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stcarlsen 12-19-2004 12:24 PM

Inner ear dizziness? with normal ENG?
I have had constant dizziness for 6 months with varrying degrees, although almost always when standing or walking, and especially when there is alot of visual distractions. it is not vertigo, spinning dizziness, just a lightheaded, woozy, sometimes like i might faint, disorientation, and when i am standing still it feels like i am swaying or sinking in the ground. i have been to 2 ENT's and 2 neuros. I have had a blood test, MRI, sinus CT, ENG, and more. My ENG seemed to show no inner ear cause, but now when i went back to the doctor who did the ENG, he said maybe there is un underlying inner ear problem. has anyone had a ENG that showed no inner ear problem, but had one after all? or is my dr. just stumped? meclizine doesn't help either, but xanax helps a bit. thanks for any help.

crazylabyrinth 12-19-2004 01:03 PM

Re: Inner ear dizziness? with normal ENG?
Yes I and many others here had normal ENG's but have an diagnosed inner ear problem. Bennygibb, Im sure will chip in here but basically ENG's are not reliable for many reasons. I'll leave it to BG to explain as hes more knowledgeable than me! In a nutshell - your specialist should know that this does not rule out an inner ear problem. A normal ENG is pretty typical in "inner ear" cases xxx

groovyk 12-19-2004 03:05 PM

Re: Inner ear dizziness? with normal ENG?

I can totally sympathyse with you. I've had constant dizziness for 5 months. I get the feeling of falling when I stand and walk..I too feel like I'm sinking into the ground. I've seen a neurologist and I'm on my 3rd ENT doctor...who has finally aknowledged that I have a problem...that needs to be diagnosed.
I've had an MRI, blood tests and a test for BPPV.

It is a long process for most..I'm not near a diagnosis yet...but hopefully soon. I hope you get answers soon.


BennyGibb 12-20-2004 06:02 AM

Re: Inner ear dizziness? with normal ENG?
eerrr.. Thanks CL??

Not got much time now, but I've type it all before have a look at these threads


crazylabyrinth 12-20-2004 07:24 AM

Re: Inner ear dizziness? with normal ENG?
Soz BG! Just know that you are knowledgeable about testing! xxx :)

ASLme 12-20-2004 08:15 AM

Re: Inner ear dizziness? with normal ENG?
Hi stcarlsen,
I have had the same symptoms you are describing for about 4 months now. Also had "normal" ENG but the dizziness was there with other symptoms, anxiety etc. etc...worse when a lot is happening visually (Which is really not good timing for me as I am currently studying to be a sign language interpreter...that involves constant visual motion...blah...) Anyway my Dr. seems to be hung up in the Type of dizziness. They call it "Vertigo" which as you know means more of a spinning dizziness and like you mine is not spinning generally. To be quite honest from what I have read on these boards a lot of DR.s seem to be in uncharted waters with inner ear stuff (ENT's) but the support network on the boards is wonderful. I wish I had found them earlier because this stuff can be terrifying and knowing there are a lot of others who are coping is encouraging. Hang in there and hope you get some answers!

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