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bev2012 10-10-2012 02:37 PM

ttc #2 for four years
Hi all very new to this site looking for a few answers and success storys.sorry for the essay im 26 with pcos since i was 15 and had a very big shock when i found out i was havin dd at 18 shes now 7 since she was 3 me an dh have been ttc#2 with no joy,i was put on 50mg clomid for 6month although i ovulated all 6months we still didnt fall pregnant,the doc gave us 3more months of clomid this time 100mg day 2-6 and metformin 500mg daily we finished the last clomid in sept 12 i think i ovulated on the 1st oct 12 so today i am 9dpo,since ovulation iv had sore to touch nipples that are constantly erect,iv been cramping on and off since 3dpo and very dull lower back ache,im more hungry and moody im soooo trying not to SS but its hard as iv not had these symptoms question is could these symptoms be a result of a higher clomid dose?? my af is due on 16th so to have cramps and sore boobies any earlier than 3days prior to af is strange for me and iv never had nipples so sore,with dd as i had no symptoms as far as i remember,dont want to get my hopes up,next step is iui if we get funding if not we will pay private

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