staying positive for u and me...keep me updated on your progress as I will def be sure to keep updated on 2 u soon. U r still in my prayers and I am sprinkling tons of baby dust your way! :)

PrincessSweetNS 01-13-2011 04:18 PM

Re: 1st iui next week..sooo nervous/scared
Wow thats an awesome weight loss and any step towards health is more than beneficial in this journey. I am currently taking bcp to bring on a period and then we begin the meds. Nervous. But i have every hope for you and all of here! Showers of baby dust!!

RahG 01-14-2011 03:13 PM

Re: 1st iui next week..sooo nervous/scared
I have every hope to that you and all of us here will be getting a BFP soon. Are u takin meds to be starting an ivf soon? If so is ur next procedure going to be this month or next month? My iui has been delayed a few days.

My gf and I went in for a consultation on Thurs and now I am waiting for the opk to show a lh surge and then the doc said I will go in the next day for the iui. So ive been taking the tests like twice a day so that I am sure to catch the surge. My regular ovulation calendar says tha I should be ovulating on Sunday so I am so hoping to see the lh surge tomorrow. I keep wishing a smiley face to appear on the opk. But I kno I just have to be patient.

I cant imagine what the 2ww is going to be like if I can barely wait out these extra few How long have u been ttc? Just wanted to get to know you and ur situation a little better. I must say it really is nice having this kind of msg board to sound of on with us all virtually going thru the same thing.

Also do you have any advice on opk tests? Is there a certain time of day I should be taking it to ensure that I dont miss my lh surge? Ok guess i'll stop rambling in. sending lots of babydust your way and babydust to all!:)

RahG 01-16-2011 07:44 PM

Re: 1st iui next week..sooo nervous/scared
Well its Day 13 and I FINALLY got a smiley face on my opk! I was getting so worried. So tomorrow is the day, my iui is scheduled for 9am. Wish me luck!! :)

RahG 01-18-2011 03:56 PM

Re: 1st iui next week..sooo nervous/scared
Welp I am finally able to say that I am 1dpiui and offiially in the 2ww. Which cant go by fast enough! I am soo anxious to know if ill have a BFP! Only thing happening right now is pain in my lower right abdomen. Dont know if thats a good thing or a bad thin!g...just staying positive!

Baby dust to all!

Lovie77 02-06-2011 12:59 PM

Re: 1st iui next week..sooo nervous/scared
How are you getting on now? I'm 11DPIUI now. Feel slight cramps that come and go all the time but no sight of AF. Staying positive!

RahG 02-24-2011 04:52 PM

Re: 1st iui next week..sooo nervous/scared
Hi lovie. Sorry for the really delayed response. I haven't been on here for a little while. Well unfortunately the update is not so great. I actually went to the dr on 1/31 and got a positive blood preg test but they said my #'s were also very low and I had to go in for progesterone and estrogen supplements right away. Long story short the supplements didn't work and I had a micarriage a few days later around 2/4. So of course that was pretty darn devastating. I have since switched yo a new dr that is wnderful. I think the my old dr could care less whether I got preg or not. I have a domestic partner and I think his office had a problem with that. Bu now I'm at a doctor's office that is sooo welcoming yo same sex couples. Hey u live and u learn right?

Well ill stop bagbbling now. How did ur iui go? Any great news to report??? I hope it worked out. Sending tons of sticky baby dust ur way! :)

michellesm 03-01-2012 09:44 PM

Re: 1st iui next week..sooo nervous/scared
Hello, I am in the same boat swimming up swim if you will. My Hubby and I have been trying for a year and have taken the steps to move forward with our first IUI next week. My Hubby has low sperm count with low morph as well so I started Clomid 50mg 2 tabs every night for 5 days in an effort to imcrease more eggs to mature (even though I dont have any fertility issue that we know of yet). To answer you question our fertility Dr. suggests laying off alcohol, excessive exercise, during the 2 ww. Hope this helps and will be sending good thoughts your wy. Please let us know how things turn out as I will.

jaymee456 03-06-2012 11:09 AM

Re: 1st iui next week..sooo nervous/scared
I wish I had found your question sooner. I would definitely use clomid in the case where you are only having IUI and not intercourse. It just takes so much longer trying it the natural way, all the while you are paying co-pays for every visit and the bills and emotional toll really add up. Clomid costs about $5 and does necessitate a couple more doctor's visits for ultrasound monitoring but it boosts your progesterone levels and increases the odds of conception by maturing more follicles. It's great that you got pregnant the first try, that is pretty rare for IUI only.
Best of luck next month! I would ask for a 7 dpo progesterone test to make sure the clomid is working for you in increasing your progesterone levels. If your level is under 15, I suggest you request a prescription for progesterone suppositories.

mukthi 03-06-2013 09:29 PM

Re: 1st iui next week..sooo nervous/scared
hi.i too had an iui on jan was negetive as i ignored my thyroid problems and dint take thyronorm properly.i think tats d for me the procedure was damm paining.i had cramping for 24 hrs.i had pain in my left abdomen too.drinking more and more water will increase the chances of getting pregnent after my thyroid is normal.and i have to try for 2 nd iui soon.

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