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Subs30 11-17-2004 02:51 PM

Inner Ear---dizziness-and-balance
---Some thoughts---that may help in understanding---the depth and breadth of this junk---and why you may feel the way you do---and wonder how and why---a simple inner ear problem---can cause all of this stuff

---In some very primitive species lacking both a cerebrum and a cerebellum, the inner ear is the brain, performing many of the same functions performed by the cerebellum in higher species. It is thought that through evolution our cerebellum and cerebrum developed out of the vestibular system. Because of this, there is a high degree of integration between the cerebellum and the inner ear.

---The inner-ear more or less now acts as the antenna to our brain. If
this antenna is damaged (physically, chemical or virally), information to
the brain will be of poor quality. This does not mean there is anything
wrong with the TV set (our brain). The antenna (the inner-ear) , however
might need an adjustment so that the brain gets better reception.

---The vestibular system filters and fine tunes all sensory information
entering the brain--light, sound, motion, gravitational energy,
chemical information, air pressure, temperature, etc. It is responsible for
coordinating, controlling, and fine tuning our vision, hearing, balance, sense of direction, sense of motion, sense of altitude and depth, sense of smell, anxiety level, depression etc.

---The vestibular system also processes motor function. It coordinates,
controls and fine tunes all motor information leaving the brain.
Therefore it is responsible for guiding and coordinating our eyes, head, hands,
feet, limbs, etc., as well as our various mental and physical functions
voluntary and involuntary.

The inner-ear system functions:

It acts like a gyroscope giving you your sense of balance.

It acts like a compass, giving you your intuitive sense of

It acts like a guided-missile system, coordinating your movements
(voluntary and involuntary) and thoughts in time and space.

It acts like a sensory processor (or tuner), tuning in and fine
tuning all of the sensory information entering the brain including light, sound,
motion, gravity, barometric pressers, electromagnetic fields temperature,
humidity, chemicals, and so on.

It regulates and dampens anxiety and depression.


- balance and coordination
- vision and hearing
- sense of direction
- sense of time
- motion sensitivity
- memory
- fatigue
- concentration and distractibility
- hyperactivity and overactivity
- obsessions and compulsions
- academic performance
- anxiety and depression levels


No two people present the same set of identical symptoms. It depends on which cells and circuits of the inner-ear system have been damaged. One person may have more problems with learning disabilities, another with speech, another with phobias, another with fatigue, another with ADD, another with depression but often symptoms overlap. It is even possible to have vestibular damage without having motion sick problems. A person may have difficulty with eye-tracking (reading) but be able to ride amusement park rides all day long.

It is hard for most folks to realize the depth, complications and
complexities of this thing

---what is happening and when it is happening to them is like a "near death experince"---for most

But it can be beat!!


crazylabyrinth 11-17-2004 04:02 PM

Re: Inner Ear---dizziness-and-balance
Thx subs - so gratefully received...

I completely agree with the "near death experience"... I like to call it "vestibular hell" as once quoted on here by someone.

And yet vestibular problems are still not taken notice off publicly or professionally...Boy does this need to change.

Night all xx

willsmommy 11-18-2004 11:32 AM

Re: Inner Ear---dizziness-and-balance
Hi Subs - very well put! enjoyed reading that and yep it is like hell when your first get it and still like hell when it seems like you are stuck in a maze of dizzyness that never ends! BUT I am a great believer (proof is in the pudding) that YES it does and will get better and a non dizzy head comes back, you just have to learn to be mega patient! Hmmmmm.

treefarmer 11-18-2004 04:54 PM

Re: Inner Ear---dizziness-and-balance
Hi Subs,

I echo the thanks of the others for re-printing this stuff. It's so amazing and important to be reminded of how devastating this can be, and that when you experience any (or all!) of these symptoms YOU ARE NOT CRAZY. It's truly remarkable that any of us can survive it, but we do. Like you and Ilia, I consider myself a survivor.

Oh, and crazylab, it was me who coined the phrase vestibular hell!! :wave:


crazylabyrinth 11-18-2004 05:52 PM

Re: Inner Ear---dizziness-and-balance
Ah yes T!!!! A few of my friends now know it and often say to me - its "vestibular hell" (or VH as we also say) in here isnt it?!!! :)

Hope im a survivor one day - theres nothing I want more in this world. :rolleyes:


Chris1968 11-19-2004 04:05 AM

Re: Inner Ear---dizziness-and-balance
Thanks Subs,

This is a good clear summary of the hell we go through with this - most people think this is just dizziness and dont realise how it can affect everything else like memory and concentration etc - a good article to show to people who dont really know how bad this can be.

cheers - Chris

treefarmer 11-20-2004 09:24 AM

Re: Inner Ear---dizziness-and-balance
[QUOTE=crazylabyrinth]Ah yes T!!!! A few of my friends now know it and often say to me - its "vestibular hell" (or VH as we also say) in here isnt it?!!! :)

Hope im a survivor one day - theres nothing I want more in this world. :rolleyes:



You will be. It just takes some longer than others. Forgive me if I'm asking something you've already answered somewhere else, but weren't you going to see L Luxon in London? What happened there?

Also, I remember when you were visiting Ilia earlier this year you had that bout of stomach stuff. Are you okay now on that front?


crazylabyrinth 11-20-2004 10:06 AM

Re: Inner Ear---dizziness-and-balance
Hi T,

Thnx for asking after me.

It was bladder - not stomach - but my stomach bloated with it - have had it for 18mths now (another lovely thing to deal with) - overactive bladder they say - much much improved thankfully - when at Ilia's it was actually an infection (UTI) as seem more prone to them due to this. Lovely :)

Yep - mentioned it on here recently - hope to get to london before christmas - I got the referral and they have received it - so am just waiting for appointment now :)

Glad you're doing well xx

willsmommy 11-20-2004 10:22 AM

Re: Inner Ear---dizziness-and-balance
Hi T - have left a couple of messages for ya, hope that you got them. Yep we are lucky to have gotten betteror at least to the point where okay its there sometimes but the majority not.

CL & Mica - you too will get throught this VH, its horrible I know and had to live with. xx

treefarmer 11-20-2004 04:23 PM

Re: Inner Ear---dizziness-and-balance
Yikes CL, seems like your body is warring against you these days. Any chance the over active bladder stuff is stress-related? I know the bladder is what they call and "end organ" for stress, which means if you're stressed out, the bladder is one of the organs that can easily go whacko on you. My mom had problems with that about a year ago, even thought she had cystitis, but it turned out to be anxiety/depression related. Once she started treatment for that the bladder condition left her quickly.

Good luck in London!!


treefarmer 11-20-2004 04:24 PM

Re: Inner Ear---dizziness-and-balance
[QUOTE=willsmommy]Hi T - have left a couple of messages for ya, hope that you got them. Yep we are lucky to have gotten betteror at least to the point where okay its there sometimes but the majority not.

Hi you,

I did get your message and responded with the info you were looking for. Hope to hear back soon. Glad you're feeling so well most of the time!


crazylabyrinth 11-20-2004 04:26 PM

Re: Inner Ear---dizziness-and-balance
Hi T

Scott said same tho I have proof it isnt stress!!! Had an ecoli then an enterococcus infection in bladder which produced a nasty UTI (infact 2) and the pain then carried on...damage from the infection they think - scarring. A damaged inner ear and bladder - great!

Must say that I think my occupation is HUGELY to that im not working im ill half as much - and i think the labyrinthitis (and stress from it) lowered my immunity which made me susceptible to the bladder thing.

hey ho :)


Mica09 11-21-2004 06:43 AM

Re: Inner Ear---dizziness-and-balance
Stress!!! I didn't know the real meaning of stress before all this started. Since I've been sick :

I had to quit a very good job, because of the dizziness
My husband had to switch jobs
Moved at the last minute (5 hours away)
Lost over half of our income
Bought a smaller and older house (fixer upper)
Lived with my mother-in-law for 1 1/2 years while waiting to sell our house and renovating the new one (that was stressfull)
Got water in the basement this last spring while renovating. Surprise, surprise!!! (Had to dig all around the house to install weeping tiles this summer)
In September my youngest son broke his leg. Had a full cast on. The school was not providing transportation (budget cuts) except for a regular school bus - my son couldn't climb it. Since we don't have a second vehicle anymore, I walked my son back and forth in a wheelchair (Good thing temperature was holding).
Still don't feel well enough to take a full-time job
My oldest son is starting university soon

Etc. Etc.

Mmmmmmm, wonder why I'm not getting better :D

crazylabyrinth 11-21-2004 04:12 PM

Re: Inner Ear---dizziness-and-balance
Oh Mica :( Big hugs sent your way...Know how you feel. This **** is stress in itself but the whole life on hold, not being able to work or start career plus moving to where I know noone has also happened to me. But hey, things COULD be a lot worse.

Hugs xx

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