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wpshooter 06-02-2005 01:10 PM

possible relation of neurontin & inner ear problems
I have been taking Neurontin 300mg (2 or 3 per day) for about 8 years to attempt to control pain that I have had for about 20 years from either a severed nerve and/or scar tissue from an inguinal hernia operation.

Is there any possibility that this Neurontin is in any way contributing to the problem I have been having since about November of 2004 of this constant RINGING in my RIGHT ear (it is high pitched & pulses along with my heart/pulse beat and is in only my right ear) ? Let me also mention that recently I have been having a burning/tingling sensation in my lips and sometimes I have what seems to be like an itching on my LEFT jaw as if there was a small hair touching my face but it is not really an itch because when I scratch it, the itch does not go away - but just finally stops later on its own.

I have been to an ENT and he (in my opinion) gave me a knee jerk diagnosis of exposure to loud noise (i.e. shooting firearms - during hunting) as the cause and he gave me NO treatment but did send me for a CT scan which was reported to me to be negative. I have talked to him about having an MRI to definitively rule out an acoustic neuroma and he said he would order the test even though he did not think it was necessary and that due to his diagnosis of my symptoms that he doubts that my insurance would pay for the MRI. Should I be concerned enough about an acoustic neuroma to insist on having the MRI done to rule out AN ?

Also, I have acid reflux "disease" and have been taking OTC prilosec (one a day EVERY DAY to help control the reflux). I have been taking the prilosec since sometime late last fall (about the same time that the ringing started) before which I was taking various prescription treatments for the acid reflux such as Nexium, Previcid and others that MD had prescribed. I tried switching back from the prilosec to the Nexium to see if the prilosec was a possible cause but (after about a week) I had to switch back to the prilosec because the Nexium did not seem to control the acid reflux.

Also, I read somewhere else on this forum that the best specialist to research this problem would be a Neuro-oto-olgist. Do you think I should go to this type of specialist for a diagnosis of this ringing ? I have done a preliminary search and the nearest one in my area is at the University of Virginia medical research hospital in Charlottesville - about 100 miles from home.

Thanks for your advice.

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